Zee5’s 200 Halla Ho Review: Attempts To Raise Voice Against Caste Inequality

200 Halla Ho, a movie directed by Sarthak Dasgupta, is now out on Zee5. The film stars Amol Palekar, Rinku Rajguru, Barun Sobti, Upendra Limaye and Sahil Khattar. The film has a huge cast, as the story features 200 or more women. The makers claim that the movie is inspired by true events.

The synopsis reads – Inspired by true events, this ZEE5 Original film narrates the powerful tale of 200 women who jolt the nation out of its indifference towards years of caste oppression and injustice.

– 200 Halla Ho Review Contains Mild Spoilers –

Zee5 200 Halla Ho‘s story is set in Nagpur district. One day, at least 200 women with covered faces enter a court and lynch a rape accused named Balli Chaudhary (Sahil Khattar). These are Dalit women who have suffered a lot at the hands of people like Balli, who belong to the privileged cast. With no hope or help from the system, these women decide to take matters into their hands.

Senior Inspector Suresh Patil, played by Upendra Limaye, believes that Dalit women from Rainagar have committed the crime. Patil, along with other cops, arrests five random women from the community without any proof. Asha Surve, played by Rinku Rajguru, is furious with the arrests of women from her locality and fights the cops and lawyers. Her friend Umesh Joshi (Barun Sobti) is a lawyer who represents these five women in court.

200 Halla Ho movie is more of a narrative about caste inequality than only rape. Suresh Patil’s instant reference of the Dalit ladies attacking Balli illustrates that oppressed people are always the first to be questioned. Amol Palekar plays Vithhal Daangle, a Dalit Judge who tells Rinku’s character Asha Surve that she shouldn’t talk about her caste too often. Asha gives a befitting reply by stating that when people mistreat her, they don’t forget to mention her caste. So why shouldn’t she make it all about the caste system?

There are several striking moments throughout the film that emphasise the unfair caste structure in India. Even politicians are uninterested in addressing discrimination unless it benefits them. The film includes several good points and raises awareness about Dalit oppression by society, especially by the so-called “upper” caste people. 

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In the film, Barun Sobti plays Umesh Joshi, an upper-caste lawyer who represents these five ladies in court. One of the few things in the film that upset me was the upper-caste person saviour complex. The conclusion appears to be too easy. In reality, the oppressed in India are constantly questioned or doubted for their plights. Dalit girls are raped/killed by upper-caste men, their bodies are burned without their families’ consent, and their lawyers and relatives are threatened or, worst, killed. They are beyond the grasp of justice.

Zee5 200 Halla Ho Review: Trailer Still
200 Halla Ho Review: Trailer Still

Sarthak Dasgupta, the director, has attempted to give us all a reality check. However, it lacks a strong storytelling structure that will keep the viewer engaged until the end.

200 Halla Ho Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the new Zee5 movie is a must-see. People from underprivileged communities (Dalits) continue to struggle, and their women are exploited, and their issues are dismissed. The actors have also delivered promising performances. It effectively makes some ‘halla.’ We don’t get to see movies based on Dalit people without being overly dramatised or preachy. Sarthak has made a decent attempt to raise his voice against caste injustice.

200 Halla Ho is now streaming on Zee5.

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Zee5 200 Halla Ho Review: A film highlighting the wrongdoings against the Dalit community, especially women makes some strong points.

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Zee5 200 Halla Ho Review: A film highlighting the wrongdoings against the Dalit community, especially women makes some strong points. Zee5's 200 Halla Ho Review: Attempts To Raise Voice Against Caste Inequality