Netflix’s UnWell Review: We’re Talking Wellness With a Twist Here!

Are we really getting well? Or are we falling victim to false promises?

UnWell, a docuseries on wellness, brings forward these two very important questions. What really is wellness? Does wellness always bring healing? How do we define wellness? UnWell on Netflix deals with these questions and addresses them by shedding a fair amount of light on the ideas of wellness that might not be included in our narratives.

Wellness, according to me, is a very relative idea and what wellness means to me might not mean the same for you. Your idea of wellness can be a walk in the park and eating a salad for dinner, mine could be smelling essential oils and Tantric sex. If these segments of unexplored wellness interest you then watch UnWell and read on for more. 

Wellness is a billion-dollar industry. There are many unexplored ways that can help one walk on their desired path of wellness. UnWell speaks of how these methods and ways could be beneficial (or not) for you. The docuseries debates on a few methods too and it is honestly a very engaging and interesting watch.

I would urge people to watch this docuseries because like it mentions in the beginning, it is here to entertain and inform us about these unconventional methods that can lead to wellness for many people.

Personally, I have been glued to the series because I have always gravitated towards subjects of aromatherapy and essential oils and here we have dedicated episodes for each of these methods. There are just 6 episodes and if you are drawn to it, you’ll probably finish the whole docuseries in one sitting. 

Engaging, informative and educative! 

There’s no favourite episode that I can probably pick from, but the one that drew me to itself was the first episode on Essential Oils. I am personally very big on essential oils and aromatherapy and this show has been superbly informative.

The episode shares pretty amazing things about the whole Essential Oil trend which is popular right now and seems to be effective for the majority of cases, ranging from helping with autism to facilitating postoperative recoveries.

At one point, a patient seeking aromatherapy says that he feels better, maybe because of the attention or it could be because of the essential oils.

Essential oils and aromatherapy are alternate treatments that lead to wellness, but as experts suggest, every medicine has got to do a lot with your brain and how you perceive healing. I think UnWell has put together the informative bits along with science and the reality of these alternative treatments well. 

A little about healing, Tantra and Tantric Sex! 

Tantra is a topic that involves elements of mysticism, energies and it is a pretty dark and intense subject in itself. Tantra is confusing and can have a lot of dangerous aspects if not handled well. Tantric Sex has become a way of releasing pent up energies and doing away with sexual blockages that have resulted from past traumas and unpleasant experiences.

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The whole topic of Tantric Sex is a little too deep for me. What I drew from the concept is that the practice involves focussing on pleasure and how pleasure is not restricted to somebody else offering you so, it comes from within.

The second episode of UnWell has been pretty intense because it has spoken about cults which, in the name of sexual healing, has blatantly abused, assaulted and violated their followers sexually, mentally and, of course, spiritually. It is bold and UnWell did not flinch from upholding the truth. 

There are bizarre healing methods too tbh… 

Bizarre, never-heard-of ways which ensure wellness have also featured on UnWell like breast milk and bee venom therapy! I mean… I am sure you have not heard of these two as much.

The deal with breast milk is bodybuilders are raving about it. Yes, full-grown men drink it for bulking up and there are breast milk suppliers available on the internet… (yes, that’s a thing). Talking about new and bizarre, this show talks about bee venom curing a disease caused by tick bites which involve literally holding the bee on the skin to make it sting you (ouch)! 

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All in all, the show has been worth my while and I have all the reason to believe that it would be the same for you. There’s knowledge, information and also entertaining parts which will keep you hooked on to UnWell. Give this a shot, it will not be disappointing!

UnWell is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's UnWell s a new show on wellness and how absolutely unconventional and bizarre ways of healing has made it big across the globe! Interesting for sure.


  1. I enjoyed the essential oil and tantric episodes but I can’t get past the extreme-ness of the fasting one with the guy who drinks raw egg yolks and compares human bodies to rocket ships.

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