Zee5’s Dikkiloona Review: Cringe-Worthy Movie

Zee5’s new release, Dikkiloona, is a Tamil-language science-fiction film set in the year 2027 in Chennai. Watching an Indian sci-fi film means overused CGI, bad editing and an exaggerated plotline. All of this is slightly true for this film too. Starring Santhanam, Anagha, Shirim Kanchwala and Yogi Babu, the story of Dikkiloona revolves around time travelling. This is another such concept with which people would expect the directors to be careful.

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However, as complex the process is, it is as complex to make a movie on it. Dikkiloona is about a man named Mani who works at an electricity board. He is tired of his life, including his work life and love life. He is married to a woman who keeps on nagging him. As they have been married for years now, they have lost the romance and also dislike each other at times.

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Bad Character Development

Mani finds a time machine that he uses to travel back in time to the year 2020. It is quite amusing to see that someone with a machine that can travel through, use it to go just seven years back. Not to a significant time in history, not to the unknown future, but only seven years back in their timeline. As the story of Dikkiloona moves forward, the story becomes more and more superficial.

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As Mani is the main character, it is understandable that everything revolves around him. However, all the other characters, especially women, have almost no character development. They are just skeletons put in the story as per the necessities. They have zero say in the matters. Moreover, Mani is sexist and misogynistic too. He is troubled by his current marriage life, so travels to the past, stops his wedding and gets together with another woman.

This new woman has a different personality than Mani’s wife. She is “modern” in the sense that she drinks, shows skin, hangs out with the opposite gender and a lot more things. Mani falls for these things but as Dikkiloona shows, it is exactly what troubles him. This is absolutely ridiculous as, by the end, he mansplains “decency” to the woman. This is just one thing about Dikkiloona that will get on your nerves.

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Final Verdict

Even though the idea is interesting, the execution part is poor. It lacks funny parts even though it is a comedy. Karthik Yogi’s mark of using comical scenes has given people many laughs before. But in Dikkiloona, the most you can give is a smile or a smirk. Yogi Babu is the only actor who had tried to keep the comedy alive. There are also some problematic lines that are as visible, clear as day, in the movie. All you have to do is, watch.

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While talking about the future, Karthik Yogi is able to present the future in Dikkiloona as realistic as possible, which can be commended. The film shows gadgets and other things, keeping in mind that it is just six years ahead of us right now. However, this also makes the future boring as there are not many interesting aspects about it.

Ultimately, Dikkiloona is a good attempt at making a science fiction movie in India that includes time travelling. The actors also have done a poor job when it comes to their performance. Most of the complexities and scientific terms are made up and confusing at the same time. Some things don’t make any sense at all. You will have to keep your cap of logic away while watching Dikkiloona, and unfortunately your sense of humour too.

You can watch Dikkiloona on Zee5.

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Zee5's Dikkiloona is a Tamil-language science-fiction film based on time travelling.

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