Zero to Hero (2021) Review: Inspiring and Emotional

Zero to Hero is a biopic based on the life of So Wa Wai, Hong Kong’s first Paralympic athlete to win gold, directed by Chi-Man Wan and starring Sandra Ng, Louis Cheung, and Leung Chung-hang, alongside other cast members. The movie is 102 minutes long.

– Zero to Hero review does not contain spoilers –

This film chronicles record-breaking Paralympian So Wa-wai’s relationship with his mother as they overcome hurdles in their lives. Based on a true story.

Chi-Man Wan’s Zero to Hero is like any other biopic on famous people, but with a round of freshness that makes you want to keep watching. The movie is on Hong Kong’s first Paralympic athlete who won gold in five Paralympic Games from 1996 to 2012 – So Wa Wai. Just most movies on subject matters such as these, the movie is melodramatic in some areas but is mostly poignant and surprisingly humorous making it a welcome change.

There are several moments in Zero to Hero that will tighten your heart. It’s never easy for parents when they learn that their kids won’t walk again, and that is exactly what happens with So Wa Wai’s mother after a bout of Hemolytic jaundice and the resulting cerebral palsy. Thus, it is a moment of celebration when Wa Wai walks for the first time. The movie approaches the scene and presents it with that exact sentiment, which is welcome and justified. There are several other such scenes that instil a sense of pride for this Wa Wai’s character that the director expertly brings forth.

Though not the protagonist of Zero to Hero, Wa Wai’s mother, played by Sandra Ng, is also a solid addition and the unsung hero who is with her son every step of the way. Her character gives strength to both Wa Wai as well as the audience who cheer her son with as much excitement and fervour as her. It’s also a film full of heartbreak but the director tackles it brilliantly, never going overboard or becoming preachy at any point.

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Summing up: Zero to Hero

Director Chi-Man Wan never goes overboard in any direction while tackling an overdone genre such as a biopic. Although there’s not much “new” that you will find here, you were kind of signing up for that when you decided to check out a movie based on the life of a famous personality. The movie mostly stays true to the true story and tackles it sensitively. It provides social commentary at the right places and at the correct doses so that it doesn’t feel too much. Overall, this is a kind and happy watch, but one that will fill your heart with emotion.

Zero to Hero is streaming on Netflix.

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Zero to Hero is a good watch and is emotional and educational in the correct amounts.

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Zero to Hero (2021) Review: Inspiring and EmotionalZero to Hero is a good watch and is emotional and educational in the correct amounts.