Under the Banner of Heaven Finale Review: Andrew Garfield’s Series Finale is Filled With Revelations

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7 is out now! The true-crime drama miniseries is based on the nonfiction book of the same name by Jon Krakauer. The story is adapted into a screenplay for television by Dustin Lance Black and directed by David Mackenzie. This episode marks the finale for this show and has a runtime of 88 minutes.

The cast is headlined by Andrew Garfield as Detective Jeb Pyre along with Sam Worthington as Ron Lafferty, Daisy Edgar-Jones as Brenda Lafferty, Denise Gough as Dianna Lafferty, Wyatt Russell as Dan Lafferty, Billy Howle as Allen Lafferty, Chloe Pirrie as Matilda Lafferty, Seth Numrich as Robin Lafferty, Adelaide Clemens as Rebecca Pyre, Rory Culkin as Samuel Lafferty, Sandra Seacat as Josie Pyre and Gil Birmingham as Detective Bill Taba.

– Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7 Review Contains No Spoilers –

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7: Blood Atonement

Under the Banner of Heaven Finale was one brilliant episode to wrap up this tremendous and heart wrenching series. In the previous episode we could finally nail the killers down to Dan and Ron Lafferty but, the episode takes it a step further to not only show us how the two get caught but the crimes the two have committed.

Jeb and Taba secure multiple leads to chase Dan and Ron, one of them come from the cop duo finally meeting Onias and, another is handed to Jeb by Robin Lafferty. However, with Brenda and baby Erica dead, the chances of finding Dianna and her kids alive look slim. One particular lead lets us witness what went down between Ron, Dan and Brenda on that fateful murder night and, least to say is that it is heartbreaking.

As the search for the religious murderers continues, information from the past surfaces to show the level of maniac urge both Dan and Ron followed in the name of God. There is also a power struggle between the two brothers about who is the One. Meanwhile, things start to look grim for Jeb as he loses support from his wife, and faith in his religion and is haunted by the case at hand. Taba becomes his anchor through the last episode of Under the Banner of Heaven and how the two have reached a full arc from being strangers to partners to friends is warm.

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Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7 shows Andrew Garfield in his best life. This was indeed an Emmy-winning performance by the actor and, combing episodes six and seven, the Tick Tick Boom star has hit all the right chords in regards to his character. Gil Birmingham also shines in this episode as he lends his shoulders and two cents to Garfield’s Jeb through the darkness and tough times.

As for the other showstoppers, Sam Worthington, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Denise Gough and Wyatt Russell are extremely impressive in delivering their final moments. Denise Gough, in particular, nails the last bit of breaking free as she not only rescues Chloe Pirrie’s Matilda from the evil grasps of the Lafferty family but, also takes a step to stand up for all women out there, running and hiding from the scarring men in their lives.

Under the Banner of Heaven: Final Verdict

Under the Banner of Heaven is not for the weak-hearted and, it is surely not for the ones you want to shy away from the bitter truths of life. The limited series holds a mirror in the face of religion asking us to evaluate where our faith rests and letting us develop a moral compass not based on scriptures but, on what is humanely right and wrong. The final chapter of this story is filled with revelations but also warnings for the ones seeking immortal glory and a seat beside God.

With brilliant acting performances and a narrative that engages one with terror and interest, Under the Banner of Heaven is surely one of the best true crime dramas of this year and deserves all the applause it is getting.

You can watch Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7 now on Hulu. To read our reviews of the previous episodes, click here.

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Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7 marks the epic and intense finale of Hulu's true crime limited series featuring Andrew Garfield.


  1. Under the Banner of Heaven was an incredible eye opener to fundamentalism in parts or the Mormon religion, The acting was great, often riveting. At the end of the series when Andrew Garfield breaks down I felt that I had been on this tumultuous journey with him. His quiet yet intense and emotional portrayal was nothing more than magnificent. Andrew Garfield absolutely deserves an Emmy award for his tremendous performance!

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Under the Banner of Heaven Finale Review: Andrew Garfield's Series Finale is Filled With RevelationsUnder the Banner of Heaven Episode 7 marks the epic and intense finale of Hulu's true crime limited series featuring Andrew Garfield.