Zee5’s Befaam Review: Cheeky but Preachy

Befaam is a Marathi movie that was released in theatres a few months ago and now it got an OTT release yesterday. It is currently streaming on Zee5 and is directed by Krishna Kambale. The film runs for 1 hour and 41 minutes.


Befaam is a story that has a beautiful message in it for the students out there who are still figuring out what to do with their careers but in a different way.

The film opens with a scene where the lead character Siddharth (played by Siddharth Chandekar) gets diagnosed with farsightedness. Being a son of a neurosurgeon, his father Chinmay Sharagpani (Vidyadhar Joshi) wants him to be a neurosurgeon as well. But does Siddharth want to be one?

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Well, eventually we will get to know that Siddarth has no interest in becoming a neurosurgeon. So, then his father Chinmay gets him into the army, and during the physical test, Siddharth fails in it because of his weak eyes. Even though so many things happen, his father still tries to persuade him to become a doctor when his mother comes into the picture to allow their son to choose his own career.

However, even though he tries out different career options, he is unsuccessful at them. His passion follows him, though, when he becomes an RJ at a radio station. He also starts harbouring feelings for his co-worker RJ Nandita (played by Sakhi Gokhale). As things seem to be looking up for him, he is shattered to know that she is engaged. This news makes him leave the job. Now what? What will happen in Siddharth’s life? Will he continue being an RJ? How will things turn out?

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What did I like about Befaam?

The director tried to portray and preach a very simple message that people can choose their career paths on their own, regardless of where they are in their lives. Siddharth, as the lead protagonist, has done a really great job from emoting the feeling of a helpless student to a cheerful RJ to a helpless romantic. Sakhi as Nandita also touches all the right chords of being a chirpy RJ and a very helpful friend.


What I didn’t like

Well, even though the plot has a very important message, it felt exaggerated and extended for too long. The film could’ve benefitted from a tighter and shorter runtime. The director smoothed out the storyline but couldn’t wrap it up. It has its flaws that caught my attention. For instance (spoiler alert), when the blast happened and Siddharth was helping in the rescue, he called Nandita to cover the news on the Radio channel instead of talking to the police or hospital. Also what I absolutely didn’t like are those two songs. It was so unnecessary and cheesy.

That being said, because of the film’s core message you can give it a watch.

Befaam is currently streaming on Zee5.




Befaam has a strong message but falters due to its extended and unnecessary runtime.
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