Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9 Recap: I Love You

Twenty-Five Twenty-One (스물다섯 스물하나) is a Korean drama TV series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona and Lee Joo-myung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9 has a runtime of 72 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

In a time when dreams seem out of reach, a teen fencer pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life.

– Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 8 recap contains major spoilers –

Hee-do says to Yi-jin that she has to have him. Hee-do says he told her that they were destined to meet, but he was wrong as they had already met before. She asks him how he can be Injeolmi? Yi-jin asks if Injeolmi is a username. He says that he’s not him. Hee-do asks if he’s upset that she’s not Ryder 37. He denies and says that he’s not who she thinks he is. But Hee-do says that how it’s possible as she and Injeolmi had decided to meet at the same spot, same time and same flower. Yi-jin says he brought the yellow flower for the interview.

An upset Hee-do freaks out and storms away. Later, Hee-do reads a message from Injeolme where he apologises for not coming due to an emergency. Hee-do says it’s okay as she didn’t wait long enough. Yu-rim wonders if it’s Hee-do she was talking to and had a meltdown when she realises it. Mee-do also has a meltdown for saying “I have to have you” to Yi-jin. Her mom gives her the gold medal, and Hee-do feels a bit better.

Yi-jin keeps thinking about Hee-do’s words, “I have to have you”, at work. Later, Yi-jin and Yu-rim have a conversation about how he has to lie to Hee-do. Hee-do opens Yu-rim’s locker at high school to check out Full House Volume 16 book. Yu-rim catches Hee-do reading it, but the latter gives silly excuses for opening her locker. At Yi-jin’s office, their boss discusses the plan of making the Asian Games special this year. Different people give various ideas. He and Hee-do cross paths again at night, but she immediately walks away. He calls her, but she doesn’t pick up.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9 Still 1

The next day in Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9, Yi-jin is filming a documentary for the federation at the college hall. For the three-part documentary for Asiagm Games, Hee-do and Yi-rim are selected. Hee-do questions why they’re selected and goes on and on with her questions on the decision. Yi-jin says that it’s the decision made by the federation. To shoot the documentary, Hee-jo and Yi-jin keep crossing paths again.

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Yi-jin confronts her about why she walked away. Hee-do says she felt embarrassed. He was waiting for Injeolmi, but it was also half about him. Yi-jin asks if she plans to keep avoiding him forever and asks what’s their relationship. An emotional Hee-do says that she feels insecure, likes him, and feels inferior complex and many other things. Yi-jin can’t stop smiling after everything she says.

At night, Yi-jin has a piece of news to deliver on the phone and Hee-do says that he can use their phone. Yi-jin delivers an important news update about sports to someone on the call. After his call, Yi-jin says that Hee-do shouldn’t ignore him again and if she does, he won’t forgive her. There’s silence in the room after this conversation. When Yi-jin is about to leave, Hee-do holds and hand ask them how he says he doesn’t worry about their relationship and why. “It’s not a rainbow,” he answers. The two can’t take their eyes off each other and suddenly her mother enters the house.

She then questions Hee-jo and Yi-jin. Hee-do’s mother asks if he broke their statue and Yi-jin agrees. The questions don’t end and the entire scene between the trio from the statue to Asian Games is quite interesting to watch. Hee-do’s mother asks how he’s close to the subject of his documentary and how it will affect the work. She also wants Yi-jin not to tell their colleagues that she’s Hee-do’s mother.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9 Recap: I Love You

Later, girls in school discuss their plans to eat at Yu-rim’s restaurant. The girls make fun of how Yu-rim made Hee-do look like a jerk. They keep talking bad things about her. Hee-do also hears everything and fights the girl in the washroom. Yu-rim asks why she took a stand for her and made her look like an idiot. Yu-rim starts crying and Hee-do asks what did she do. Yu-rim confesses that she’s Injeolmi. She cries and tells Hee-do how much she meant to her.

Hee-do forgives her and makes her promise that she won’t do diving again as it’s dangerous. Yu-rim promises her the same. The two girls finally patch up. Yi-jin, Yu-rim and Hee-do and others are now making the sports documentary a success. The girls later chat from their respective accounts. Hee-do says that she’s healed and when Yu-rim’s mom hugged her, her sadness went away.

Hee-do and Yi-jin keep getting closer and more comfortable as they work more and more on the documentary. Hee-do shoots her part for the documentary leaving a great impression on Yi-jin. The girls later shoot a sword fight match for the documentary. But it doesn’t go that well. Yi-jin loses his cool on the coach. Yi-jin lifts an injured Hee-do and walks away from. The two share a heartfelt conversation in his car together. At the end of the episode, Yi-jin says “I love you” to Hee-do with a beautiful rainbow by the bridge.

Final Thoughts: Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9

Today’s episode had some wonderful moments between Hee-do and Yi-jin. The curiosity building of what will happen between them was quite interesting to watch. Two friends patched up and we finally got to hear the magical words in the end.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is streaming on Netflix.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9 Recap: Hee-do believes she met her Injeolmi. But is he really the one she thinks?

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