Who Killed Sara Season 3 Review: Manolo Cardona, Carolina Miranda are Back For More Chaos

Who Killed Sara? or ¿Quién Mató a Sara? is a thriller series directed by David Ruiz and starring Ximena Lamadrid, Carolina Miranda, Manolo Cardona, Eugenio Siller and other cast members. The series has 18 episodes across 2 seasons and Who Killed Sara season 3 has 7 episodes, each with a runtime of around 40 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Hell-bent on exacting revenge and proving he was framed for his sister’s murder, Álex sets out to unearth much more than the crime’s real culprit.

– Who Killed Sara season 3 review does not contain spoilers –
– TW: Homophobia, rape, violence –

Who Killed Sara is nothing if not dramatic and twisty. After two seasons, we all know that the series really doesn’t care about keeping things simple. But they really go up a notch with the third season – my god. From the very first minute, it’s just one crazy thing after the other. The series is just chaos from the first minute to the last. I think it’s quite interesting how seriously Who Killed Sara takes itself and season 3 just goes up a notch with how much it loves to make us seriously consider the craziness.

In spite of the disbelief that you’ll feel at what you’re watching, Who Killed Sara season 3 is surprisingly catchy and watchable. I think those who have followed the series till now will have a warped sense of reality while inside the story anyway, and thus, suspension of disbelief would be easily attainable for the series to be enjoyed. Either way, there’s something extremely interesting about the way the series brings forth its batshit theories and situations.

And, you know what? It works in a weird way. The characters, at this point, have become serious, too serious, in fact, to be taken seriously (funnily!). The relationships are just as messy as the situations, making this one a delicious watch. However, talking about messy relationships, woof does the series feature some disturbing connections that it tries to play off as nothing. Especially Chema’s very questionable actions towards Alex – that’s a bag of worms I wish they had gone to the bottom of.

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Who Killed Sara Season 3

It also goes deeper down Sara’s psyche and why she was the enigma that she was. But more importantly, I feel, Who Killed Sara season 3 really hammers home how vulnerable young women are in the real world and how easily they are manipulated into dangerous situations like this. Also, makes me wonder what kind of sick father knocks up both of his son’s significant others? What kind of ego do you have to have to take everything from your own son?

Moreover, the stigma of homosexuality is really explored in this season and the horrible situations that people put them into when they force people into conversion therapies. They don’t work and anyone who thinks otherwise is cruel and inhumane. Chema’s journey from out and proud to a traumatized adult thanks to his incarceration is extremely heartbreaking to watch and might be relatable to a lot of people.

But, the biggest shocker of this season is the merging of two shows – this one and another very popular but very trashy one. At first, I didn’t think much of the name but when the character was introduced, I almost did a double-take. Is this the Spanish melodrama universe that we are being forced to be a part of? Definitely yes and I have a sinking feeling that we won’t be able to escape soon.

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Who Killed Sara Season 3

Who Killed Sara season 3 also introduces a very formidable and interesting antagonist who goes beyond the cruelty barometer – he has really dead eyes, it’s actually creepy. The lengths he goes to in the name of science are absolutely inhumane and work well in the context of this rather crazy show. But, thanks to the doctor and his obsession, the show goes from a simple murder mystery to the absolutely bonkers secret experiments and organisations.

As Who Killed Sara season 3 jumps back and forth between the present and the past and ties up loose ends, you start to feel sympathy for the characters and realise the depth of the craziness that the series decided to go to. It all shockingly goes well together and, considering the chaos and confusion of what’s going on on-screen, it’s a fun watch.

Summing up: Who Killed Sara season 3

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Who Killed Sara season 3 dapples with too many things – tons of secrets, weird experiments and backstabbers get introduced which are not only confusing and absolutely bonkers but make for a deliciously twisted watch. This isn’t the best thriller out there, but three seasons in, all of us are too invested in this mess to look away.

Who Killed Sara is streaming on Netflix.

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Who Killed Sara season 3 is back for one last crazy ride, and oof, what a ride it is!

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Who Killed Sara Season 3 Review: Manolo Cardona, Carolina Miranda are Back For More ChaosWho Killed Sara season 3 is back for one last crazy ride, and oof, what a ride it is!