Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained: What Happened to Sara?!

Who Killed Sara? or ¿Quién Mató a Sara? is a thriller series directed by David Ruiz and starring Ximena Lamadrid, Carolina Miranda, Manolo Cardona, Eugenio Siller and other cast members. The series has 18 episodes across 2 seasons and Who Killed Sara season 3 has 7 episodes, each with a runtime of around 40 minutes.

– Spoilers ahead –

It feels like an era is coming to an end! No, I am being dramatic but not as melodramatic and chaotic as Who Killed Sara season 3. The series, which just delivered its final season on May 18, has taken things up a notch with the trajectory of its storyline.

The Who Killed Sara finale ties up all of the loose ends that we were left with in the last season. Although the series started off as a simple murder mystery, boy, oh boy were we taken for a ride with this one. In the first season, I would not have expected the series to have gone down the path it did. But, since we have come to expect the unexpected from the last two seasons, it’s not totally out of the realm of possibilities. At one point, I expected them to tell me that Sara was another version of Eleven from Stranger Things. I wouldn’t have batted an eye if that had happened.

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained

However, confused about what happened in the Who Killed Sara finale? Well, here we have it all!

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained

So, all of this misery and craziness that everyone went through is thanks to a no-one character till now – Reinaldo, who is Nicandro’s father. You know, I always thought that the boy was up to no good and now, after seeing his father, I am glad that I was right. Anyway, everything that has happened till now, Sara’s erratic behaviour, Marifer cutting her safety belt, Alex going to jail and literally anything and everything was preplanned by Reinaldo.

Sara’s accident at Valle turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him since he quietly but surely kidnapped Sara and made her vulnerable mother believe that she had died. She kept her hidden, made her have her (and Cesar’s) baby and then kept the baby away from her to experiment on both mother and daughter. However, things turned sour when Sara had enough of Reinaldo’s crap and took her life.

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained

Alex finds all of this out thanks to Reinaldo’s right-hand woman Tonya and then goes out guns blazing to the Medusa Complex and shoots everyone up to get to her niece. Although Rodolfo and Elisa accompany him, as well as Cesar later on, Rodolfo gets shot while protecting his family and that results in his death. Cesar takes the blame for it all so that his kids are taken care of via the money that Alex stole from him. His change of heart comes around because of his pancreatic cancer which grants him 2 months to live.

Meanwhile, Chema, having taken the blame for two murders, is traumatized after being raped in prison. He comes out eventually (thanks to Dark Desire’s Alma) hating himself and his sexuality and falls into his mother’s manipulation to join Medusa. Of course, that doesn’t work and he goes through more trauma and eventually accepts himself. Meanwhile, Marianna, joins a nunnery and can’t help but face her sins head-on.

I think the saddest character arc of this season is of Elisa who has literally no role other than to look hot and follow Alex around. She achieves nothing, adds nothing to the story and is simply reduced to a supporting spouse role without anything to give in the grand scheme of things.

Who is Reinaldo?

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ending Explained

Reinaldo is a new character this season and is Nicandro’s father. He is family friends with the Lazcanos and is sort of the crazy scientist trope. He’s filled with homophobia and hatred and thinks that he can cure schizophrenia and homosexuality somehow. Thanks to his crazy expectations, he kidnaps and experiments on vulnerable people with no escape – he tortures them without batting an eye. And it’s not just strangers, he does the same to his daughter Daniela. He is remorseless and ruthless but loses his life like so many of his patients – from intense shock therapy.

Who Killed Sara season 3 is streaming on Netflix.

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