Woori The Virgin Episode 2 Recap: Woori Is Carrying Raphael’s Child

Woori The Virgin(우리는 오늘부터) is a 2022 South Korean Romantic Comedy Series which is the remake 2014 American Series Jane The Virgin. This drama is directed by Jung Jung-hwa and stars Im Soo-hyang, Sung Hoon and Shin Dong-wook in lead roles. The series runs for 14 episodes. Woori The Virgin Episode 2 has a runtime of 65 minutes.

– Woori The Virgin Episode 2 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Woori The Virgin Episode 2, Woo-ri tells her boyfriend Kang-jae that she cannot marry him because she is pregnant due to a medical accident. Kang-jae loves Woo-ri and understands the difficult situation she is in. He provides his complete support to her and promises to accompany her during the medical procedures and sue the doctor and the hospital. Woo-ri is worried but Kang-jae’s support comforts her.

Woori The Virgin Episode 2
Still from Woori The Virgin Episode 2

Lee Ma-ri is desperate to not break off her marriage and her mother is the mastermind behind her every move. Ma-ri threatens the doctor to destroy her career and gets Woo-ri’s information from her. Ma-ri meets Woo-ri and tells her how this is the last time, she and her husband can have a baby and asks Woo-ri to be their surrogate mother. When Raphael finds out about it, he strongly opposes the idea and apologizes to Woo-ri for his wife’s absurd request. He also wants to have a baby but does not want to ruin someone else’s life for it.

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After seeing Woo-ri’s mother at the press conference, Choi Sung-il comes looking for her at her mom’s restaurant. Sung-il asks her why she ran away from him back then but Woo-ri’s grandmother disrupts their conversation. However, she tells him that they have a daughter and she is the assistant writer for his drama. Sung-il shouted at the assistant writer on the last day and the next day, he gives snacks to Woo-ri and also apologize to her but doesn’t tell her the truth because she is already disturbed by the pregnancy.

Woori The Virgin Episode 2
Still from Woori The Virgin Episode 2

When Woo-ri doesn’t agree to Ma-ri’s proposal, Ma-ri tells the situation to Raphael’s father who initially offers just a fruit basket to Woo-ri and requests her to keep the baby. When Woo-ri still doesn’t agree, he offers her 2 million Won money and more if she asks him to. Ma-ri also offers her a stay in a foreign country where she can give birth to the baby and come back later, to avoid any gossip about her life. Woo-ri thinks about the money for a while but leaves without taking it.

Woori The Virgin Episode 2 Ending

Woo-ri has decided to get an abortion and her family and Kang-jae have been accompanying her. When she enters the hospital, the doctor herself escorts her to a conference where Ma-ri and her father-in-law have been sitting to discuss the matter with Woo-ri’s family. He offers them the money again and this time, ask Woo-ri’s mother to think about it. Woo-ri thought her mother would accept the money but she declines. She tells him that she cannot ruin her daughter’s life to make her life better.

Woori The Virgin Episode 2
Still from Woori The Virgin Episode 2

Raphael enters the room and stops the discussion. He apologizes to Woo-ri’s family and waits for Woo-ri to finish her surgery. However, Woo-ri runs out of the surgery room and shows up at home, late at night. She has a hearty conversation with her mom and they clear the misunderstandings between each other. Woo-ri was born to a single mother and always felt that she was a mistake by her mom. Her own experience makes her want to give birth to the baby because only then she will be able to understand her mom completely.

Woori The Virgin Episode 2 Review

In Woori The Virgin Episode 2, we see a mature and responsible sie of Raphael. He has gotten a new chance at life which now, makes him live like a master of his own life. He doesn’t budge against anyone who tells him to live a certain way, not even his father. Woo-ri and her mom resolve the misunderstanding that Woo-ri had about her mom and herself. Woo-ri has made an absurd decision and no one can understand her but herself.

Woori The Virgin Episode 2 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Woori The Virgin Episode 2, Woo-ri decides to abort the baby.

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