Two Summers Ending Explained: Who Is The Blackmailer and Will There Be A Season 2?

Two Summers (Twee Zomers) is a Flemish thriller series from Belgium, released on Netflix on 3 June 2022. The show follows a reunion of best friends after a gap of three decades. They meet on an island in France to reminisce old times but are haunted by a tragic past and soon their secrets get revealed which shakes up the group. It is created by Paul Baeten Gronda and Tom Lenaerts, as well as directed along with Brecht Vanhoenacker.

The star cast includes An Miller as Romée, Tom Vermeir as Peter, Herwig Ilegems as Didier, Inge Paulussen as Sofie, Kevin Janssens as Luk, Ruth Becquart Saskia and Vincent Van Sande as Stef. Their younger version is played by Marieke Anthoni, Lukas Bulteel, Bjarne Devolder, Louise Bergez, Tijmen Govaerts and Tine Roggeman respectively.

Two Summers Plot Summary

The main characters of the series are Romée (a rich and established Silicon Valley executive), Peter is married to her, and Didier – a commercial pilot who is married to Sofie. Saskia, a single mother of a boy with special needs, Stef (or Mowgli) a renowned government official, Luk (Peter’s brother) and his partner is Lia. She is the only one who wasn’t part of the group until she started dating Luk. However, she is already friends with the ladies of the group. Another important character is Mark who unfortunately died in a fire accident, 30 years ago.

Two summers ending explained

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The group is getting together to celebrate Romée’s 50th birthday and is invited to a private island by the couple. However, as the group is on their way, Peter receives an anonymous text with a video showing him and Mark sexually assaulting their unconscious friend ‘Sofie’, as Mowgli is filming and Didier is witnessing it in a drunken state. It is a grave secret that the group buried in their memories 30 years ago but resurfacing the video will jeopardise everything.

Once everyone lands on the island, Peter confides in Stef aka Mowgli and they deduce that the blackmailer is within the group and trying to extort money, as it asked for 100 Bitcoins in exchange for it. They start suspecting everyone, from the girl in the video, Sophie, to Luk’s new girlfriend Lia to even each other. They express that what happened was extremely wrong but it’s been 3 decades and nothing consequential has happened after it so, why now? They often talk about how the incident didn’t affect Sophie in any way, she is living a good life then why should they be punished for it.

Two Summers Ending Explained

In the initial episodes, we assume that the blackmailer is Sofie since she has the video on her phone but through the course of the series it is revealed that all the ladies of the group are in on this. The video was recorded on Luk’s camera and later when the boys got back to their senses, they took out the tape and destroyed it in the bbq grill. But they didn’t realise that Luk had already changed the tapes and what they destroyed was a blank tape.

Years later, Luk while going through his stuff from 1992 found the tape, he recorded and transferred it on his laptop to blackmail his brother Peter. But he also revealed it to Lia, which in turn told the other ladies and thus became a plan to take revenge on the perpetrators. Now, why Luk wanted to blackmail Peter was that Luk was married to Saskia and had a son together. But when trying to have a kid with Lia he found out that he could never become a father due to physical altercations in his body when he was recovering from cancer.

Two summers ending explained, season 2

Saskia had been dating Peter before Luk, thus that makes it Peter’s son and not his. It angered Luk and he wanted to harm his brother with the video. But through a series of events of revealing secrets and solving misunderstandings Luk and Peter make up, but Romée is fueled to learn about Peter & Saskia’s son and claims that she has already sent the video to the media and everyone will go down with her.

With their career and reputations on the line, it pushes Stef to the edge, fearing the embarrassment he shoots himself and dies, which leads to the police investigation. In the investigation, they reveal everything that happened and regret it. Even police ask Sofie if she would like to press charges for assault based on the video but she refuses. The Police then inform them that they will get a letter which will let them know if the case will be dealt with in court or will be settled here only.

Will there be Two Summers Season 2?

In the end, everyone receives a letter, the content of the letter is not revealed but Sofie starts crying while reading it. Now there are two possibilities that could lead to season 2. Either the case will now be tried in a court where everything will be revealed to the public, the media and essentially everyone will know about the video. Or the case is closed and that makes Sofie sad and regret whatever that has happened in 1992 and in the present 2022.

Even though she decided to stay with Didier after everything but there could be more dark secrets that could finally topple down all of their lives for worse. However, nothing as such has been confirmed by its creators or the cast regarding season 2, but the ending of season 1 doesn’t seem complete and there might be some more hidden secrets between the remaining friends that could be revealed in Two Summers Season 2.

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Two Summers (Twee Zomers) is streaming on Netflix.

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  1. agreed, also would like more focus on sofie’s gang rape- it’s being downplayed in many ways- perhaps that’s the point? though, it feels more like it’s written from opinion of men versus an actual analysis of the male mind- the men are to blame, and that’s it!

  2. yes i agree. I Was disgusted how minimized it was.Considering thirty years had passed and the men mentioned #metoo movement. Disgusted!

  3. No or yes. Because if this is all, it’s terrible. Warning: spoiler alert. The first four episodes were good, but after the ending I was disgusted. I thought this was about a group of boys who feel no guilt or remorse about the rape of their friend, who are only worried about the truth coming out and what it means for them. These are terrible men who feel they don’t deserve to be punished for something they did 30 years ago to their female friend. Then the plot twist: the blackmail was planned by all the women. Great! But the women can’t hold it together; Saskia has started seeing Stef and wants to put the past behind her, and too bad if that means minimizing what happened to Sophie. And the fact that Saskia’s child turns out to be Peter’s seems to only serve to drive a wedge between Saskia and Peter’s wife. During the big confrontation, Peter’s wife says she’s sent the video to the media, and Stef, the politician, commits suicide because he doesn’t want to face the music. Suddenly the women are on trial. Peter turns around and acts like he has the moral high ground and his wife is the only one who admits wrongdoing during the interrogation. What the actual fuck? Typically written by two men who think they’re enlightened, but they’re really not. Either that or they still have a lot of explaining to do.

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