Zee5’s Who’s Your Daddy 2 Review: What Even is This Crass and Unfunny Creation!

Who’s Your Daddy 2 premiered on 22nd December 2020 on Zee5. The series is a collaboration between ALTBalaji and Zee5 and the 11-episode long series stars Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameekha Sud, Anushka Sharma, Lata Shukla, Heer Kaur, and Vidya Malavade alongside other cast members

Weird Daddy Issues!

Somehow, Zee5 and Alt Balaji thought that making Who’s Your Daddy 2 was completely needed and it’s off-putting. It is safe to say that the series falls under the cringe-content category and it makes absolutely no sense. With an underlying issue of an orphan looking for his father which is actually very strong and serious, the series makes fun of it and deals with it in an insensitive and annoying manner.

The story revolves around Shooshan (Bhavin Bhanushali), an orphan whose father is supposedly his crush Sukoon’s (Sameeksha Sud) father. The plot for 11 30-minutes-long episodes revolves around his quest to find the truth about his father. There are no relatable characters and neither is there any character arc and nor any characters to sympathize with – just a (not-so) sad story of an orphan who works as a sketchy pizza delivery guy.

Who's Your Daddy 2

I sat down trying to figure out one good thing about this series. Maybe, the Instagram and TikTok famous cast or the dialogues or the execution or screenplay but even after a considerable amount of thinking to find out the positives, there were none whatsoever. The plotline is weak and it does not keep you hooked to the screen, even the episode titles are bad. Even though the show has its lighter moments and some rare twists and turns, it does not present a believable-enough storyline to keep you engaged. It mostly represents female characters as nothing more than means to fulfil men’s desires ft. 2 older men and a college where orphans are name called for some reason.

There are scenes where girls are stripping in a massage parlour with a camera on – it’s crass and senseless. The series had the potential of being more meaningful, eventful, and logical but it rather decides to go the other way, adding insensitive jokes and punchlines. Nothing here is at its best and the series is a sheer wastage of time and resources. It’s weird how a series with a theme of orphans and loneliness can be this tone deaf.

Stream It or Skip It

Who's Your Daddy 2

SKIP IT! If I’ve not already said enough about why you should skip this series, Who’s Your Daddy 2, even as an adult comedy, is cringy and disgusting.

Who’s Your Daddy 2 is now streaming on Zee5.

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Who's Your Daddy 2 is everything you don't want to see! The series lacks substance, plotline, execution, and good soundtracks.

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