Tomorrow Episode 9 Recap: Rowoon and Kim Hee-seon in an Adorable Episode

Tomorrow (내일) is a Korean drama-fantasy series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook and stars Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma. Tomorrow episode 9 is titled Someday, Because of You and has a runtime of 60 minutes.

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– Tomorrow Episode 9 recap contains major spoilers –
– TW: Suicide/animal death –

Tomorrow episode 9 starts with Jung-gil asking Ryeon why she was there in his nightmare and wondering whether she remembers her past life, like him. She says that she does, but says that she doesn’t see him in her memories and that there is no way that they could have encountered each other and that it is just that – a nightmare, nothing else. Jung-gil tells her that she is probably right and leaves after telling her to forget everything. However, it seems like Ryeon knows more than she is letting on and there is definitely some history between the two of them.

Jun-woong seems to be having a dream of his own where he wakes up to find his mother and sister with him. However, obviously, it’s a dream and unfortunately, he ends up kissing Ryung-gu. Compelled to visit his parents, Jun-woong goes to their restaurant to find it closed. His sister tells him that her mother’s unwell and thus the store is closed. He also gets to know that Min-young is taking time off from college to tutor and make money, which, obviously, breaks his heart.

tomorrow episode 9
Still From Tomorrow Episode 9

Desperate, he runs to the hospital where his physical form is in a coma and remembers that if he goes too close, he might die. That’s when his mother also shows up there and he talks to her and they discuss the restaurant and her health. The conversation makes him sad and he comes to work looking morose. However, that thought is put to rest when they get a notification about one of the most high-risk cases that they’ve ever had – Namgung Jae-soo whose Negative Energy Level is at 98%. 

Out on the street, Jun-woong and co spot Min-young who suddenly sits down in the middle of the road in front of on-coming traffic. Jun-woong, desperate to save his sister, rushes to her aid and tries to protect her by embracing her and saving her from the impact. A concerned Ryeon and Ryung-gu rush into oncoming traffic as well and stop a truck just in time before it runs the other two over. 

Later on, Min-young talks to Jun-woong and asks him to take care of the dog that she was trying to save previously. Ryeon promises to do so and a concerned Ryung-gu asks her whether that’s feasible since taking it to Jumadeung doesn’t seem like a possibility. Ryeon tells them to calm down since this dog is actually their suicide risk. 

tomorrow episode 9
Still From Tomorrow Episode 9

They start trying to figure out why the dog might have tried to kill itself and they start by visiting all of the veterinary clinics nearby. Although they don’t have much luck, Ryeon gives Kong to a clinic to get him checked out. It turns out that the dog is 13 years old and although someone took great care of his teeth, his general health isn’t that great and he might not live very long. The team is saddened by the news and Ryeon sends Jun-woong to the Editing Team in Jumadeung to find out about him. 

Jun-woong gets the flashback video and the Team Leader tells him that although he was mostly happy, there were things that he wishes he had done differently. He watches the video later on to learn everything about his life. The video of little Kong being abandoned on the street in the rain is absolutely heartbreaking. The little thing sitting there looking so sad broke my heart! Everyone else is sad as well and Jun-woong doesn’t lose an opportunity to tell him that his family is horrible for abandoning him.

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tomorrow episode 9
Still From Tomorrow Episode 9

However, he soon figures out that Kong’s owner actually didn’t throw him out on the streets. Rather, Kong ran away on his own accord. Meanwhile, Ryung-gu finds Kong’s owner on social media and now the team must figure out why Kong decided to run away in the first place.

Kong’s owner Hun, meanwhile, is having a tough time because of his dog’s disappearance. Although no one really understands his pain, he perseveres and doesn’t stop looking for Kong. Thus, when Hun finally gets a call from someone who gives him hope, he rushes out to find him. In the cafe, Hun finds Ryeon and Ryung-gu waiting for him and they tell him that Kong had tried to commit suicide. Hun is shocked to learn these things and refuses to believe them at first. However, they tell him that believing them is the first step towards saving Kong and ask him why he would take such a rash decision.

Emotional conversations between the different people take a weird turn, the team discuss what they should do regarding making Kong meet Hun. On one hand, Jun-woong mentions that bringing Kong to meet Hun would go against his wishes while Ryeon tells him that leaving without saying goodbye is cruel and unnecessary and Kong, too, needs to realise that. After having a heartfelt conversation with the dog, she convinces him to say goodbye to Hun – it is his final chance.

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tomorrow episode 9
Still From Tomorrow Episode 9

When Hun finally gets the chance to meet Kong, he asks him to let him be with him in his last days. Moved by his confession, Kong agrees to spend time with Hun but the reapers are there already to escort Kong. Jun-woong and Ryung-gu convince the Reaper to come back in one and a half hours and Ryeon asks Hun to spend their last moments on happy terms. Hun and kong go on their last walk and in the most heartbreaking way, Kong dies in his brother’s arms peacefully. 

Although painful, Hun seems to be in peace after having the option to say goodbye. Later on, Jun-woong tells Min-young that Kong has died peacefully and they discuss how hard it is for pets to see their humans in pain because of them. She mentions that humans and animals are same in that way, in that case. She mentions her brother to him – someone who jumped at the opportunity to help someone. Seeing him like that made her admire her brother a little more. 

He next meets his mother outside Seoul University Hospital and she mentions that her son will be sad seeing her mother sick. An emotional Jun-woong hugs her mother and asks her to be well and take care of herself. It takes her by surprise, but she’s happy regardless. An emotional Jun-woong asks the Director whether his family will be happy after he wakes up in 6 months. She says that it’s up to him and he promises to do whatever it takes to keep them happy since they are having a hard time right now. 

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tomorrow episode 9
Still From Tomorrow Episode 9

Jun-woong also asks the Director whether Ryeon and Ryung-gu also have a motive of their own to work as Grim Reapers. The Director says that maybe they do wnat to be born with a silver spoon in their next life. Jun-woong wonders what objective they were previously talking about and we see Ryung-gu looking at a very pregnant woman on the street, someone from his past life, and breaking down after she passes by. Somewhere else, Ryeon, too, is deep in thought. 

Ryeon and Jung-gil, later on, come face to face once again and Ryeon gets a flashback from his past where she is trying to stab Jung-gil as the two tackle each other. 

In the epilogue, the Director talks to Kong who has been in Heaven for 50 years. It’s time for him to be born again, this time as a human, but before that, he meets Hun again, who has finally come to meet him after waiting for so long.

Final Thoughts: Tomorrow Episode 9

tomorrow episode 9
Still From Tomorrow Episode 9

Thanks to Kong, this is the cutest episode yet and the one that might just be close to a lot of people’s hearts. The idea of your pet dying is probably one of the worst and seeing that your dog understands everything tath you’re saying is not only saddening but also extremely heartbreaking. That scene where Kong sits in the rain under a slide is brutal and will make you cry. But at least he got to meet his human after being the goodest boy. What else can you want?

Tomorrow is streaming on Netflix.

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Tomorrow Episode 9 is the cutest episode, only because of Kong, the dog.

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Tomorrow Episode 9 is the cutest episode, only because of Kong, the dog.Tomorrow Episode 9 Recap: Rowoon and Kim Hee-seon in an Adorable Episode