Why Her Episode 6 Recap and Review: Time For a Blast

Why Her (Why Oh Soo-jae / 왜 오수재인가) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Ji-eun and stars Seo Hyun-jin, Hwang In-youp, Huh Joon-ho and Bae In-hyuk, alongside other cast members. The series takes up SBS’ 10 PM KST slot previously occupied by Again My LifeWhy Her episode 6 has a runtime of around 59 minutes.

– Why Her episode 6 recap contains major spoilers –

Why Her episode 6 proves to Tae-guk that Soo-jae’s isn’t going to stand around and watch him destroy her life. Apart from asking for 70 million won, she further promises to use the money to keep her mouth shut and destroy the evidence in the pen drive. But me thinks there is something more here that Soo-jae is cooking – it cannot be just about the money.

why her episode 6

Through her, Gong Chan comes under Tae-guk’s radar, but he chooses to ignore him thinking he’s just another law school student asking for a favour. Gong Chan, meanwhile, is looking at his murder board and probably wondering about his next moves. His friend asks him to live his life peacefully and advises him to not deceive someone he likes for too long.

After Soo-jae and Gong Chan share a sweet evening together, he assures her that she’s not the only one with an embarrassing past and that crap is happening in everyone’s lives. That he, too, has something like that in his past that he is not proud of.

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why her episode 6
Still From Why Her Episode 6

The next day, Soo-jae and Se-pil start to negotiate terms about the Hansu Bio deal and in the end, she puts forth the condition that everything related to Hansu Bio will be handled by her since she is the one who put forth the hard work behind it and anyway, she’s taking everything that comes from that deal.

A chance encounter with Park Seok-pal at the TK elevator pushes her to ask Mi-rim to follow him and monitor the situation who finds out about Seok-pal’s fallout with Il-ku and threats of exposing everything. Soo-jae, in turn, puts her law school underlings to the task of figuring out the truth behind Ji-young’s murder.

In between negotiations, Yoon-sang asks Soo-jae whether she likes Gong Chan and shares that he finds something off about him, although he thinks that he’s a good guy. He asks her to not date him when he realises that she hasn’t made up her mind about it yet, confusing Soo-jae.

Meanwhile, Gong Chan promises to keep Soo-jae’s secret about the investigation of the case “no matter what”. She then gets into a conversation with Jin-ki and realises how it reflects a similar conversation with him years ago. However, this time, things are different and Soo-jae knows better than to trust his words.

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why her episode 6
Still From Why Her Episode 6

As the Hansu Bio deal gets finalised, Tae-guk, in a last-ditch effort to damage control, asks Ju-wan to quickly finalise his divorce and marry Soo-jae instead. Soo-jae, meanwhile, meets with Seung-yeon and is shocked to learn that Jae-yi isn’t her child and that she doesn’t want anything to do with her after the divorce.

Soo-jae breaks down while thinking back to how Tae-guk toyed with her when she was young and pregnant. Waiting for Ju-wan and losing her child – she remembers the happiness she felt when giving her child a beautiful nickname and sobs that she wouldn’t have survived had she not erased that memory from her mind.

Gong Chan, meanwhile, battles his own demons as he thinks back to his sister’s death and looks at his mother sitting alone after work. He remembers his stepmother being kind to him and asking him to take care of Na-jung.

That night, Soo-jae decides to tell Gong Chan about her past but gets a call before she can get out of her car.

Why Her Episode 6 Ending

why her episode 6
Still From Why Her Episode 6

She gets a call from Seok-pal outside Gong Chan’s bar and asks her to meet him if she wants to know the truth about Ji-young’s murder. She goes to the fishing dock to meet him, abandoning her plan to tell Chan her secret but is unable to find anyone.

Just as she feels like she can spot someone inside a car, the car catches fire, throwing her to the ground. Shocked, she stumbles around and gets a call from Chan and babbles about meeting him. Sensing she’s in danger, Gong Chan asks her where she is but before she can answer him, the car blows up, sending her crashing to the ground, making Chan think of the worst.

Why Her Episode 6 Review

why her episode 6
Still From Why Her Episode 6

Why Her episode 6 is another excellent episode that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Soo-jae’s character is written so wonderfully that you can’t help but be invested in her life and where she will go next.

From her sad background to her challenging and complicated present, Soo-jae is a force to be reckoned with. In this episode, we see more of her strength and how much she plans ahead. It’s also a testament to how much she pays attention to the things happening around her so that nothing misses her eye.

You want her to succeed at all times, but there are also moments where her character becomes grey and you don’t know whether to take her side or be appalled at her character.

why her episode 6
Still From Why Her Episode 6

Seo Hyun-jin is fantastic as Soo-jae. I keep going back and forth between her character in You Are My Spring and then in this series and I always come back shocked. These two characters couldn’t be any more different from each other and yet, Hyun-jin played both of these parts so well.

Coming to the story, this is another great episode with so many things to consider. The writers have done an excellent job at taking care of the different cogs of this drama so that you have different things to juggle with at any given moment. A worthy show through and through and although the last episode ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger that we know the outcome of, there are more important things to consider other than whether Soo-jae will come out of this alive!

Why Her is streaming on Viki.

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Why Her Episode 6 weaves in and out of our protagonists' lives and gives us some great workplace drama to consider.

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Why Her Episode 6 Recap and Review: Time For a BlastWhy Her Episode 6 weaves in and out of our protagonists' lives and gives us some great workplace drama to consider.