Chithirai Sevvaanam (2021) Review: Silva’s Film Fails to Deliver a Compelling Narrative

Chithirai Sevvaanam is directed by ace stunt choreographer Silva and stars Samuthirakani, Pooja Kannan and Rima Kallingal in pivotal roles. Sam CS gives the background score, and Manoj Paramahamsa shoots it. The movie is streaming on Zee5 from 3rd Dec 2021.

Chithirai Sevvaanam review does not contain any spoilers

Chithirai Sevvaanam – A realistic account of a heinous crime

The film, which is said to be inspired by actual events, is a powerful account of the evil that lurks in our society. The movie is taut and has a decent pace. The background score enhances the dramatic effect of certain scenes.

The movie’s first half is interesting as it revolves around a single incident and how it unravels. The second half is about how the investigation proceeds and, hence, has fewer twists and turns.

Chithirai Sevvaanam
Samuthirakani, Pooja Kannan in Chithirai Sevvaanam

The director has tried his best to make us feel sorry for the victim, who struggled a lot in life, but there are many places where stereotypes seep into the plot, and the storyline loses its value.

There were many flaws in the execution part, but it is worth watching once for its gripping storyline. Samuthirakani’s performance will impress you.

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An emotional thriller for the audience – Chithirai Sevvaanam

The film is slow and, at times, even dull. The writing is also feeble, especially in the second half. The director seems to have lost his grip on the story. There are too many sub-plots, which lead to a lot of confusion.

The climax, especially the last few minutes, is wholly unnecessary. It makes us wonder if Silva was trying to make the movie look more dramatic rather than keeping things realistic.

Chithirai Sevvaanam

The performances from all the actors are up to the mark. Samuthirakani has done a great job with Rima Kallingal following suit, and Pooja Kannan looks good as a newcomer.

The film doesn’t have much of a commercial plot, but it still hooks the audience in parts highlighting the poetic justice aspect. The story might get predictable at times, but it is still worth watching as it shows some beautiful values in life.

Why does Chithirai Sevvaanam feel like a poem?

The technical team has done a pretty good job, and there are no significant flaws in any department. It could have been more compact with its screenplay. The script lags in certain places, which takes away the plot’s intensity. Also, certain characters appear unnecessarily, and the climax could have been better written.

It is a commendable attempt as a directorial debut for stunt choreographer Silva aiming at one of the most harrowing crimes in our country today-sexual harassment. To change society’s perception of women’s safety, we need to make people conscious of the issue.

Chithirai Sevvaanam
Samuthirakani in Chithirai Sevvaanam

The movie also shows how far we have come when discussing women’s safety and how men still feel free to treat them any way they wish — with contempt or cruelty.

Sexism and misogyny still run astray in the nooks and crannies of the country, but when out in the open, the perpetrators run amok while the victims feel the shame and guilt of the heinous crime.

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Chithirai Sevvaanam – Poetic justice imparts it the shock value

The movie is thoroughly engaging but fails to keep you hooked for most of its runtime. Certain scenes will surely leave an impact on you. Nevertheless, this is not one film that you would want to watch again and again.

Chithirai Sevvaanam

The second half is about the twists and turns that happen in their lives and how things change. It is this half that makes you sit and watch till the end. The climax is not something one expects, and hence, it ends with some shock value.

The film has got its heart in the right place, and director Silva could have taken a more realistic approach to making it more effective. Also, he could have avoided some cliches in his script.

Stream It or Skip It?

It’s a good attempt by debutant director Silva, and he should be appreciated for making such a bold attempt barring a few glitches in his screenplay.

Chithirai Sevvaanam is streaming on Zee5.

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Chithirai Sevvaanam is a bold attempt with its heart at the right place but is filled with cliches and an inconsistent screenplay.

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Chithirai Sevvaanam (2021) Review: Silva's Film Fails to Deliver a Compelling NarrativeChithirai Sevvaanam is a bold attempt with its heart at the right place but is filled with cliches and an inconsistent screenplay.