Young Famous and African Review: Khanyi Mbau Series is Spicy and Fancy

Young Famous and African, as the name implies, features a group of young, African A-listers, sharing a glimpse of their mega-rich world. The show is created by Peace Hyde, starring Khanyi Mbau, Diamond Platnumz, Naked DJ, Zari the Boss Lady, Swanky Jerry, Andile Ncube, Nadia Nakai and Annie Macaulay-Idibia.

Netflix describes the series as:

This reality series follows a crew of famed, affluent stars as they work and play, flirt and feud in Johannesburg, South Africa. Watch Welcome to South Africa.

– Young Famous and African review does not contain spoilers –

The new release, Young Famous and African is Netflix’s first-ever Pan African reality series. The series plays out over a course of 7 episodes, following the cast members as they get candid about their lavish lifestyles. In this show, everything that glitters is quite literally gold (or diamond).

Centred around a group of rich people, everyone having their own story, the series creates interesting narrative arcs – Bling Queen, Khanyi Mbau, a South African actress, producer and life coach, has been labelled as a ‘gold digger’ by some people when she had a baby with her super-rich ex-boyfriend, who was 31 years older than her. Currently, she is dating a 28-year-old alleged fugitive, Kudzi. Next up, we have a Nollywood actress, Annie Macaulay-Idibia, who is married to 2Face Innocent Idibia, a Nigerian superstar, and along with her best friend, Swanky Jerry, a celebrity stylist, she tries to make a name for herself on a global scale and also bring Nigeria, her native country, to the International stage.

Young Famous and African

Meanwhile, Diamond Platnumz, a very wealthy Tanzanian artist, is on the lookout for love. Evidently, he comes off as a self-centred 32-year-old who has a hard time paying even a lick of attention to other people’s feelings. Next in the lineup of affluent stars, we have Andile Ncube, a popular TV host and Quinton Masina, better known by his onstage name, Naked DJ. The series will also see Nadia Nakai as one of the rich personalities. Last but not least, we have Zari Hassan who was in a relationship with Diamond for four years, and now they are co-parenting their two kids.

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In the first episode, Khanyi throws a ball and everyone who is anyone is invited. At the ball, our celebrity stars gather around the same table and attempt to socialize. Diamond reveals he has 5, or maybe 6 kids, he seems unsure which baffles everyone at the table. Khanyi also talks about how she has chosen to raise her 15 years old daughter, Khanz, who lives alone in her own apartment. Her parenting skills garners an unfavourable response from the guests, namely, Andile and Annie, who later bond over their shared values.

Young Famous and African

In the next episodes, we witness the predicament of filthy rich Africans and their blooming connections. The series depicts a different side to Africa than what we already know. “We are not a Third World that the world thinks we are”, Khanyi declares. The show also deals with hard-hitting truths about love and friendship. It reminds us that even the rich people have their own issues, not every single aspect of their lives is as glamorous as it looks.

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Young Famous and African: Spicy and Fancy

Young Famous and African

Young, Famous & African is an absolute banger from start to finish. The series takes us inside the lives of Africa’s rich and famous. Everyone in the show brings something unique and interesting to the mix. I had a grand time binge-watching this over-the-top (in the best way possible) reality series. Everything about the show is extravagant – from private jets to lavish parties. The series promises a healthy dose of drama. Young, Famous & African delivers sheer entertainment where the affluent stars experience a ton of different emotions – from blooming love and heartfelt friendships to messy feuds and heartbreaks, and everything in-between.

Young Famous and African is now streaming on Netflix.

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If you are craving some drama then Young Famous and African is the series for you. It's vibrant, extravagant and engrossing.


  1. I’m so hooked, my lil sis and I are literally getting a big screen in anticipation of Season 2 to 11… It’s real drama, with beautiful, rich African souls. Love it

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If you are craving some drama then Young Famous and African is the series for you. It's vibrant, extravagant and engrossing.Young Famous and African Review: Khanyi Mbau Series is Spicy and Fancy