Twenty Five Twenty One Finale Memes and Reactions: Fans are Shattered

On Sunday, Twenty Five Twenty One Finale episode aired on Netflix. The show stars Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona and Lee Joo-myung. Over the past few weeks, the characters of these shows became very dear to the viewers. The Korean drama had packed with lots of emotions, drama, young love and even heartbreak. If you are yet to watch the finale, you should stay away from the article as it contains spoilers.

Every fan thought that the makers would give a happy ending to their favourite couple Yi-jin and Hee-do, in Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 16. Even though things weren’t looking possible until the end, they had one tiny hope in their hearts. Sadly, their favourite couple doesn’t end up together. This has left many fans shattered.

A lot of fans took to their Twitter page to share Twenty Five Twenty One Finale Memes and reactions. One person wrote, “Was expecting a happy ending for #TwentyFiveTwentyOne finale, but this is just the reality of life. You don’t always end up with your first love, you change, you grow up, you forget & move on. But the people you met will always be part of who you are now. #TwentyFiveTwentyOneEp16.”

twenty five twenty one
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 16

Another Kdrama fan posted their disappointment with the finale. The fan posted, “8 weeks wasted. Legit how can it end OPEN like that with them merely saying goodbye to each other. I understand first love doesn’t always work out, but they rushed the ending and never gave proper closure. They did them dirty. 💔 #TwentyFiveTwentyOne #TwentyFiveTwentyOneEp16”.

“Me when I wake up in the morning after they gave us that ending…i’m afraid i’ll never be the same again,” tweeted a fan.

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Check out some Twenty Five Twenty One Memes and Reactions below

Meanwhile, Leisurebyte’s finale review reads, “It wraps everything up great and ends everything on a high. You watch everything come together as easily as everything else. It’s so easy and lightweight, yet so heavy with emotions.” You can read the full recap here.

Watch the show here.

What do you think of the finale for Yi-jin and Hee-do’s ending? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I will never watch another Korean production with Kim Taeri in it!!!- first, Mr. Sunshine ends with EVERYONE WHO LOVED HER DYING!!!!! So, can we catch a break on this beautiful coming of age story? NO!!! this couple that has supported each other so beautifully throughout the show breaks it off with barely a fight. What happened to “don’t take a single step away from me, Back You Jin!” Where’s the “fight for the relationship Hee Do” we all came to love??? She was a fighter for every complication in the plot except the one we all tuned in for…her own. TVN, if you step out in front of my car, I’m hitting the gas pedal. GO BACK AND MAKE US AN ALTERNATE ENDING BECAUE WE ARE ALL DOING IT IN OUR MIND”S EYE

  2. My husband and I agree with most of these comments. The ending was so very disappointing and left us with many questions! Who did Heedo marry,, where is he now? They fought for their love for so long and then just let go!! Let’s get another ending please to restore our faith in our beloved K-Drama’s.

  3. Not sure why everyone is so upset with the ending. We all were told at the start, and throughout the series that they would not end up together!

    The whole series was about a daughter looking back at a halcyon time in her mother’s life through her mom’s diaries, where she learns about people and events in her mom’s life that in some cases no longer exist in the present day.

    The writers were very clear and it was overtly stated repeatedly that Ye-Jin, although he was mentioned once by grandma, was not part of Hee-Do’s life.

    Even the title was clear. Since their start was at 22-18 then 25-21 could only be their end.

  4. I agree with the comments of unsatisfying ending- who did Hee doo marry where is he now- why did they show Hi-Jin logging in to a 15 yr old site with Hee doo’s name . Their friends never tried to get them back together. Rushed and disappointing ending.

  5. Do you notice that K-dramas rush to give you an un-satisfying ending. The 25 21 writers do a great job drawing you in but spend little time getting creative in ending the story. Kind of makes you think they just either ran out of time-money-or creativity. It would have been better more believable to kill off Ye-jin by having him push on the subway in New York….. Lol.

    • They did give a hint of a potential happy ending.

      Remember that tunnel?

      Remember He-Do’s face when He-Do’s mom mentioned that she had met with Ye-Jin? You could see the bitterness and pain in He-Do’s face.

      When He-Doo first visits the tunnel in modern days the tunnel is closed and barricaded.

      But when He-Do visits the tunnel after she had read Ye-Jin’s message the tunnel is no longer blocked.

      The story does drop clear hints that He-Do’s marriage had issues (the group reunion where she went alone and mentions it is harder to break-up after marriage., plus the fact the Min-Chae’s dad does not seem to be up-to-date on Min-Chae.

      Wishful thinking?

  6. Absolutely a disappointment… they spent 15 episodes on the build up and what type of ending was that? I knew they didn’t end up together as yi jin congratulated he do on her marriage a couple of episodes earlier. Felt like i wasted my life watching this kdrama!

  7. Warning spoiler alert!!! My hypothetical answer to “Twenty Five Twenty One” ending :
    Baek Yi-jin (백이진) is still alive but stranded abroad due to a COVID travel restriction. He is secretly married to Na Hee-do (나희도). Kim Min-chae (김민채) is their daughter. Why is their daughter’s name Kim? Please follow these facts:

    It’s common for Korean celebrities to have two names. Baek Yi-jin (백이진) used Kim Min Su (김민수) as his other name because this person is the one who united him with Na Hee-do (나희도) by sending the lost diary to him. Na Hee-do (나희도)’s diary was lost in the bus. There is Baek Yi-jin (백이진)’s ID in the diary, which also contains his address. It is easier to send it to him rather than go the extra mile to search for Na Hee-do (나희도)’s address as the owner of the diary. Honouring Kim Min Su (김민수)’s role in uniting their love, Na Hee-do (나희도) uses Kim Min Su (김민수) name as his new legal name. Hence, the daughter’s name is Kim Min-chae (김민채). Furthermore, according to this theory, Baek Yi-jin (백이진) also uses his alias as Kim Min Su (김민수) in his other legal documents, marriage certificate, properties, and other assets for financial protection in the future, considering his family bankruptcy in the past. The only surviving asset from his father is the red car because it’s registered under his aunty’s name. As a result, when Kim Min-chae (김민채) searched for clues online, she couldn’t find anything connecting her to Baek Yi-jin (백이진).

    No one knows that Shin Jae-kyung (신재경) is Na Hee-do (나희도)’s mother including the inner circle of Na Hee-do (나희도)’s friends {Ko Yu-rim/Julia Ko (고유림), Moon Ji-woong (문지웅), and Ji Seung-wan (지승완)}, except Baek Yi-jin (백이진) who discovered this fact by chance when he borrowed a phone at Na Hee-do (나희도)’s home. There was the scene when both Shin Jae-kyung (신재경) and Baek Yi-jin (백이진) shared their proud moments together at the back of the crowd in the UBS studio with teary eyes when Na Hee-do (나희도) won the gold in Madrid. Considering this fact, it’s natural for Baek Yi-jin (백이진) and Na Hee-do (나희도) to keep their (married) relationship secret, even from their inner circle of friends. Remember the scene of how Na Hee-do (나희도) deflected the question about married life with her poker face during the funeral of Ji Seung-wan (지승완)’s father, where she also came alone without her husband.

    Shin Jae-kyung (신재경) retired and recommended Baek Yi-jin (백이진) as her successor. Why? It allows Baek Yi-jin (백이진) to come back from New York to Seoul. Around the same time, Na Hee-do (나희도) won gold medal in San Francisco and will be interviewed by Baek Yi-jin (백이진) on his first debut as the new anchor. When Baek Yi-jin (백이진) interviews Na Hee-do (나희도) live on TV, keep an eye on their interactions. Both of them looked awkward on screen. Their faces seemed to be hiding something. Their eyes were intimate and there was a pause between their conversations when Baek Yi-jin (백이진) congratulated Na Hee-do (나희도) on her marriage. My theory is that Baek Yi-jin (백이진)  married Na Hee-do (나희도) in San Francisco on his way back to Seoul from New York. Baek Yi-jin (백이진) was 25 and Na Hee-do (나희도) was 21 around this time. You don’t have to be a resident to get married in San Francisco, and the legal age to get married without a parent’s consent is over 18 years old. Back to the first air scene for Baek Yi-jin (백이진) as the new anchor in Episode 16. Watch carefully the interaction of Shin Jae-kyung (신재경), Na Hee-do (나희도)’s mother and Baek Yi-jin (백이진). Their eyes and their firm grip were more than just blessings for the successor; it’s a mother’s blessing to welcome him as the son-in-law.

    Another small fact leading up to their reconciliation was the cancellation of the couple package phone deal scene in Episode 16. Though both of them had signed the cancellation agreement, the phone retailer’s body language displayed something else. He covered his face with his beanie as if he didn’t want to witness the end of the couple’s relationship. He even suggested a 4 weeks grace period for the cancellation to be permanent. This was around the time when Baek Yi-jin (백이진) received the lost diary via mail before leaving Seoul. He was in a hurry to catch his flight back to New York. Therefore, he left the diary at the book store when he could not see Na Hee-do (나희도) at her home because she was waiting for him at the bus stop. They looked deeply in love in the bus stop scene. Why they have to break up? Having known each other’s feelings, they will use the couple package phone deal for free phone calls to further clarify their feelings and establish new ground while distance separate them apart. They rekindle their love with a long distance relationship.

    The writer cleverly scatters clues throughout the scenes, jumping through times for us to establish our own ending. Regardless of whether there will be a sequel or not, This is my hypothetical ending. The writer did a great job of staying away from a typical Cinderella story and intertwining the world issues into the plot to establish the time frame, like the IMF crisis, millennium bug, and COVID.

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