Turner and Hooch Episode 3 Recap: Diamonds Are Furever

Turner and Hooch Episode 3, called Diamonds Are Furever is now out on Disney+. The 46 minutes episode stars Josh Peck, Carra Patterson, Lyndsy Fonseca, Vanessa Lengies, Brandon Jay McLaren, Anthony Ruivivar, Matt Hamilton and Becca Tobin.

The description for Diamonds Are Furever reads – Scott tracks down a notorious fugitive jewel thief while Hooch gets obsessed with a squeaky toy.

-Turner and Hooch Episode 3 Recap contains spoilers-

Turner and Hooch Episode 3 Diamonds Are Furever begins with Scott and Erica walking with their respective dogs. Erica tells Scott about Hooch’s sense of smell and how it can trace anything. Later at work, Trent gets awarded for protecting the diplomat in the previous episode. Scott is upset as Trent, and his team got the credit for the case he and Hooch handled.

Scott’s work partner Jessica will soon be joining the desk job due to her pregnancy; he wants to join Trent’s team. Scott doesn’t want any lame person to be his new partner, and as Trent team gets all the limelight and credits, he decides to make an impression on them. The US Marshals get a new case – To catch a fugitive jewel thief named Krista St Jean. Scott tells Trent that Hooch can help them trace Krista with the help of her scent.

Scott and Hooch, along with Trent and his team, are on the streets looking for Krista at a place where she might make her next move. When Hooch smells a pillow case that belongs to the thief, he takes them to block away but ends up entering a pet toy shop. Inside the toy shop, Hooch starts playing with a squeaky red toy which Scott ends up buying. Unfortunately, Trent is not impressed with the failure of their mission. Later, Scott finds out that Krista was just one block away from the pet toy store.

Turner and Hooch Episode 3 Recap: Still 1
Turner and Hooch Episode 3 Recap: Still from the episode

Scott shares this concern with Erica, who tells him that the dog did want you wanted him to do – he gave you a chase. In the next scene of Disney+ Turner and Hooch Episode 3, Scott visits his sister Laura and discuss the criminals in their dad’s files. Scott knows some of their identities like Gang Leader from Modesto, Drug Trafficker from SoCal and Wyatt Tolliver. Laura says that Wyatt’s case was the biggest case their dad solved, but Scott tells her not to read too much into it.

Scott again requests Trent to give Hooch another chance. Yet again, the dog fails to trace Krista. Scott is having a hard time with the noise from Hooch’s squeaky toy to not finding a new work partner and also not making it to Trent’s team. Erica tells him to replace Hooch’s toy with a better one, but Hooch doesn’t like the new toy. So Scott changes the faulty whistle and gives the old red toy back to Hooch.

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At work, regarding the toy, Jessica tells Scott how easy it is to change what’s inside and make what’s outside appear the same. After listening to her words, Scott’s mind lights up, and he says that only in one video they can see Krista’s face. But in other footage, she doesn’t show her face, but her clothes are the same. He tells Jessica, what if the woman they’re chasing is wearing Krista’s clothes and the real thief is somewhere else.

Scott and Jessica head out to the bay to get hold of real Krista St Jean. He calls Trent and tells him that she’s not near the Trade Centre, but Trent doesn’t listen to him. Scott was right about his instinct as he spots Krista and his gang members carrying out the robbery. Trent and his team get hold of a woman wearing Krista’s clothes; she reveals that someone paid her to wear the clothes and walk on the streets. Scott and Hooch together manage to catch Krista, but Trent arrives in a helicopter and takes the credit for solving the case again.

Erica and her dog visit Scott and Hooch at the crime scene. They decide to meet for another dog-related discussion later. Scott’s sister Laura calls him and says that she’s outside Wyatt’s house. He requests her not to meet him alone, and they can go together the next day. At the station, Trent and his men get honoured for catching the jewel thief. Turner and Hooch Episode 3 ends with Scott’s ex Brooke (played by Becca Tobin making an entry and informing him that she is transferred to the same building where he works. They decide to catch up later, and as she walks away, Scott cannot stop admiring her like a puppy.

Turner and Hooch Episode 3 Recap: Last Word

Today’s episode has some funny moments between Scott and Hooch. We are still intrigued to discover what happened to Scott Turner Sr. The twist of Scott’s ex Brooke’s entry might break Erica’s heart. The love triangle isn’t going to be easy for Erica-Scott shippers!

Turner and Hooch Episode 3 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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