Tomorrow Episode 4 Recap: Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon in a Double Feature

Tomorrow (내일) is a Korean drama-fantasy series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook and stars Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma. Tomorrow episode 4 is titled Forest of Time 2 and Tree 1 and has a runtime of 59 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Tomorrow Episode 4 recap contains major spoilers –
– TW: Suicide –

Tomorrow episode 4 starts with Ryung-gu pleading with a suicidal Jae-soo to wait for the fried chicken of his childhood before planning to give up on his life. The former pleads with Ryeon to come back fast but she is in a bind as well. She slaps Jae-soo’s father and asks him to snap out of it. That his family won’t be able with the insurance payout if he dies. Heartbroken, his father laments that he has no choice.

tomorrow episode 4
Still From Tomorrow Episode 4

For some unknown reason, they leave the guy on the road and drive off to get fried chicken. The only shop open at that time is called “Jamadeung Fried Chicken” where they make the fried chicken for him and dress up as two chickens. Meanwhile, Ryung-gu tries his level best to stop Jae-soo from killing himself and the others finally get back to the present with his precious chicken.

Ryeon asks Jae-soo to stay live for whatever reason he sees fit – it may be because the sky is cloudy but whatever the reason is, it will all make sense at some point. Jae-soo asks whether Jun-woong sent them. Jun-woong says that he did and so, he must stay alive to meet him soon. Unfortunately, Jae-soon says the chicken tastes very bad – so bad that it’s making him cry.

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tomorrow episode 4
Still From Tomorrow Episode 4

Back in the past, Jun-woong carries his younger self to meet his father and take a picture. In the present, his father’s photo appears in the same picture.

One year earlier, we see Ryeon and Jung-gil getting into a spat over her trying to save someone from committing suicide. They both disagree on what and why suicide essentially means and comes from. Jung-gil’s stance is a bit too much, even for a Reaper and he’s angry that she’s moving to a new department without consulting him. Either way, he says that he’s unhappy with his choice of trying to keep her on his team.

Anyway, Ryeon comes under audit for breaking the laws and accepts to be given punishment because of it. The punishment constitutes her wearing a ring that will restrict her powers and make it hard for her to use them.

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tomorrow episode 4
Still From Tomorrow Episode 4

At a coffee shop, a frazzled Jun-woong comes across Na-young’s spirit from the last episode. Apparently, after her death, her spirit was being escorted from the hospital where she came across Jun-woong and his team and ran away to find them. Now, 10 days later, the team try to hear her out when the Escort Team finds them and Jung-gil has a few things on his mind regarding Ryeon not compromising with them.

The RM team tries to hide Na-young from the Escort Team while trying to find a way to save Woo-jin, her husband, who is trying to end his life. As we learn about them, we realise that Woo-jin saved her from killing herself before and now it’s her turn to save him. After an extended backstory, Ryeon goes to meet Woo-jin as his psychiatrist. She tries to reason with him and when she asks the real reason he’s so sad, he screams that he is the one who killed Na-young.

In the epilogue, Ryeon goes on an expletive tirade outside the fried chicken place.

Final Thoughts: Tomorrow Episode 4

tomorrow episode 4
Still From Tomorrow Episode 4

Tomorrow episode 4 is interesting because of its two-story watch. The episode has some impressive as well as confusing moments. First of all, I don’t understand why Ryeon was punished only for interfering in Jae-soo’s father’s future and not Jun-woong? Yes, they didn’t interfere in his fate, but they did change the past just a bit and that can create a very different timeline. If sci-fi movies have taught me something, it’s that if you make even the slightest change in the past, you get a different timeline that doesn’t result in our present.

Anyway, it’s best not to try to find too many loopholes and take it as a light Kdrama. To be fair, however, the series takes itself quite seriously which is a bit weird considering it weirdly peppers in funny moments in-between moments that are truly heartbreaking.

Also, don’t let that last bit with Woo-jin delude you – I am pretty sure it’s something to do with past trauma bubbling up. I doubt he has killed his wife. But, I think I’d like to be pleasantly surprised with this.

Tomorrow is streaming on Netflix.

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Tomorrow episode 4 gives a nice double feature but is quite a few loopholes that are better left ignored.

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