WWII in Colour Road to Victory (2021) Review: Important Watch With a Dispassionate Narration

WWII in Colour Road to Victory is a British political docuseries narrating all the important events that led to it being termed as a war. The first season consists of 10 episodes, each almost an hour long. The synopsis of the film on Netflix reads as, “Gripping historical footage and expert commentary give detailed insights into the leading figures and decisive turning points of World War II”. The very fact that this docuseries is in colour adds to the realistic element of the episodes to paint a very gritty picture. However, it also portrays how far human beings can go for the sake of power.

Episode one is titled Dunkirk alluding to the Bataille de Dunkerque that was fought in the French port called Dunkirk. The synopsis of the first episode reads, “in May 1940, a German offensive traps the British on the French Court but a heroic civilian effort evacuates  the Troops and inspires an entire nation.” WWII in Colour Road to Victory continues to embark upon a journey of what this attack led to in the next episode named The Battle of The Atlantic which was fought for ownership over the Atlantic Ocean from September 3, 1939, to May 8, 1945.

-The WWII in Colour Road to Victory Review contains no spoilers-

The story further progresses into the next episode called The Invasion of North Africa also called Operation Torch which continued from 8 Nov 1942 to 16 Nov 1942. It is needless to say that the narrator has tried to maintain a neutral positive stance to maintain the flow of the events. However it somehow borders on being disinterested and dispassionate, However, it is also important to note that in WWII in Colour Road to Victory (since this in fact is a British docuseries)  the narration might sometimes come across as biased. 

wwii in color road to victory

The episodes follow one after the other The Battle of Kursk, The Invasion of Italy, The Liberation of Paris, The Battle of the Philippine Sea, Iwo Jima, The Race for Berlin and Okinawa. The episodes traced the journey of multitudes of battles fought – A tank battle between Germany and the Soviet Union, the allied army invading Italy in hopes of a swift and fast victory but instead ending up in a very very long one top the events of August 1944 in Paris, when internal resistance flared up to oppose the German Occupation throughout the war. WWII in Colour Road to Victory is indeed quite heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time.

WWII in Colour Road to Victory provides an easy narration to people in compact and short episodes to explain the war in bite-sized pieces. However, as mentioned earlier the script for narration sometimes lacks clarity and tends to be an oversimplification. It should instead be taken with a grain of salt. In terms of collected video footage and the experience of seeing something as brutal as World War 2 on-screen is quite phenomenal but the audio- experience falls behind and takes away from the entirety of it. The Anglo-centrism doesn’t help either.

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WWII in Colour Road to Victory

Summing up: WWII in Colour Road to Victory

WWII is a gritty and bloody chapter in the history of the world that has led to widespread debate about the cruelty of human beings and the extent to which they can go in search of political power. This makes WWII in Colour Road to Victory an important watch. If one keeps aside the quite disappointingly neutral narration, the video footage makes the human experience of getting to witness murder quite emotional. 

WWII in Colour Road to Victory is now streaming on Netflix.

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WWII in Colour Road to Victory is an important watch but with a very disappointing narration that borders on disinterest.


  1. 75% of this documentary is trying to make the British look like a more important part of the Eurpean victory than the Amerixans. Wish casting….

  2. I’m wondering if I’m watching the same series as the rest of you. The narrative of this show is plainly geared towards America’s role in the war, for an American audience.
    The talking heads are a good mix and I like them in other things but the American contributors proceed to talk down any other allied achievement separate from their own.
    And as an example of this notion that Britain ‘brutally’ enlisted the citizens of the Empire when it was a wholly voluntary force just to make them seem better in comparison.

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WWII in Colour Road to Victory (2021) Review: Important Watch With a Dispassionate NarrationWWII in Colour Road to Victory is an important watch but with a very disappointing narration that borders on disinterest.