Voir Season 1 Review: David Fincher and David Prior’s Love Letter to Cinema

From executive producers David Fincher and David Prior comes Netflix’s latest documentary series titled Voir. The mini-series is best described as a collection of visual essays celebrating cinema. So, if you are a cinephile, this is just your place to be at. David Prior also serves as the director for this series which consists of a total of six episodes with a known figure serving as the narrator (as the writer for the episode), talking about his/her personal experience about the film that changed their lives. Each episode of Voir is approximately 20 minutes long with stunning visuals and impeccable writing.

– Netflix’s Voir Season 1 review contains mild spoilers –

Voir: The Surreal, The Beautiful & The Terrifying

Films tend to be a quintessential part of our lives. They don’t just serve as distractions or escapades for our minds but, a place where you can truly divulge to find your real identity and persona. Films are the gateway to a more real-world than one would like to believe and they always influence your life in one way or the other. Voir is a tribute to all cinema lovers and their love. It is a love letter written and read with a kind of nuance that makes you reflect on your own life and the impact cinema has had on it.

The first episode of Voir opens with the story of and by Sasha Stone, a writer and member of the Alliance of Women Film Journalists. She takes us back to the Summer of ’75 when Steven Speilberg’s Jaws changed the narrative of big-budget films (and, Stone’s life, simultaneously), without taking away the human and psychological aspects from it.

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The second episode of Voir frames its entire story around the iconic line from Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy how justice and revenge are sometimes the same taking into consideration Park Chan-wook’s Lady Vengeance. Tony Zhou, known for Every Frame a Painting, serves as the narrator for this episode. He breaks down the perils and pleasure of watching a revenge story on the screen along with interviews featuring Hollywood’s known cinephiles and cinema references from all across the era.

Episode 3 takes into focus Lawrence of Arabia and film critic Drew McWeeny’s point of view on the likeability of the characters we see on screen. How not all protagonists are appealing and, no matter how dark the villain is, sometimes you would root for him more than you root for your hero. Continuing this thread of appeal, we have Taylor Ramos, also the creator of Every Frame a Painting, take over in episode 4. Discussions on the beauty standards of female characters and the harmony of design animators need to bring in their work take place over segments.

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Taylor Ramos leads us again through the fifth episode of Voir, as she heats up the debate and discussion surrounding television versus films, talking about the differences and similarities between the two and their evolution over time that is to-date founded on the platform of making television experience better than theatre experience and vis versa.

‘Profane and Profound’ which marks the last episode of the series is narrated by Walter Chaw about how the film 48 Hrs. kicked off the important conversation about race in America and the host of interracial buddy movies.

Voir Season 1: Final Verdict

Stream it for the immense amount of movie recommendations and profound storytelling. Stream it for educating yourself on cinema or learning about someone’s personal journey with it. Stream it for the love of cinema! A set of video essays like no other, Voir is definitely a year ending masterpiece that cannot be missed.

You can watch all the episodes of Voir Season 1, now streaming on Netflix.

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Voir is a collection of video essays on Netflix that serve as a tribute to cinema.

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Voir Season 1 Review: David Fincher and David Prior's Love Letter to CinemaVoir is a collection of video essays on Netflix that serve as a tribute to cinema.