Vincenzo Review: The Attractive Mafia Consigliere Who Stole Our Hearts

From Vincenzo’s (Song Joong-ki) action-packed scenes to the falling in love with Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been), while not forgetting the pure evil we saw in Jang Jun-woo (Ok Taecyeon), we’ve got the whole package in this Vincenzo review, taking you through the journey again! This tvN drama became one of the hottest watches of 2021 and took among the top spots on Netflix for weeks.

Netflix describes this series as :

During a visit to his motherland, a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer gives an unrivaled conglomerate a taste of its own medicine with a side of justice.

– Vincenzo Review contains spoilers-

What Is Vincenzo About?

An Italian mafia consigliere who returns to his motherland for his secret retirement fund faces an unexpected situation. However, he has to walk on the path of upholding his ideals while dealing with the system that throttles the weak. He meets distrustful tenants and lawyer Hong Yu-chan who become the cause of his extended trip.

Now, he fights for the rights of the tenants while trying to offer them a deal of settling down in a better place, only to result in their suspicion, and them finding out about the gold hidden in the building.

In the end, Vincenzo not only has to deal with these tenants who are searching for his gold but also against the bigger evils in society. Here comes the Babel Group, which repeatedly faces trouble because of Vincenzo, leading to them trying to harm every chance they get. 

But our antihero strikes back every time and in the process, finally, gives the viewers some romance with Hong Cha-young. However, the few characters that we lost (Hong Yu-chan) showed us who the mafia consigliere really is, apart from his very patient character.

Vincenzo Season 1
Still from Vincenzo

While the story does have a happy ending for the character, separately, we cannot say the same about our lead couple who leave us hanging in the last scene. And now we wonder if she ever goes to Vincenzo’s island.

The Characters


In this Vincenzo review, we definitely cannot forget to have a separate section for some of our favourite characters. The charisma of a lawyer who is just a monster hidden under that beautiful face is who Vincenzo is. And this monster just wants to retire peacefully after finding his secret stash of gold. However, things just had to go awry and the tenants of the building, under which the gold is, just aren’t ready to move. 

Vincenzo Season 1
Still from Vincenzo

Song Joong-ki has made many hearts throb since Descendants of the Sun, but his character in this series has blown us away. While the lengthy episodes may seem a little disinteresting, it all changes when Vincenzo walks in with that aura of the devil.

Hong Cha-young

The female lead who we started off in a bad light, is downright selfish and she doesn’t take the time to deny it either. She knows how to win and that is all that matters to her. However, we do see a huge character development throughout the show with her shifting from the one who works for money to one who fights for what’s right. This Vincenzo review is basically incomplete without talking about her awesomeness about being comfortable with the whole mafia scene at a fast pace.

Vincenzo Season 1
Still from Vincenzo

Jeon Yeo-been has really come a long way from her role in My Love From The Star and we are excited to see more works of hers!

Jang Jun-woo

This Vincenzo review just cannot go without the cute face with an evil mind. Jung Jun-woo has to be the biggest twist of this drama and we both love and hate this twist! The one whom we thought of as a silly side character turned into the main boss behind Babel who is also a psychopath. His jealously towards Vincenzo was cute until his true face was revealed.

Vincenzo Season 1
Still from Vincenzo

Ok Taecyeon has done a marvellous job with this character and this cannot be denied. While we somewhere in our hearts fell for him in the beginning, the spell was broken when it all became clear.

Hong Yu-chan

While he may not be one of the main characters, he is definitely one that we cannot forget. The upright lawyer who gives the people who’ve lost against the powerful, The Last Straw- Jipuragi. Hong Yu-chan is definitely one of the most loved characters in this show, and his death really didn’t do good to any of us.

A Box Filled With Surprises!

It’s no doubt that the Korean drama industry is known for its CGI effects and astonishing cinematography. And the director of Vincenzo has shocked us by recreating a whole country! Italy!

Yes, the show was not filmed abroad but it is all computer graphics that we see whenever there’s a scene in Italy. If that’s not enough, then you must know that even the pigeon- Inzaghi is not real. He was too smart to be real.

There are also a lot of hidden references from Itaewon Class and Crash Landing on You. And cameos from 3 of 2PM members as well as the PD and writer of Vincenzo.

Reasons to Watch Vincenzo

There are many reasons to watch the show, ranging from the cast to the storyline and also the shocking surprises and references. Vincenzo is spoken about a lot and honestly, it is not overrated. The show has done justice to all the reviews of the watchers and the ones suggesting it to others.

Check out Vincenzo here.

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Vincenzo is thrilling, romantic and extremely funny and is an emotion for those who take the leap of faith and watch it!

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Vincenzo Review: The Attractive Mafia Consigliere Who Stole Our HeartsVincenzo is thrilling, romantic and extremely funny and is an emotion for those who take the leap of faith and watch it!