Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12 Recap: Hee-do and Yi-jin Share Their First Kiss

Twenty-Five Twenty-One (스물다섯 스물하나) is a Korean drama TV series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona and Lee Joo-myung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. Twenty Five Twenty One episode 12 has a runtime of 73 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

In a time when dreams seem out of reach, a teen fencer pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life.

– Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12 recap contains major spoilers –

As we walk into Twenty Five Twenty One episode 12, we are greeted with Hee-do and Jae-kyung sharing a tender moment and the latter commenting how they should visit their father more often. However, the good mood quickly passes by as Jae-kyung starts screaming at her daughter for even considering not going to college. At school, Hee-do brings up the topic with Yu-rim, even mentions how she’d like to start working with a professional fencing team instead of studying, but that thought is cut short when Chan-mi starts berating a teammate for wanting to quit the team. Hee-do and Yu-rim promise Ye-ji that they will try to help her quit.

twenty five twenty one episode 12
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12

Meanwhile, Yi-jin receives the photo of Hee-do that he had signed up for in the last episode and the happiness on his face is so pure, it will make your heart flutter! On the other hand, Ji-woong, for some reason, is wearing a t-shirt worn by fugitive Sin Chang-won and everyone fawns over him. I don’t know whether this is going to become a thing later on because they really took their time to focus on the issue.

Either way, Hee-do takes Ye-ji’s side in front of the coach and tells her that they should let Ye-ji find her own path in life. Forcing her won’t get her anywhere. When Chan-mi refuses to listen to her, Yu-rim tells the coach that she won’t train until she lets Ye-ji leave the team. Hee-do follows suit, leaving Chan-mi wondering whether everyone has lost their minds.

Also, yes, the Ji-woong thing does come back as he is slapped out of his mind, so much so that he starts bleeding. Having had enough, she calls the police but they are of no help. In turn, the police take the teachers’ side and wonder how the teachers will teach without hitting students. News reaches reporters, and Yi-jin gets to know as well. Just as a nosy, no-good reporter tries to exploit Seung-wan as she’s about to head home, Yi-jin interjects and warns him to stay away from her.

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twenty five twenty one episode 12
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12

The next day, Chan-mi scolds Yu-rim, Hee-do and Ye-ji for missing practice but refuses to let Ye-ji quit. In turn, she asks her to go to the quarterfinals, only then will she let her quit. Determined, Ye-ji takes up the challenge which results in Yu-rim and Hee-do helping her out. It’s a lot of fun and whether or not Ye-ji will continue with fencing, she sure seems to be having a lot of fun learning and growing.

Growth is happening for Yi-jin as well, as he is able to overcome his fears and speak in front of the camera from memory instead of his anxiety getting the best of him. He is in for more of a treat when Hee-do speaks immaculate French, blowing him away. Her Paris story impresses her and Hee-do totally drowns in Yi-jin’s compliments and surprise. It’s adorable. The two go out to have dinner when a fight breaks out. Hee-do tries to stop them but things turn around when they all start fawning over the fencing star.

The two walk back to her dorm, talking all the way and then some more and looking into each other’s eyes. As he drops her off, Yi-jin is stopped by another fencer, Jung Ho-jin. Ho-jin asks him to put in a good word for him since he’s not over Hee-do yet. When he asks him to stay away, he tells him that he just wanted to confirm whether they broke up for Yi-jin and today he got that. Ho-jin asks him to stop toying with Hee-do, but Yi-jin essentially tells him that he is protective of Hee-do and won’t let anyone harm her. Hee-do hears the exchange and looks satisfied.

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twenty five twenty one episode 12
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12

Ye-ji, on the other hand, is victorious in the quarter-finals and celebrates with everyone. However, in spite of all this celebration, Ye-ji chooses to withdraw and maybe focus on baking. Chan-mi is receptive and asks her to remember how she got where she is. On the other hand, Seung-wan gets called by Yeong-seong to the counselling office after he gets to listen to her podcast regarding the abuse students face in their school. Yeong-seong asks her to apologise to him and the entire school to not be expelled. However, she chooses to leave school instead.

Of course, the news catches everyone by surprise. But honestly, the audience is the most surprised after seeing how awesome Seung-wan’s mother is. It’s really a thrilling moment watching her put Yeong-seong in his place. It’s a weirdly happy and hopeful moment as Ye-ji and Seung-wan meet each other on their way out and help each other over the school gate, only to be met with Hee-do and Yu-rim with cake. I love it. Just, such a happy time.

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twenty five twenty one episode 12
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12

We next jump to Hee-do and Ji-woong going in for their CSAT exams. Yu-rim, Seung-wan and Yi-jin are there to cheer them on. Things again move to the year 2000 as the group get ready for a new millennium. Yes, everyone is anxious as to whether computers everywhere are going to fail and whether there’s going to be a nuclear strike. They camp at Yi-jin’s until almost all of them leave for home, leaving Hee-do alone with Yi-jin.

As they both wait with excited anticipation for the millennium, they wonder what will happen if the world does end. Yi-jin asks Hee-do what she’d like to do in that scenario. As the broadcaster on TV counts down the seconds, Hee-do goes in and kisses Yi-jin.

Final Thoughts: Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12

twenty five twenty one episode 12
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12

Twenty Five Twenty One episode 12 teaches a very important lesson – it’s ok to give up. Just because you started something, doesn’t mean you will always keep at it. Sometimes, people lose interest. Priorities change, just as people change. It’s important to keep your mental health at the forefront when it comes to important life decisions.

Although a bit different, Ye-ji and Seung-wan’s paths align somewhere down the line. They both work for what is right in their lives and do not give up or give in. They work for themselves and keep their happiness at the forefront, which is the most important thing there is to it. It’s inspiring and hopeful and Twenty Five Twenty One continues to touch the audiences’ heartstrings quite effectively.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is streaming on Netflix.

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Twenty FIve Twenty One episode 12 teaches a very important life lesson and an equally important relationship finally heads our way!


  1. This was one of the most heart warming episodes, and I loved every bit of it, Starting from:
    1)Hee Do & her mom discussing that they should start seeing Hee Do’s dad often
    2)Yu Rim & Hee Do supporting Ye Ji against their Coach & then both helping Ye Ji despite them not competing
    3)Seung Wan being upright against wrong deeds then realising how world really works
    4)Yi Jin saving Seung Wan
    5)Seung Wan’s mom supporting her
    6)The beautiful message that its alright to give up and then at the end & finally,
    7)Yi Jin & Hee Do sharing their Kiss!
    The episode was Wholesome & Heart warming, to say the very least🤗

  2. i still love this episode and this drama. But overall i am a bit anxious cos we only have 4 more episodes left. Is it gonna be enough to explain what happened between Yi Jin and Hee do? I dont want to be like some other dramas where they just rush the explanation and leave viewers hanging and wanting more.

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