Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Review: Dumpster Fire Entertainer

Too Hot to Handle is a dating reality game show created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett. Too Hot to Handle Season 3 was shot in the Turks and Caicos Islands and has 10 episodes, each around 45 – 50 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

On the shores of paradise, gorgeous singles meet and mingle. But there’s a twist. To win an enticing grand prize, they’ll have to give up sex.

– Too Hot to Handle season 3 review does not contain spoilers –

Man, how are we here again? I just feel like a part of my brain dies every time I see one more iteration of Too Hot to Handle featuring exactly the same people in every season. No, I mean that. Every person is literally exactly the same. One person said that she’s not a girly girl and that she has a bit of a guy in her… and then goes on to burp very loudly. Because that’s something? Anyway, everyone is just so shallow.

Ok, don’t get me wrong, Too Hot to Handle season 3 has some insanely beautiful people on there. It’s difficult to look at the screen without you feeling a bit blind at the beauty being displayed. Although most of their personalities are simply “sex”, at least they look good, you know.

too hot to handle season 3

As always, Too Hot to Handle season 3 is great as a stress buster. It has absolutely no brains and is all glitter and fireworks – which is great. I like myself a reality TV which is fun, flirty and with absolutely no holds barred whatsoever. This one is not just flirty, it goes a few notches over that and starts with the action from the first minute of the first episode. Desiree is funnier this time around, or maybe I am just used to her humour. Either way, it’s quite entertaining.

The season starts off the same, with people coming in one by one and introducing themselves. Everyone introduces themselves to the audience and all of them are mostly cringe AF. But this time around, I am glad that at least these people know what Too Hot to Handle is and Lana doesn’t have to explain what that means. The moment she gives out the rules, people start to break them. It’s honestly quite shocking.

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too hot to handle season 3

After a while, the contestants just start playing a bit dirty, which is delicious to watch! You sit there wondering who is going to kiss whom next because at this point it can be anyone. Plus, some people are just such backstabbers that it’s shocking to watch it all fall apart in front of you. It’s infuriating but quality content, definitely.

One thing I must mention that kinda ticked me off a lot is how some of these people are so annoying. Like, Patrick and Jaz are sometimes so weird that they take the fun out of the games that the contestants have to play. Patrick with the weird things that he says to the people around him will definitely make you cringe super hard. On the other hand, at one point Jaz says, I must look cute and pretty at all times, in response to a workshop with body painting. I mean, sure have your quirks but loosen up a bit man, I am getting second-hand embarrassment from this.

Summing up: Too Hot to Handle season 3

too hot to handle season 3

Too Hot to Handle season 3 will literally provide nothing new in your life except for really bad reality TV content. It’s flirty, has lots of sex and skin (that too in a show that bans sex) and has just so much drama that you keep pressing “Next Episode”. So, if it’s entertainment that you’re looking for, then here it is. You can definitely tell that it’s heavily scripted but well, when has that ever stopped us from watching this dumpster fire entertainer?

Too Hot to Handle season 3 is streaming on Netflix.

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Too Hot to Handle season 3 is much of the same thing so you literally know what to expect here.

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Too Hot to Handle season 3 is much of the same thing so you literally know what to expect here.Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Review: Dumpster Fire Entertainer