Zee5’s Expiry Date Review: Cheating and Rage! Could It Be Anymore Predictable?

Expiry Date premiered on 2nd October 2020 on Zee5. The action, crime-thriller is directed by Shankar K Marthand and produced by Sharrath Marar. The 10-episodes-long series, with each episode about 25 minutes long, stars Madhu Shalini, Sneha Ullal, Tony Luke, and Ali Raza in the lead.

“Vishwa and Sunitha get entangled in two separate police cases due to an extramarital affair between their respective spouses. Are they involved, or are they mere victims of an unforeseen situation?”

Extra-Marital Affair and Murder

Expiry Date revolves around the life of Vishwa (Tony Luke), who is married to Disha (Sneha Ullal) who is having an extra-marital affair with Sunny (Ali Reza), who is married to Sunita (Madhu Shalini). Quite a chain, right?

The story progresses with Vishwa finding out about her wife’s illegitimate affair or, according to the police in the series, illegal affair! He ultimately ends up killing his wife unintentionally in rage. On the other hand, Sunny is also killed by Sunita. Cliche! What follows is a complicated mess of dead body hiding and police dodging. However, as soon as they think they are free, things take a turn. Is this finally their time to get caught and pay for their rage or will they escape again?

Expiry Date/ Zee5/ Review

As soon as you start watching the series, you know things are bound to go downhill and someone will die. Lo and behold, that’s exactly what happens. It feels as if the series is working on a tried and tested formula – everything that happens can be spotted from miles away. Though the main themes of the series are infidelity and the outcomes of rage, it doesn’t offer anything new that’ll actually keep you hooked till the very end.

If I were to name some of the common and predictable factors they’ll be – an extremely loving husband who finds his wife cheating and kills her in rage, a top cigarette smoking cop who cracks the case while smoking, marriage just for the sake of money, the fragile human emotion base, and more! Along with the predictability factor, the death of Disha and the whole affair story is exposed too soon i.e., within the first 2 episodes without any buildup. The series aims at being an edge-of-the-seat thriller but fails to hold on to your attention for too long.


Expiry Date/ Zee5/ Review

Apart from Tony Luke as Vishwa, all the characters do a decent and acceptable job but nothing worth remembering, keeping in view the basic storyline. Tony Luke is one such character that even with his little flaws here and there manages to be the best performance in the series. The incident changes him as a person and he goes from being a truthful, loving, and honest man to a manipulative liar.

Sneha Ullal is seen in the series way less than she should have been. In a storyline where she is the cheater, her character arc is small and she pulls through it just fine. Madhu Shalini as Sunita brings on screen the character of a wife who has been betrayed by her husband. However, her character is without any depth and thus lacks engagement.

Stream It or Skip It

Expiry Date/ Zee5/ Review

SKIP IT! Expiry Date is a decent attempt at a crime thriller but fails to catch viewers’ attention for a long span of time due to its predictable nature. The series makes good use of sounds, aiming to keep the intrigue alive, but doesn’t make the ends meet.

Expiry Date is now streaming on Zee5.

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Expiry Date is a series around infidelity, rage, and murder. The series fails to engage its viewers! Stream it or Skip it? Read Here.

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