Zee5’s Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu Review: A Message Lost In Messy Execution

Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu on Zee5 is ambitious as it tries to give away a serious message that needs to be heard. However, in the mess of bad editing and execution, the film loses its charms and rather tests your patience as you sit through the two-hour-long movie. Directed by Y Yugandhar and produced by Gopalakrishna Reddy, the film stars newcomers Hasvanth Vanga and Namratha Darekar in the lead roles. The supporting cast members include Katalyn Gowda, Tulasi, Tanikella Bharani, Pooja Ramachandran and Raja Ravindra.

– Zee5’s Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu review does not contain spoilers –

Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu: Less Entertainment, More Cringe

One thing that was promised through the trailer and promotions of Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu is that it would be a romantic comedy set against the background of a family entertainer. However, all the film does is offer us an underwhelming climax and problematic execution of how 21st-century characters are supposed to be.

This Telegu film tells the story of Gautam (played by Hashwant Vanga) and Anu (played by Namrata Darekar) who have grown up in a strict household where even talking to the person of the opposite gender has been forbidden. After years of facing repression of their feelings and desires at home, the duo finally gets a taste of what freedom feels like when they move to the city for their respective jobs. The film does not hold back as it portrays lust and love taking over our characters in the cheesiest sense possible. The question of how the taste of city life- so free and filled with consequences, change Gautam and Anu holds as the central theme of the film.

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Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu has been definitely trying to put across the message of how children grow up to be emotionally injured adults when their natural instinct to socialize and live in harmony with people of the opposite gender is snatched, resulting in a late and rugged upbringing. The tighter you hold on to water, the more it slips away from the gaps of your fingers is the message the film focuses on, but with some far fetched steamy scenes and misplacement of twists that offer a slow burn that actually hurts the audience than creating an air of anticipation, the film fails to impress.

Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu: Final Verdict

Haswant Vanga and Namrata Darekar do a decent job as the protagonists with an element of chemistry that reaches the audience well. However, it is Tanikella Bharani and Tulasi who steal the show as the orthodox parents. All the other actors do a fair job too owing to the undercooked screenplay. The film isn’t funny apart from a few scenes here and there and it definitely puts across the message of love and childhood emotional repression in all the wrong way possible. Thus, it becomes hard to finish the movie without questioning it at every point. But, with a background score from Sahithya Sagar, it is easier to stay in the loop with catchy songs.

Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu is a romantic film one can do without. It neither entertains nor provides one with any value or message to take back. It exists because it exists without any importance laced to it.

However, if you still want to watch the film and be a judge of it yourself, you can find Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu now streaming on Zee5.

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Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu on Zee5 is desperate for attention with provocative romantic scenes in a hollow script.

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Zee5's Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu Review: A Message Lost In Messy ExecutionIppudu Kaaka Inkeppudu on Zee5 is desperate for attention with provocative romantic scenes in a hollow script.