FuffadJi (2021) Review: Jassie Gill Starrer is a Dazzling Light-hearted Entertainer

FuffadJi movie is directed by Pankaj Batra featuring Jassie Gill, Binnu Dhillon and Siddhika Sharma. The movie has a runtime of 114 minutes.

Fuffad Ji review does not contain any spoilers

FuffadJi is a hilarious and engaging take on the Punjabi film setup

The comedy-drama centres around the turbulent relationship between the uncle, Fuffad Ji, and the son-in-law. The “fuffad” is portrayed as a person who demands respect, and no decision is taken without his approval. His ego gets hurt when the new son-in-law challenges his authority and wants to be treated as the family’s son.

The movie revolves around the father-in-law and son-in-law. The father-in-law is a great character who doesn’t like to be challenged. The son-in-law wants to be treated as an equal.

FuffadJi (2021) Review: Jassie Gill Starrer is a Dazzling Light-hearted Entertainer

Many funny scenes involve the ego of the father-in-law and his doting daughter. The comedy is mixed with some emotional moments that build towards the climax.

The climax is profound but has a few funny moments that provide relief. Punjabi films have always been a slice-of-life element woven into the storyline.

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The humour in the FuffadJi movie is rib-tickling

The film locates its humour in domestic tensions arising from the clash of personalities between a strict “fuffad” and the new son-in-law who challenges his position and wants to be treated as the “son of the family”.

While the film’s trailer gives you a glimpse of what is in store for you, the storyline is much more appealing. The film revolves around the relationship between a son-in-law and his father-in-law.

FuffadJi (2021) Review: Jassie Gill Starrer is a Dazzling Light-hearted Entertainer

The comedy genre has been used smartly to show the comical side of the relations between father and son-in-law. The story is about how a son-in-law enters the family and makes it his own by winning the hearts of his father-in-law and wife.

The film is likely to leave the viewers with a smile on their faces. It is also expected to reflect on how they treat their family members.

The storyline and plot of the FuffadJi movie is full of twists and turns

The film has a good mix of content, with both humour and seriousness.

The amusing situations and dialogues induce humour in the film. But it is not to be mistaken with slapstick comedy. The spirit is derived from the funny interplay between the characters, especially between FuffadJi and his son-in-law, who joust with their ego, which leads to comic situations.

The film also hints at satire about Indian society, where elders are treated like royalty and youngsters like servants.

FuffadJi (2021) Review: Jassie Gill Starrer is a Dazzling Light-hearted Entertainer

The performances of all the actors are top-notch. Son-in-law is portrayed as a typical bratty teenager who constantly challenges authority and love for his father. Fuffad Ji, on the other hand, wants to be respected and treated with honour. The humour is well executed by the actors, who have managed to pack in enough punch lines for us to laugh out loud in some scenes.

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Performances of the lead pair in FuffadJi has given a performance that doesn’t disappoint

The movie has an interesting take on the typical Punjabi family setup. The domestic drama, which is hardly explored in Punjabi cinema, is the fulcrum of the story that revolves around a strong-headed patriarch and his soft-spoken son-in-law, who has been married into their family.

The narrative revolves around the inability of the two to resolve their differences. The comedy lies in how they deal with each other. While the son-in-law is more open, expressive and liberal in his outlook, the father-in-law hides his true self behind an egoistic mask.

FuffadJi (2021) Review: Jassie Gill Starrer is a Dazzling Light-hearted Entertainer

Much emphasis is laid on Fuffad Ji’s status as an esteemed member of society — a pillar of strength for all its members. As such, he cannot tolerate his son-in-law’s every act and word being treated as law by everyone around him. In contrast, the son-in-law wants to be accepted as a part of the family and not just a “guest” in it.

FuffadJi stands up to the elements of the comedy genre that keep you hooked

The movie has excellent music, and they are all situational numbers. Though the music is not very catchy, it was apt for the situations that come in the movie.

The movie is quite funny and has some great moments. The comedy timing of the actors is almost perfect. The first half of the film is more fun to watch because there are a lot of emotional scenes in it. The movie looks promising initially but drags a bit in the second half.

FuffadJi (2021) Review: Jassie Gill Starrer is a Dazzling Light-hearted Entertainer

The film has a simple storyline and makes you wonder if it’s a comedy or drama. There is a comic situation at some point, but then the film takes a dramatic turn. The comedy leans more towards the situational kind that requires no dialogues to make you laugh.

Stream It or Skip It?

FuffadJi has some good moments here and there, but it generally does not leave an impact. The director could have made this film better if he had focused more on the characters involved and given them more time to explore their roles.

Overall, I found the movie entertaining and recommend it to people looking for a light comedy. It’s not without its flaws, but I think this is one of Binnu Dhillon’s better films.

FuffadJi is streaming on Zee5.

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The comedy genre in Fuffad Ji movie has been used smartly to show the comical side of the relations between Fuffdji and his son-in-law.


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