Will You Marry? (2021) Review: K Brosas and Elisse Joson Make the Perfect Mother-Daughter Duo

Will You Marry? is a 2021 release on Netflix that is directed and co-written by Veronica Velasco. This Filippino drama is a feel-good film that stars K Brosas as Honey, Elisse Joson as Sweet, Paul Lyderer as Fritz Anjo Yllana as Dindo, Jeanet Lang Bolvig as Shauna, Alwyn Uytingco as Reese, Pio Balbuena as Toffee, Hannah Ledesma as Melissa and Deanie Mofjeld as Emma. Erwin Blanco serves as executive producer with Mavx Productions Inc., and Legwork Productions, the film has a total runtime of 1 hour 26 minutes.

– Netflix’s Will You Marry? review does not contain spoilers –

Will You Marry? Review: A Lesson to Learn

K Brosas’s Honey is the matriarch of a not-so-perfect family- her children forget her birthday and her daughter blames her for losing her father. Yet, Honey does not succumb to the stereotypes of society and goes ahead to pursue love. Through online dating, she falls the Danish man named Fritz (played by Paul Lyderer). However, when she gets invited to Fritz’s home in Copenhagen, her daughter, Sweet (played by Elisse Joson) reluctantly joins her on this trip. With an acute disdain for her mother’s admirer, Sweet finds ways to uncover Fritz’s darkest secrets that can convince her mother to not end up marrying the guy. But ultimately, it all cumulates to one big misunderstanding that no one saw coming.

Will You Marry? is a film about the co-existence of love and acceptance along with the importance of family, especially children. Love can bloom and flourish in ways you don’t find conventional or are skeptical about, yet it stands strong irrespective of the doubts. But, if the love does not find acceptance, especially from your family and close people, it comes to stop still. It tries to grow but, is scared to branch out without support. This film is a beautiful and funny representation of exactly the same.

Honey starts dating a year after her husband’s death and when her children discover this, they demean and rebuke her. All this is done and shown in a light tone to add humour to the story but, deeply reflects on the culture and bias people hold about widows dating or re-marrying. Then, there’s Sweet, Honey’s daughter, who is not only unaccepting of the relationship and holds a prejudice against Fritz for no reason at all apart from the fact that he is dating her mother, Honey goes out of the way to convince herself and her mother that Fritz and his sister, Shauna are hiding some truly dark secrets.

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Honey wears the cap of a detective and even till the last moment, there is nothing but, her strong dislike for Fritz that motivates her to continue to doubt him. Fritz, on the other hand, is an ideal pick- a good looking, polite and respectful gentleman, almost too good to be true that it makes Honey think- ‘what if he isn’t?’ to drive her to the edge.

The Final Verdict on ‘Will You Marry?’

Will You Marry? is funny but meaningful. It is quick in its storytelling and leaves you with your afterthoughts to ponder over and look at the norms set by the society around you concerning widows dating or old people falling in love. Somehow the stereotype that old people need to stick to their brand of being ‘mature’ and not indulge in wearing bold clothes or falling in love whenever and whoever they want to form the central theme of this film.

The 2021 film Will You Marry? is now streaming on Netflix.

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Will You Marry? is a reflective drama on the relationship of a mother and a daughter.


  1. not worth to watch. mxadong mababaw ang kuento at predictable. sayang ang denmark location. mgagaling nman mga artista pero hindi sya yung tipong uupuan mo pag pinanood mo na kc very common ang flow ng story at maraming dull moments. for me, puede na sana xa as short story s MMK. 2/5

  2. Annoyed and embarrassed with the rudeness shown. It shows Filipinos as uncultured, selfish and ill-mannered. They both speak good English but continue to argue in Tagalog, in front of the hosts. Couldn’t even finish the movie because it made me cringe of how they’re depicted. Filipinos. Mom allows her kids to behave like terrible two year olds. Fritz, I wouldn’t have pursued this relationship. She showed her true colors.

  3. Super shallow movie, not worth it. Its one of the movies I’ll play just to put something playing on the tv. Liked the trailer and expected something but ended up predicting the movie. I watched it for about 20mins as I fast forward every scenes.

  4. Entertaining!! There are funny parts, there are also those made me cry. It shows the differing traditions and culture between Filipinos and Flemish

  5. Boring, exaggerated acting, si Kaye lng at fritz Ang okay . Annoying scenes with Elise and his brother with tattoos too childish.

  6. very bad story line…I like to watch feel good movie but this movie made me mad! so embarrassing!!! nakakahiya Lalo na ang mga ugaling judgemental sa harap ng ibang tao! this movie got no class!!!

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Will You Marry? (2021) Review: K Brosas and Elisse Joson Make the Perfect Mother-Daughter DuoWill You Marry? is a reflective drama on the relationship of a mother and a daughter.