Who Killed Sara Season 2 Ending Explained and What to Expect From Season 3?

Who Killed Sara? or ¿Quién Mató a Sara? is a thriller series directed by David Ruiz and starring Ximena Lamadrid, Carolina Miranda, Manolo Cardona, Eugenio Siller and other cast members. The series has 18 episodes across 2 seasons and Who Killed Sara season 3 will release on May 18, 2022.

Released a few short months after the release of the first season, Who Killed Sara season 2, to no one’s shock, came with more questions than answers. Who actually killed Sara is a question which is far from getting any answers, but the series did give us some hints! Check out the article to get a refresher of what happened in the last episode and what to expect from Who Killed Sara final season.

Who Killed Sara season 2 ending

who killed sara season 2

Who Killed Sara season 2 ends with Nicandro on the phone talking to Dr Alanis and discussing how no one should know what they have done. Yes, there’s a further conspiracy about how Sara was apparently part of this secret experiment wherein Alanis was experimenting on her. Sure, we know too well that Sara was seeking therapy from Alanis and, at one point, even got electro-shock therapy so as not to end up like her father. But, after learning the innocent (well, you know) answer to Sara’s death, this comes as a shock and more reason for a third season. What can this experiment be about? Why would Nicandro do something like this? We don’t know, but I must mention that this latest conspiracy feels a tad bit much, in the grand scheme of things.

There’s also the problem of Sara and Marifer’s relationship. The neighbours, apparently, shared the same father because Abel raped Sara’s mother and he was the reason why Marifer and Clara’s mother, Cristina, disappeared suddenly – he killed her. Yeah, he wasn’t a good guy and thanks to Sara’s stupid teenage brain, he got out of his much-required psychiatric hold. So, did Marifer kill her half-sister for Abel’s sins? Well, no. She killed her because Sara was a little B to her, so of course, the logical course of action was for her to cut her parasail straps… because that’s what angry teenagers do.

Either way, the night Sara got to know the truth and also recorded Abel’s confession was also the night Abel died. Out to murder his daughter for not giving him money, Abel tried to murder Sara who ran away and called Rodolfo. However, Cesar picked up the phone and reached Sara’s home just in time to shoot Abel, who was just about to stab his daughter. So, where’s Cesar now, you ask? Yeah, he’s at some tropical island sipping on piña colada after having made up his death.

So, where are our protagonists at this moment? Elisa and Alex, having finally learned the truth about Sara’s death, might just go off into the sunset… for now. Chema is in prison because he confessed to killing Moncho and Abel. And Nicandro is surely to do something stupid that will bring the truth to the forefront and Alex will get to know another heartbreaking truth about his very disturbed sister.

Did Sara die? Because at this point, that’s what we have to question.

What to expect from Who Killed Sara season 3?

who killed sara season 3

Who Killed Sara season 3, at least what we see in the trailer, will need you to suspend your disbelief a bit more because… Sara is still alive. Yeah, it seems like the twist is given away totally in the trailer – Alex will find out about Sara’s disappearance, about Project Medusa, Sara’s hereditary schizophrenia and more. But what do her mental health issues have to do with anything? Is there something unique to be found there? Does Sara have some sort of power? Let’s hope there’s some crazy twist other than Sara’s coming to life because otherwise, it will prove to be quite the dud. However, considering what we have seen for so long, that’s going to be a given.

Also, Marifer seems to be alive, albeit extremely burnt? I am so confused and intrigued!

Check out the Who Killed Sara season 3 trailer here

Who Killed Sara season 3 release date

Who Killed Sarai season 3 will release on May 18 at 12.30 PM IST or 12 AM PA.

Who Killed Sara is streaming on Netflix.

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