Wild Babies Review: The Survival of the Cutest ft. Helena Bonham Carter

Wild Babies is a nature documentary series created and directed by Sally Cryer and Gemma Brandt and has 8 episodes, each with a runtime for around 30 minutes. The series is narrated by Helena Bonham Carter.

Netflix describes the movie as:

Follow the adventures of baby lions, elephants, penguins, pangolins and more as they learn to navigate the highs and lows of life in the wild.

– Wild Babies review does not contain spoilers –

Much like every other nature documentary about something or the other, Wild Babies is sweet to watch. This time around, it’s more so because it’s about little babies of the cutest animals out there. Starting from little seal pups to lion cubs to the cutest baby pangolin – the series is every animal lover’s lovable dream. If you can think of a wild, cute baby, the series features it.

Faced with their own tiny huge problems, the documentary follows the babies as they face their own unique challenges in order to survive in a harsh world that knows no empathy. Shows like these aren’t new, we’ve seen similar shows such as these time and time again. So, what makes this one different? Honestly, not much. Other than, of course, some very cute animal babies.

The documentary isn’t much different from the tons of other shows that we have seen. Its writing isn’t very humorous or different in any way and follows similar patterns to other shows out there. The writing is informative but otherwise bland. Helena Bonham Carter is the narrator of the show and her voice is calm and hypnotic but much like every other voice actor for nature documentaries such as these.

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The animal kingdom itself is an interesting subject matter. And when there are so many animals for us to watch, it’s interesting in and of itself. As the little ones find their footing, face their first problems and love their mums a little more, you, too, get caught in the hectic craziness that is their lives. The first of everything is always a bit overwhelming and that’s true for all animals. These babies learn what it is like to get a taste of the real world for the first time and you watch with bated breath to see whether they can overcome these huge obstacles.

These are moments which are the most horrifying to watch – watching little helpless babies trying to fend for themselves as their mothers, too, try to fend for themselves is just heartbreakingly difficult. For example, when little Tabo, a seal pup, scurries away from where his mother told him to stay put, he must face the consequences of not listening to her – by almost getting picked up by a ferocious hyena. These cute and horrifying moments are interesting as they are moments where you wait with bated breath and hope that they stay safe.

Summing up: Wild Babies

Wild Babies

Wild Babies is another addition to the already full genre of animal documentaries. This isn’t something you won’t get anywhere else but is interesting anyway, especially if you’re someone who likes animals (and their cute babies!)

Overall, if you’re in the mood for something cute but horrifying, this one is it.

Wild Babies is streaming on Netflix.

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Wild Babies is about the cutest in the most dangerous moments of their lives.


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Wild Babies is about the cutest in the most dangerous moments of their lives.Wild Babies Review: The Survival of the Cutest ft. Helena Bonham Carter