Twisted House Sitter Review: Another Crazy Lady

Twisted House Sitter is a thriller film directed by Courtney Miller and starring Crystal-Lee Naomi, Jennifer Freeman, Kareem Lewis, Ali Amin Carter and Tyler Kay Whitley, alongside other cast members.

– Twisted House Sitter review contains no spoilers –

Tubi’s description for Twisted House Sitter reads:

When a destitute young woman crosses paths with a beautiful, affluent entrepreneur, she tries to take over her luxurious life by any means necessary.

Do you remember cheesy movies like Fatal Affair or Secret Obsession, The Roommate or even the horrendous Deadly Illusions? Yeah, Twisted House Sitter is that, but with worse production quality. The moment the movie starts, you’ll be painfully aware of what’s going to happen within 5 minutes.

So, Morgan is a hot-shot entrepreneur who is totally focused on her work, so much so that she is constantly blowing her boyfriend off. Anyway, she gets dumped and decides to go to this shady place that has a strictly no-electronics policy. Right off the bat, let me just say that places that don’t let you take your phone are sketchy and give me cult vibes.

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Next, Morgan just starts giving away sensitive information in front of the cab driver who really isn’t the cab that she had asked for. I mean, why would you mention the fact that you wouldn’t have communication with the outside world for 30 days in front of an unknown cab driver? That’s stupid. Then, she just continues to overshare her life with this unknown cab lady. Why would you do this?

These are just instances of Morgan’s stupidity in Twisted House Sitter. I won’t go into more because, well, spoilers. The background music for Twisted House Sitter is super generic and is the only indication that something thrilling is about to happen. Without it though, it’s just the regular, run-of-the-mill stuff.

The main problem with Twisted House Sitter is that Alicia doesn’t feel like a formidable antagonist. The creators really wanted her to be crazy and twisted, but honestly, she just feels like this homeless woman who is taking advantage of an easy situation.

Meanwhile, Twisted House Sitter is also so very slow. Nothing happens for extended periods of time. They just make us watch Alicia do the most mundane stuff for minutes on-end that really should’ve been dealt with much quicker. Moreover, the dialogue is just so dumb – it packs no punches and neither does it add anything to the scene.

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Also, to be honest, we have seen Twisted House Sitter entirely too many times. This story is just the same thing in every other B-grade movie. Every scene is literally something or the other we have seen many times before. Additionally, the sets are just horrendous and there’s a photo of Morgan and Xander in a photo frame that just emits light on and off. It’s wild!

However, if you thought Twisted House Sitter will have Alicia being the house sitter for the entirety of the runtime, you’re mistaken. It just turns into a blackmail situation… which is worse! It just gets even more boring from the middle point. However, it’s the last half that really brings it all home. I won’t go into too many details, but Alicia just seems like a half-done antagonist who really tries to be scary but fails miserably at every step. The same can be said about Morgan – you really don’t root for her either.

Crystal-Lee Naomi and Jennifer Freeman, the two leading ladies of Twisted House Sitter, are so awkward in their roles. It’s like they don’t believe the characters that they are portraying. They are choppy and Freeman, especially, looks just off.

Summing: Twisted House Sitter

Twisted House Sitter
Twisted House Sitter Review: Another Crazy Lady 11

Twisted House Sitter is just so bad. There’s nothing thrilling in this movie that makes you wonder what might happen later. You don’t wonder whether Morgan will get her life back. Morgan and Xander are unable to subdue Alicia in the fight sequence at the fag end of the movie, and Xander is huge. Nothing makes sense, especially Morgan’s decision-making skills. Skip this one.

Twisted House Sitter is streaming on Tubi.

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Twisted House SItter has no thrill whatsoever and tries to give us a story that doesn't feel genuine or heartfelt.

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