Zee5’s Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14 Recap: Tension, New Characters, and Cheese Galore

Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14 were released on Zee5 as per schedule, this early noon. Dhoop Ki Deewar is a Pakistani drama written by Umera Ahmed (Zindagi Gulzar Hai) and directed by Haseeb Hassan (Mann Mayal). The series is a touching portrayal of the lives of the family members of a war veteran. It aims to draw comparisons between the family of the Indian military and the Pakistani military. Up until now, 14 episodes have been released, with two episodes releasing every week. Each clock in at about 35 to 40 minutes.

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– Dhoop Ki Deewar episode 13 and 14 review contains spoilers –

During the last episode, we see that because of Dadi’s constant queries, the tenant family decides to make good on their threat and kidnap Vishal. They beat him up quite badly, and he comes home late evening, with bruises all over. Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14 pick up right here. Vishal comes clean to his mother and Dadi about what has happened. Both of them are quite shaken up about it, and though Pratibha shows concern, it is quickly overshadowed by the implications. She is desperate for a share in the property and refuses to budge because of Anurag’s insensitive insistence.

Meanwhile, Amna reveals that she has refused to give her sister-in-law a loan. Sara, who is proud of her mother’s show of strength, wonders what prompted this sudden courage. Amna talks about how Sunanda has become a support system for her, and it is her who advised her to say no and stand up for herself. Sara is happy that Vishal and her mother are bonding, even if what draws them closer is grief.

Vishal reveals to Sara that he was kidnapped and her worry overtakes her pride when she asks him to talk on a video call. This is the first time Sara and Vishal see each other while they talk. Vishal has begun to think cynically about his country, and for the first time, reality has thrown open the curtains of patriotism. Although Sara doesn’t share the same sentiment, she understands his apathy, because she herself was in disbelief that she had been harassed, despite the sacrifices her father had made.

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A still from Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14, featuring Sahaj Aly
A still from Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14, featuring Sahaj Aly

Meanwhile, Vishal, Sunanda, and Dadi are finally fed up with Pratibha and her husband’s blatant greed. Sunanda gives her a cheque and asks her to treat it like her share of the house. Pratibha signs off the property rights and tries feebly to make amends, but the damage is done. Pratibha finally leaves, in Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14.

Sara’s family hosts their neighbours, who have newly moved in. Their young son, Junaid, is a captain in the army and has a lot of respect for Sara’s father. He tells her how he had supported her in her fight with Vishal on the internet, but she is unimpressed with his radical thoughts (thoughts which she shared only a few months ago).

Sunanda is unsure about what to do with this new proposal, and when Amna tells her to at least think about it, she finds herself even more confused. Dadi, who is now shaken up about the kidnapping incident, asks Vishal to join the army, because only then will they all be safe. Vishal is reluctant but does not refuse outrightly.

Vishal’s Dadi asks him to call Sara so she can apologise to her, and Sara forgives her just as fast. She gives the phone to her own Dadi, and both of them find quite a few things in common between them. Comically, Vishal and Sara both ask their grandmothers to cut the phone, but they laugh it off and continue their conversation.

When Sara’s Dada finds out about them talking, he is confused but does not say much, because he still is mistrustful of the Indians. Junaid’s family invites Sara and her family to their daughter’s wedding. When Sara mentions this to Vishal, he asks her to send him pictures.

At the wedding function, Sara finds out that Junaid has been following her on social media for a while now. She sends Vishal pictures, and a selfie, on his insistence. And then the audience has to endure painfully awkward flirting between the two of them that lasts for almost the whole episode. At the function, Junaid’s mother asks for Sara’s hand in marriage for her son. Her family discusses this and decides against getting Sara married to another army man.

dhoop ki deewar 1
A still from Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14, featuring Sahaj Aly and Ahad Raza Mir

Vishal gets a letter saying that he has cleared the first round to join the military academy. He and his Dadi have been hiding it from Sunanda, fearing her reaction. Vishal asks his mother why she was late, and she tries to lie her way through it, but Vishal asks her about who she was with, in the canteen.

Sunanda talks to him about the proposal, and that she is considering it only because of the convenience it would bring, but Vishal breaks down, asking her not to replace his father like that. Disturbed by his mother’s revelation, he ignores Sara’s call, but then decides against it and talks to her. Sara tells him about the proposal that came for her and Vishal is even more disturbed. She reveals that she doesn’t want to get married to an army man, and wants a normal life.

dhoop ki deewar 2
A still from Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14, featuring Samiya Mumtaz and Ahad Raza Mir

Vishal talks about what he wants in a girl and basically goes on to describe Sara. She is flustered and cuts the call. She is conflicted because she is flattered by Vishal’s interest, but at the same time, she knows they would never work out. Vishal goes for the entrance exam with only his Dadi’s blessings and asks her not to tell Sara’s Dadi about this. He had lied to her about pursuing engineering, and not the military. Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14 ends here, with a short preview of the final two episodes that would release next week.

Final Verdict: Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14

Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14 were entertaining but really cheesy. With just one more week left to the show, a lot of things are to be resolved, that haven’t yet. Many avenues are open, and the sub-plots are getting thicker and thicker. The series, though a little more Bollywood-ised than the usual Pakistani dramas, is turning into everything I had never thought it would be. Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14 make strong social commentary, see quite a bit of progression with the plot, and shows a huge leap in character development. Although we have to say, they are a lot more cheesy than the other episodes, and quite possibly a little bit cringe-worthy too.

Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14 are now streaming on Zee5.

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Overall Score


Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 13 and 14 are a lot more cheesy than the other episodes, and quite possibly a little bit cringe-worthy too. But are they entertaining? Totally.

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