Upload Season 2 Review: Greg Daniels’ Digital After Life Tackles Some Real Issues

Amazon Prime Video’s Upload Season 2 brings back one of the best science fiction comedies we know. The show is created by Greg Daniels, who we know for the much popular The Office US, Parks and Recreation, Netflix’s Space Force and more. Serving as the executive producer alongside Howard Klein, Daniels’ dystopian world has only gotten better this time. Produced by Deedle-Dee Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment, Reunion Pacific Entertainment, Baral-Waley Productions and Amazon Studios, the series runs on a single-camera set-up and, has Joseph Stephens roped in as the composer.

The main cast of Upload Season 2 features Robbie Amell as Nathan Brown, who is essentially the protagonist of the story along with Andy Allo as Nora Antony, Allegra Edwards as Ingrid Kannerman, Zainab Johnson as Aleesha and, Kevin Bigley as Luke. Josh Banday, who plays the role of Ivan returns to season two not as a recurring cast member but, in the main role.

– Amazon Prime Video’s Upload Season 2 Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Upload Season 2: Hilarious, Anti-Captilatistic, Important and Promising

Releasing during the brink of the pandemic consuming the world, Upload Season 1 was an instant hit for being so light in tackling deep and salient topics. In season two, the show does the same. We see Upload Season 2 opening from that cliffhanger moment in season one, no passage of time or aftermath has been executed in the two-year gap.

Our beloved Nathan’s ex, Ingrid has now uploaded herself to the digital afterlife at Lakeview after rescuing Nathan from the Two Gig purgatory that lies underneath the posh afterlife resort. After the revelations in season 1, audiences know that Ingrid’s intentions are tainted and, her motive to upload herself is to salvage her relationship with Nathan this time. As for Nora, our angel who went off-grid last season is back too, giving rise to a dynamic situation.

However, Nora is back not only with a partner but also, the knowledge of the conspiracy plan to overthrow Horizen and the other important conglomerates that aim to keep the digital afterlife behind a particular paywall. With the rising romantic tension between Nathan and Nora and, the plan to destroy the capitalistic world, Upload Season 2 aims high and heavy with its hilarious premise.

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Just like its predecessor, Upload Season 2 does not shy away from reality and the potential future. The show gives a brilliant and powerful commentary on the future of humankind being run by technology and, how the latter will be the supreme really soon. But, it never stops making you laugh as it educates you. It never bores you with serious topics but endearingly puts in Nathan and Nora’s romantic trope. And above all, it remains relevant and never derails from the message it is trying to represent.

The cast is absolutely brilliant, yet again. In fact, it was saucy to see Allegra Edwards get a good amount of screentime that made us all despise her more along with Josh Banday. Of course, Robbie Amell and Andy Allo are as charming as ever.

Upload Season 2: Final Verdict

Overall, Upload Season 2 is an easy and important watch for everyone, especially in this ever-evolving world. The series works such right as a political satire, a science fiction comedy and a romantic drama, which is what makes it so unique and fresh in this OTT space filled with similar content. Hopefully, season three will be on its way soon for fans to enjoy the show in the future.

Upload Season 2 consists of seven episodes each with a runtime of 30-40 minutes, you can watch them all now on Amazon Prime Video.

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Upload Season 2 is hilariously anti-capitalistic and hopeful.

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Upload Season 2 is hilariously anti-capitalistic and hopeful.Upload Season 2 Review: Greg Daniels' Digital After Life Tackles Some Real Issues