You Don’t Know Me Ending Explained: Who is Jamil Issa’s Real Killer?

You Don’t Know Me is a courtroom drama series which was released on Netflix on 17 June. The screenplay is adapted from a crime novel of the same name by Imran Mahmood. The series first premiered on BBC One on 5 December 2021. It is written by Tom Edge and directed by Sarmad Masud. There 4 episodes in the series with a runtime of about 55-58 minutes long.

The series is about a man on trial for murder where all the evidence points toward his guilt but he uses his closing argument to recount his love affair with a mysterious woman and also his innocence. It is a murder mystery that explores the unreliability of narrative and how things can be much more complex than it seems.

The cast includes Samuel Adewunmi as Hero, Badria Timimi as Prosecution Barrister, Yetunde Oduwale as Adebi, Bukky Bukray as Bless, Sophie Wilde as Kyra, Roger Jean Nsengiyumva as Jamil Issa, Michael Gould as Judge, Duayne Boachie as Binks, Habeeb Ipaye as Shilo, Nicolas Khan as showroom Sam and Tuwaine Barrett as Curt.

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You Don’t Know Me Ending Explained: The Final Verdict

At the start, all the evidence against Hero simply points out that he is the one who killed Jamil. The CCTV footage and mobile phone records place him at the scene and time of the crime. Even the murder weapon was in his possession at the time of arrest, his hair was found in Jamil’s car, as well as his blood was found underneath Hero’s fingernails. With all this proof, it is a simple open and close case until Hero starts his closing speech.

He starts off with his love affair with Kyra, her disappearance which leads him to associate with Jamil, as he helped him buy the gun. Now due to Hero’s encounter with one of the Glocks men who was shot dead, Hero and Kyra are on the search list of Glocks who has started invading Jamil’s territory. It creates tension between Jamil and Hero, as Jamil asks him to pay back the loss of business his enmity with Glocks has caused or he will turn Kyra.

Not being able to get the money to pay Jamil, as Hero has lost his job as well, he with his friend Curt devise a plan to flea. They decide to get money from Jamil giving the reason that they will sell cheap cocaine to city kids at higher prices and pay him back from the profits. In actuality, they were just going to leave the country. But Jamil has been long in the drug business and reaches their trap house and calls out their fake plan.

Still From You Don't Know Me

it leads to an argument between Curt and Jamil, where he takes his gun out and in between the tussle Kyra accidentally shoots Jamil. Now, if you are thinking that’s the end then a big NO! They could have left London with whatever money Jamil had brought while leaving him bleeding to death. But Hero, anonymously calls his family and asks them to send an ambulance.

Jamil soon recovers soon and contacted Hero to let him know that Bless was his hostage and that unless he received his money, he would never see his sister again. That prompted Hero and Kyra to jump in his car and speed to Jamil’s hideout where he was waiting for them, gun in hand. According to what Hero said in court, it was Kyra who shot Jamil again and asked Hero to go back home while she is going to dispose of the weapon.

But instead, she planted it in his own house and tipped off the police while she fled the country. This is the version on which the judge and the jury will decide his fate. Now the real killer is actually Bless, Hero’s sister. When Hero and Kyra reach Jamil’s hideout as planned earlier, Kyra was supposed to shoot Jamil but she is not able to and a fight breaks out between Jamil, Hero, Curt and Face and in between Jamil is shot dead.

Still from You Don't Know Me

So, who killed Jamil? It’s Bless who shot Jamil from behind. But being the person Hero is, to save his family he makes this plan with Kyra to get himself accused and then later put the blame on Kyra who would have fled the country, thus she can’t be convicted. He told the truth to his lawyer initially but she advised otherwise. So he fired her and decided to represent himself in court.

Now, in the end, Hero is imagining in his head what the verdict could be and how he will react. In one, he is proved guilty and in one he is said to be innocent which will make Kyra a convict in the case. We get ready for the actual verdict but the series ends before the announcement. The creators have left an open ending and it is on the audience to decide if they believe him or not.

You Don’t Know Me is streaming on Netflix.

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