Zee5’s Silence… Can You Hear It? Review: Nifty Perforated Thriller

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Silence… Can You Hear It? is a thriller movie directed by Aban Bharucha Deohans and stars Manoj Bajpayee, Prachi Desai and Arjun Mathur.

Silence… Can You Hear It? is a nifty little whodunit that recently came out on Zee5. I am someone who thoroughly enjoys a thriller and the Manoj Bajpayee-starrer is quite charming, honestly. This isn’t to say the movie isn’t without its faults, mostly because it’s 2 hours 16 minutes long. But even with a runtime that is quite extensive, it flows effortlessly.

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Silence starts off with a murder or, rather, its discovery. Pooja is the daughter of a retired judge and the latter will stop at nothing to find his daughter’s killer. Justice Chaudhury ropes in ACP Verma to take on the case, and the latter, with the help of his team, nab the culprit using his skills of deduction… and some good eyesight.

The film is an easy and entertaining watch and mostly keeps you inside a good loop. There are several people to consider and for the most part, Avinash, and we, focus on MLA Ravi Khanna, Kavita’s husband. Kavita is Pooja’s best friend. He’s arrogant and a nightmare to deal with and his brazen attitude makes him the perfect target in this case. As is the norm in a thriller, we always need a character that keeps us from figuring out the entire truth – Ravi is that here.

  • Silence... Can You Hear It?
  • Silence... Can You Hear It?
  • Silence... Can You Hear It?
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Anyway, Avinash, however, keeps his cards close to his chest and keeps on peeling the layers of the case. As he does so, he comes across more collaterals until he realises who killed Pooja – someone I, atleast, did not even consider. See, it’s great to give the audience a whammy and jealousy is mostly a good instigator. However, it somehow feels just a tiny bit lazy for me in Silence. That’s mostly because the movie builds up the hype with so many side characters and takes a lot of time introducing and going through them, just to come to a very common perpetrator.

Even with a perpetrator who doesn’t really satisfy, however, Silence works for me. That’s because of the cast. The movie mostly rests on Manoj Bajpayee’s shoulders and unlike the disaster that was Mrs. Serial Killer, he absolutely shines in this movie. I mostly enjoyed it because of him – Bajpayee is extremely convincing as the slightly eccentric Avinash Verma and is delightful to watch. So is Prachi Desai who is a breath of fresh air after so long away from the screen. It’s almost criminal that we don’t get to see her enough.

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On the other hand, Silence has a lot of dry humour that works for me as well. The moments when the four cops bond with each other in between the more serious scenes are enjoyable and seem nice. However, there was this weird indication of something may or may not happening between Avinash and Sanjana (or maybe that’s just me overthinking) which was awkward to see. Additionally, the necessity of talking about Avinash’s broken marriage, too, was lost on me.

Summing up: Silence… Can You Hear It?

  • Silence... Can You Hear It?
  • Silence... Can You Hear It?

Silence… Can You Hear It? works, and only works, because of Bajpayee and the storyline that keeps the suspense held tight till the end. However, there are several plot holes, and evidence unchecked, that come up only when the script requires it, although it should’ve been the first thing to be looked into. The movie isn’t the best thing on the internet by a mile, but it’s still an entertaining watch and keeps you quite impressed till the end.

Silence… Can You Hear It? is streaming on Zee5.

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Zee5's Silence... Can You Hear It? is a nifty thriller that keeps you entertained but has some plot holes that can glare back at you if you look too deep.
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