Welcome to Wedding Hell: Where Have We seen Lee Jin-uk, Lee Yeon-hee and the Other Cast Members?

Welcome to Wedding Hell is an upcoming Korean drama series releasing on May 23, 2022. Starring Lee Jin-uk and Lee Yeon-hee, the K-drama promises to be every bit as dramatic, funny and romantic as we want and like. Netflix officially describes the series as: “A marriage proposal is supposed to be a happy ending. But for one couple, it becomes the beginning of an uphill struggle over wedding preparations.”

Along with Jin-uk and Yeon-hee, the series also stars Song Jin-woo, Hwang Seung-eon, Kim Joo-yeon and Kim Mi-kyung. Interested to know where you’ve seen the cast of Welcome to Wedding Hell before, don’t worry, we got you covered!

Welcome to Wedding Hell cast shows

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

A historical fiction about frightening creatures and a tale about love, loss, redemption and coming to terms with oneself, the Korean drama, released in 2021, features Lee Jin-uk as Bulgasal Dan Hwal out to get revenge. But, along that journey, he finds some truths that he had forgotten along his journey over several years.

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Sweet Home

Gearing up for a second season, Sweet Home was a hit because of the way the story is laid out and thanks the awesome performances. Lee Jin-uk starred as Park Sang-wook in the series where Song Kang’s Cha Hyun-su battles demons both inside and outside their terrible apartment building.

Watch the series here or read the review.

The Game: Towards Zero

The 2020 Korean drama series stars Taecyeon and Lim Ju-hwan along with Lee Yeon-hee. A drama and a thriller at the same time, the series, with two seasons, follows the relationship between detective Joon-young and consultant Tae-pyeong as they try to catch a notorious killer using his very special abilities.

Watch it on Viki.

The Package

The Package, starring Choi Woo-sik and Yoon Park along with Lee Yeon-hee, is a heartwarming depiction of how even the most varied group of people can come close and become friends. The 2017 series has 12 episodes and each episode is a testament to how every person has a story and is going through something or the other.

Watch it on Viki.

 Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Based on the life of a group of people from a seaside village of Gongjin, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is a heartwarming watch through and through. The series stars Kim Joo-yeon along with Shin Min-a and Kim Seon-ho as they all get over their own personal tragedies to come out as better and more loving people. It’s just warm vibes throughout here.

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The interesting zombie Korean drama is both thrilling and warm, which is a shocking twist considering, you know, flesh-eating zombies. Starring Kim Joo-yeon with Han Hyo-joo and Park Hyung-sik (Soundtrack #1), the series is slick, absolutely devastating, infuriating and very warm at the same time.

Watch the series here.

Forecasting Love and Weather

Sure, Forecasting Love and Weather is a confusing and infuriating series but there are some very sweet moments, especially in the first couple of episodes. Starring Kim Mi-kyung with Song Kang and Park Min-young, the series is a look into the complicated relationships between the co-workers of the Korea Meteorological Administration.

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Sell Your Haunted House

What happens when an exorcist and a swindler who uses ghosts to make money come together? Starring Kim Mi-kyung along with Jang Na-ra and Jung Yong-hwa, the series has different flavours that come together for a thrilling, heartwarming and funny watch.

Watch the series here.

What are you excited to see in Welcome to Wedding Hell? Tells us in the comments below.

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