Woori The Virgin Episode 1 Recap: Im Soo-hyang Is A Virgin Who Gets Pregnant

Woori The Virgin(우리는 오늘부터) is a 2022 South Korean Romantic Comedy Series which is the remake 2014 American Series Jane The Virgin. This drama is directed by Jung Jung-hwa and stars Im Soo-hyang, Sung Hoon and Shin Dong-wook in lead roles. The series runs for 14 episodes. Woori The Virgin Episode 1 has a runtime of 63 minutes.

– Woori The Virgin Episode 1 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Woori The Virgin Episode 1, we are introduced to 15 years old Oh Woo-ri who is forced to take a pledge of abstinence by her grandmother, though her mom is not quite sure of it. This means that Woori cannot have sex until she is married. Fifteen Years later, she catches the bride’s bouquet at her friend’s wedding and her friends start teasing her. They know about her abstinence and wonder if she even has a boyfriend to get married to. To their surprise, she has one and he is extremely handsome.

Woori The Virgin Episode 1
Still from Woori The Virgin Episode 1

Lee Kang-jae and Woo-ri have known each other for four years and have been dating for two years. He knows about Woo-ri’s abstinence and also goes to church with her for mass. As Woo-ri is not allowed to have sex, he hasn’t kissed her either and every time Kang-jae gets such thoughts, he makes a confession to the father that even the father is tired of hearing him and advises them to get married. However, none of them has given a thought to marriage and Woo-ri is not much excited about the idea.

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Woo-ri is an assistant writer for a drama and she gets heated up while explaining a tempting scene to the producer. Her senior writer also suggests she get married because her sexual desperation shows and she calls her lucky because all of her firsts will be with one man only and he will be her first and the last. However, Woo-ri confesses that she cannot have her first kiss with Kang-jae because she has already had it with someone else.

Woori The Virgin Episode 1
Still from Woori The Virgin Episode 1

Raphael is the CEO of Diamond Cosmetics under Diamond Medical Group owned by his father. He has finished his chemotherapy and has come back after getting rid of his stomach cancer. The first thing he does after coming back is to give the divorce paper to his wife, Lee Ma-ri. His wife is already cheating on him and has done many frauds behind his back but he doesn’t know them yet. He takes his seat back as a CEO from her and attends his first meeting in a long time where Woo-ri is also present. She cannot stop hiding her face because he is the first man she kissed and then ghosted.

Woori The Virgin Episode 1 Ending

Ma-ri doesn’t want to divorce Raphael because that will be a huge financial loss for her. She eavesdrops on Raphael and his father’s conversation where Raphael says that he doesn’t want to have a child with someone he doesn’t love. Raphael had frozen his sperms before getting chemotherapy and that’s his last chance to have a baby with someone. Ma-ri decides to get artificial insemination without Raphael’s consent and pays a hefty sum to the doctor. However, nothing goes as she had planned.

Woori The Virgin Episode 1
Still from Woori The Virgin Episode 1

At a press conference, Woo-ri’s mother goes to see a popular actor who is her first love and possibly Woo-ri’s father. The press conference becomes a total fiasco after the actor freezes seeing Woo-ri’s mom, Lee Kang-jae who is a police officer follows and handcuffs a criminal inside the conference room and in the end, Woo-ri collapses all of a sudden. The doctor tells Woo-ri that she is pregnant and no one but Raphael claps at the news. It is impossible and no one believes it.

Woo-ri goes to her OB-GYN and the doctor apologizes to her for accidentally inseminating her instead of Lee Ma-ri. Woo-ri is shocked and can’t bring herself to tell Kang-jae the truth. Kang-jae is happy to hear that she is not pregnant and proceeds to propose to Woo-ri for marriage with the help of the carol group from the church. Woo-ri is now trapped in a moral conflict. She cannot abort the baby without talking to its father and cannot marry Kang-jae in this situation either.

Woori The Virgin Episode 1 Review

Woori The Virgin Episode 1 introduces us to Woo-ri who cannot have sex despite her strong desires and her boyfriend Kang-jae who respects her beliefs and holds back his urges as well. Sung Hoon is a handsome CEO who lives carefree. Woo-ri’s family is very friendly and supportive of her and Sung-hoon’s family is like every rich conglomerate’s family, disconnected. Overall, the episode manages to entertain us with its character choice and light storyline.

Woori The Virgin Episode 1 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Woori The Virgin Episode 1, Im Soo-hyang is afraid to face her boyfriend after getting pregnant accidentally.

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In Woori The Virgin Episode 1, Im Soo-hyang is afraid to face her boyfriend after getting pregnant accidentally.Woori The Virgin Episode 1 Recap: Im Soo-hyang Is A Virgin Who Gets Pregnant