Tomorrow Episode 8 Recap: Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon in the Weakest Episode Yet

Tomorrow (내일) is a Korean drama-fantasy series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook and stars Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma. Tomorrow episode 8 is titled Broker and has a runtime of 58 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Tomorrow Episode 8 recap contains major spoilers –
– TW: Suicide/animal death –

Tomorrow episode 8 starts with Ryeon asking Jung-gil why he doesn’t sleep. This is from when she was working under the Escort Team and things hadn’t soured as much as they have now. Jung-gil tells her that he cannot sleep because he is afraid of seeing something horrible from the past – a repetition of the worst feelings that are not necessarily him.

Back in the present, Jun-woong keeps remembering Ye-na’s suicide attempt and finds an article online on another suicide attempt using nitrogen gas. He meets Ye-na, who is eating well and looking happier and healthier, and asks her where she got the nitrogen cylinders from and reiterates that she is not to blame for anything. She tells him, however, that she had posted some of her heartaches online and someone had contacted her with a painless and sure-shot way of dying.

As Ryung-gu and Ryeon discuss the upcoming performance evaluations, Jun-woong rushes in and tells his teammates that people are using suicide as a means to make money. Jun-woong wants to catch them and bring them to justice, but Ryeon forbids him to get entangled in human affairs since that would create a whole different set of problems. The living are supposed to take care of their own orders. Plus, they cannot showcase their powers in front of the living (too late?)

tomorrow episode 8
Still From Tomorrow Episode 8

Frustrated, Jun-woong goes to the police to report the problem but his proof seems to not be there when he goes to show the authorities. He almost gets into a spat with the police, but without definitive proof, they throw him out. Without many other options, he decides to take matters into his own hands and posts on social media showcasing that he’s depressed and wants to end his life. He gets a reply fast enough and starts chatting and is added to a group chat with other members.

The creator of the group sends a video of them killing a hamster with nitrogen gas as proof that the death is quick and painless. He further instigates the group to end their lives and promises to join them in this journey. Determined to do this alone, he steals weapons from the office without informing Ryeon or Ryung-gu and goes off to meet these online scammers.

At the meeting place, Jun-woong meets the others and learns why they want to die but it is apparent to the others that he seems different from them. As he goes to use the bathroom, he sees the guy come to their place and tries to convince them to go home and call Ryeon. While two of them leave, the third is adamant about ending his life. In between the scuffle, the scammer comes in and a fistfight ensues between him and Jun-woong. After he is able to subdue the guy, unfortunately, the one Jun-woong was trying to save hits him over the head and he faints.

Ryung-gu and Ryeon realise that Jun-woong has gone off with their equipment and, funnily enough, Ryung-gu has a tracker on Jun-woong’s phone so they go off to find him. Meanwhile, Jun-woong comes to and faces off against the real scammer. He’s obviously not a good person and he tries to gas him to death.

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tomorrow episode 8
Still From Tomorrow Episode 8

The team rushes in to rescue Jun-woong in the nick of time. Ryeon goes after the scammer while Ryung-gu tells Jun-woong that he might be gone in 6 months but they have to stay there until their goals are achieved. Thus, he asks him to stop breaking rules since it’s something that they cannot afford to do. Meanwhile, Ryeon beats the shit out of the scammer and does not stop until Ryung-gu tells him that they can’t interfere further.

Just then, they all get notifications that the scammer, Song Jin-ho, is on the verge of suicide. As they fight among themselves about whether they should save him or not, Jin-ho ingests poison and Jun-woong tells the others to just let him die. When Ryeon tells him that they cannot do that, Jun-woong says that he will then quit. Just as he’s about to walk off, Jung-gil gets there and tells Jin-ho that if he thought death was the end for him, he’s wrong – this is just the beginning.

When he sees what’s waiting for him on the other side, he begs them to save him with a glum smile on his face. Frustrated and pained by Jun-woong’s words, Ryeon asks him to do what he wants with him since he is the one who started this mess and then disappears. Against his better judgement, Jun-woong calls an ambulance and cries and tells Jin-ho to live so that he pays for his sins when the time comes.

Back at Jumadeung, Ryung-gu shares Ryeon’s story and tells Jun-woong that she was as emotional as he is now. That one day, she too had to make a difficult decision that made her who she is today. Ryung-gu further adds that keeping such people alive is better because they will pay for what they have done in their own world and then receive punishment in Hell. At the hospital, the doctors mention that Jin-ho will lose his voice. Ryung-gu also shares that Ryeon has a video of every one of Jin-ho’s misdeeds which Jun-woong proceeds to send to the police.

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tomorrow episode 8
Still From Tomorrow Episode 8

Right as Jin-ho wakes up, the police try to catch him. It turns out that he will neither be able to talk nor hear anything and will also be confined to his bed. However, his mind will be intact – a fate more horrible than death. Apparently, it’s a power that the Director has given Ryeon. He also tells Jun-woong that Ryeon sees something in him that no one else does, and then leaves him to marinate in his own thoughts.

Later, the Director tells Jung-gil that he needs to be more open-minded and accepting to see Jun-woong’s spirit brought on by his youth. She further adds that his choice to send Jin-ho to the hospital was quite surprising since she thought that he’d let him die. However, Jung-gil is here for his dreams and the Director tells him that regrets can do that to people. Some regrets stay with them for a long time and come out in dreams, even though you cannot change the past.

Meanwhile, Jun-woong apologises to Ryeon who tells him that every choice he makes has a consequence which might hinder them from doing their duty. And since they are a team, he has to be a team player. Since, you know, you cannot be a team if you are alone. Jun-woong apologises again and thanks her for having his back. He then runs off to fetch her coffee. When he comes back, however, no one is there.

Interestingly, Jun-woong realizes that there’s something going on under the surface. He remembers when Ryung-gu told him that they have a goal, something that he wasn’t aware of. Plus, he always goes off on time while Ryeon doesn’t. He further remembers her saying that she’s from Hell, so she isn’t this great person that he’s making her out to be. Just then, we see Jung-gil show up in front of Ryeon and he asks her why she was there in his nightmares. Ryeon looks like a dear caught in headlights.

In the epilogue, Ryung-gu gets call after call from random people telling him about their problems. It seems like Ryeon, too, is getting them except Jun-woong because, if you remember, he gave out their numbers to those people in the abandoned place. As Ryeon tries to catch him, Ryung-gu calls HR and asks them to change Jun-woong’s evaluation scores to F.

Final Thoughts: Tomorrow Episode 8

tomorrow episode 8
Still From Tomorrow Episode 8

Ok, I am annoyed with this episode. It’s too damn convenient! I just don’t understand the rules in Jumadeung. First and foremost, everyone keeps repeating that they cannot get into human beings’ business. That’s fine and expected. But all they do is get into people’s business. Like, will Jun-woong not get reprimanded for literally putting his nose where he shouldn’t have been? Because, obviously, all of these people’s lives have now been forever changed. Let’s be real here, Jin-ho would never have come up in the red light had Jun-woong not intervened. So, is this ok for him to do? I don’t understand.

Also, Ryeon and Jung-gil straight up disappear in front of Jin-ho. I mean, granted, Jung-gil does show him Hell before that, but still. I don’t get it.

I am also quite intrigued to know whether Jun-woong would have died with the nitrogen gas if Jin-ho did successfully manage to “kill” him. Can he die? Can he faint? I just don’t get it. In that sense, they shouldn’t feel hungry or need to go to the bathroom. So, do they? Another thing that I am quite interested to know is whether anyone remembers that Jun-woong is supposed to look like an old person and I don’t think any of the humans got that memo.

Coming to the story itself, I think this is the least impactful of the lot. Other than the notion that you will suffer the consequences of your actions in this life, it does little else to give us a moving story. And, mind you, apparently Ryeon doled out all the punishments. So if Jun-woong didn’t intervene, would he have faced consequences? To further on this specific issue, would the RM team have got notifications before the two suicidal people were dying? Or is that murder and not suicide?

I am also not a fan of Jun-woong’s immaturity at this point. I mean, you have seen enough to know better. You can’t just run off to uphold justice. You’re a Grim Reaper. Ideally, you should be watching people die and then taking their souls. At least you’re getting to save lives here.

Clearly, Tomorrow has much to improve in the upcoming episodes, especially when it comes to the rules of its own world. There are plenty of plot holes and the tone is all over the place. Tomorrow episode 8, on top of that, is probably the weakest episode of the lot. But, I must mention – the Ryeon-Jung-gil angle might just be the most interesting thing here.

Tomorrow is streaming on Netflix.

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Tomorrow episode 8 has the least bit of emotions and has a lot of plot holes to go with it.


  1. This show gets better every episode not sure why it’s getting such dull reviews…love the content and the actors.

  2. I love the show its emotional and sentimental and funny one of the best series I should say , brilliant masterpiece!!!❤️

  3. I love the show but I’ll admit that the wonky and inconsistent rules are very frustrating. They apparently can’t use their powers in front of CCTV cameras but South Korea has them pretty much everywhere? Cos where can they use them then? Cos let’s be real, they HAVE used them at times in places that look like they could have them.

    Also it’s weird how in some instances they seem super powerful and capable and the next incompetent and weak. Still love the show and will continue watching but some of the mistakes are ruining something that has potential to be a masterpiece.

  4. Really love this show, and I am shocked so many shallow people just chose mindless cheesy story over it… Well, is not the first time a drama with low ratings in Korea was actually a hit internationally ..

  5. I think episode 8 is one of the best and it also brings some connections to the main story. I find Choi Junwoong very adorable. You can’t expect a 27yo half/half to behave like a century old grim reaper. Junwoong brings empathy and warmth to the otherwise cold afterworld. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Junwoong challenging rules that he doesn’t understand and rules that have been laid down for centuries. Maybe the rules need to change for the good. In today’s society, too many ppl are afraid to change and blindly follow without questions. Also, they call ppl annoying and trouble makers because they are different and don’t follow the norm.

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