Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap: Rowoon Saves the Day

Tomorrow (내일) is a Korean drama-fantasy series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook and stars Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma. Tomorrow episode 7 is titled A Prison Without Bars and has a runtime of 64 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Tomorrow Episode 7 recap contains major spoilers –
– TW: Suicide/mental health/eating disorders –

Things are chaotic in Jumadeun as a virus wreaks havoc on the entire intranet system. Although the RM team isn’t able to find out exactly who their next human is, they at least know that it’s someone in SP Beauty’s marketing team and that they were born in April. The team decides to use their observation skills to save a soul this time around.

At the office, however, the team is baffled to find so many employees since it’s almost impossible to find out who among them is on the brink of suicide. When Ryeon goes to find help from the Director, she tells her she must prove to everyone, especially Jung-gil, that what saves people is not her powers, but rather, the weight of her words.

Later, the team decides to try to get hired by the company in some way. The interview goes horribly but all three get selected after Ryeon slaps him after the interviewer falls over. Yes, it is extremely weird and funny. Anyway, they start to find who their target could be, as fast as possible. Ryung-gu tries to hack into their computer system to find all the April borns. Although he is almost caught, he finds their four possible targets.

Ryeon volunteers to babysit Lee Dong-ja’s daughter, an April born, while Ryung-gu helps out another April-born, leaving Jun-woong to keep an eye on Bo-ram and Ye-na. The three have an extremely stressful day in the office as regular part-time workers and come back to their own office tired out of their minds. However, they sit down to compare notes on who could be their target and they narrow down the choice between Bo-ram and Ye-na.

tomorrow episode 7
Still From Tomorrow Episode 7

The next day, an emergency forces all April-borns and the RM team to rush to a promotional event where Ryeon is chosen as the model for SP Beauty. Afterwards, they go out to eat and Ryeon realises afterwards Ye-na is the person they are after since she never eats anything and throws up whatever little she eats. Ye-na seems to be slowly losing her grip on reality as even the slightest mention of food trips her off. The team concludes that if something were to happen to Ye-na, it would be that night.

Just as Ryeon predicted, Ye-na has a mental break and runs out of the restaurant during a team dinner. The three split up and Jun-woong finds her getting on a cab but is unable to stop her. Back at home, Ye-na tries to kill herself by overdosing on nitrogen gas. Jun-woong finds her in the nick of time and rushes her to the hospital. When she comes to, Jun-woong asks her why she wanted to die. Ye-na tells him that she doesn’t know why she is like this.

However, she attributes her negative feelings towards weight to when she was young. She was extremely overweight and started to starve herself to become thin. However, now that she’s thin, she is still getting judged. She can’t escape the eyes on her and can’t escape her negative relationship with food even if she tries. After hearing this, Jun-woong asks Ryeon to take over, but she surprises him and Ryung-gu and tells him to see this one through.

Jun-woong shares his sister’s story with Ye-na, similar to the latters. However, his mother gave his sister a piece of her mind and some much-needed positive words. Jun-woong approaches the topic with sympathy and tells her not to be so harsh on herself since her body is her own and no one else’s. Thus, she should be patient with it, love it and take care of it. Ye-na cries at the realisation and Ryoen and Ryung-gu praise Jun-woong for the way he handled the situation.

tomorrow episode 7
Still From Tomorrow Episode 7

Ryeon, afterwards, tries to complete her job and beats the shit out of Man-sik for being a sexist, judgemental pig. She then literally curses him to feel the pain whenever he says something to hurt other people’s feelings. Later on, Ye-na asks how Bo-ram can ignore people’s judgements and the latter tells her that people’s judgements shouldn’t affect the way she lives her life. That she, too, has had a difficult time in childhood and has thus vowed to live her best life. Ye-na, for the first time after a long time, eats some cheesecake and expresses how good it tastes.

Jun-woong later asks Ryeon at their office why they always try to save people they have no idea how to save. Ryeon tells him that choosing to live and how to live is the person’s own choice and only they can figure that out. The RM team’s work is to only offer support, empathy and comfort, rather than a solution. He then asks her why she left the job this time around to him. She tells him that it’s just a hunch – maybe an old man’s intuition. Satisfied with the answer, Jun-woong goes home but not before asking Ryeon to not stay back too late.

In the epilogue, manually stamping has the Director in a bind!

Final Thoughts: Tomorrow Episode 7

I think Tomorrow is trying to come up with some of the most important topics in today’s society. The idea is swell and the execution is great as well. I think today’s episode was empathetic and poignant and brings forth the idea of mental health well. Although it’s better to get professional help when it comes to such acute cases of eating disorders, and I highly doubt a newbie part-timer’s wise words can change someone’s mentality within 5 minutes, I find the series to have its heart in the right place.

I think my gripe with the show is this – it showcases that such difficult mental health issues are being solved just by someone’s 5-minute wise words. The idea is hopeful, but it’s neither feasible nor relatable. Of course, support and empathy are extremely important when it comes to solving such issues. You need to be surrounded by people who are kind to you as you try to be kind to yourself. However, the rate at which the RM team simply sweeps in and “talk no jutsu”-s their way through the toughest of problems is not realistic.

Either way, as I mentioned above, the series has its heart in the right place and it is quite hopeful. Plus, this episode is more jokey (jokier?) than the previous ones, so there’s that. Also, I see that we have totally forgotten about the time travel thing. That’s swell.

Tomorrow is streaming on Netflix.

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Tomorrow episode 7 brings forth another sensitive topic with empathy, but we still can't travel to the past.


  1. Sometimes 5 minutes empathy can be the difference between life and death in an instant but continuously doing the work to stay healthy, physically and mentally is the main topic and not just the 5 minutes. Some days you can be down and a 5 minutes conversation with someone you cherish can do a whole lot to make your day worth it. so it’s not about the time, it’s more about the empathy and relationship and emotions for that period.

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Tomorrow episode 7 brings forth another sensitive topic with empathy, but we still can't travel to the past.Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap: Rowoon Saves the Day