Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 1 Best Moments: Jun-hyeong Steals the Episode

Welcome to Wedding Hell Overview

Welcome to Wedding Hell (결혼백서) is a Korean romantic drama TV series that focuses on the craziness that is marriage. Starring Lee Jin-uk, Lee Yeon-hee, and Song Jin-woo, alongside other cast members, the series has 12 episodes and each episode has a runtime of around 35 minutes.

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 1 Recap (Spoilers)

Wedding planning is stressful, but before that, you have to want to take the next step, right? That’s what the first episode is all about – understanding whether Na-eun and Jun-hyeong want to get married! Although Na-eun almost gives up hope that her boyfriend of 2 years wants to marry her, thanks to his shifty behaviour, things work out in her favour in the end. Well, their favour. Jun-hyeong makes a sweet proposal for her and they get excited for their next step which is… meeting the parents!

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 1 Best Moments

Jun-hyeong asks Na-eun to wait a bit more

welcome to wedding hell episode 1 best moments

We’ve all been in relationships where we want our significant others to just stay a bit longer, right? The sadness of letting go for the time being can be saddening, regardless of how long you’ve been together, and that moment before you have to part with them is tense and romantic in all the right ways.

As Na-eun bids Jun-hyeong goodnight, he asks her to stay just till the song ends. It’s not going to be a long wait, but you wish for the moment to go on forever. Jun-hyeong’s face totally brings forth the face of someone who is completely devoted to their partner, and it’s a sweet way to start the episode and series. Also, them standing on the stairs to her building and telling each other to leave first – cute!

Jun-hyeong’s face every time marriage is mentioned

All right, it was probably very sketchy when it happened before we knew everything, but Jun-hyeong’s face is absolutely adorable every time Na-eun mentions anything about marriage. Lee Jin-uk, who was so different in Bulgasal, is absolutely adorable as Jun-hyeong. He’s romantic, goofy and a total cutie who is head over heels for Na-eun. You see their cute chemistry and that’s mostly because of Jun-hyeong, at this point. Obviously, there’s more of this series to come so I’m sure we’ll see more, but in the first episode, Jun-hyeong is absolutely adorable and makes for some of the funniest moments in the episode!

Jun-hyeong’s dad jokes

welcome to wedding hell episode 1 best moments

If you know, you know!

Na-eun realizing that Jun-hyeong really wanted to propose to her!

welcome to wedding hell episode 1 best moments

This moment, obviously, was very sweet. But, an honourable mention is the yacht captain’s face when he got caught mid preparation – priceless. Poor Na-eun was thinking about breaking up and the moment she saw the streamers, she started to cry thanks to the embarrassment. I totally believe the poor thing was just so stressed thinking about what’s going on with her boyfriend that she almost thought the worst. Either way, the revelation is absolutely sweet and Jun-hyeong telling his friend that he wants to marry her because of who she is, totally seals the deal.

Welcome to Wedding Hell is streaming on Netflix.

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