Tomorrow Episode 15 Recap: Jung-gil Exacts His Reaper’s Vow

Tomorrow (내일) is a Korean drama-fantasy series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook and stars Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma. Tomorrow episode 14 is titled Wind Flower and has a runtime of 63 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Tomorrow Episode 15 recap contains major spoilers –
– TW: Suicide –

Faced with extreme guilt, Tomorrow episode 15 starts with Ryeon taking her own life after seeing Jung-gil losing himself to the anger and resentment he feels. The story makes Jun-woong think back on his interactions with Ryeon. He finally realises that Ryeon took up the job to stop others from making the same mistake as her. He asks the Director whether Jung-gil remembers his past to which she says that all of Jung-gil’s memories regarding Ryeon were sealed away. Although it takes one reincarnation for past memories to fade away, Jung-gil’s wounds were so deep that he still carries them around with him.

tomorrow episode 15
Still From Tomorrow Episode 15

Fate aside, Ryeon has other things to worry about – her past friend Cho-hui has just come up on the app. As they discuss the reasons why Cho-hui gets hate on her social media accounts, Jun-woong keeps monitoring Ryeon’s reactions as the case is close to her. Right now, though, her management team is having a field day shitting on her after finding out that she was seen getting down on the same floor with another man.

Cho-hui seems like a really nice person who is self-made and doesn’t let the hate get to her. Unfortunately, in spite of trying her best to be a good person, she just gets the worst from people.

After an unfortunate incident thanks to all the stress that she takes up, Cho-hui gets some much-needed rest and the Grim Reapers discuss what to do after this. It turns out that it might be Jun-woong’s last case and Ryeon even hints at something going on with him in regards to Cho-hui. When Ryung-gu asks her to clarify what she means, she chooses to let it be and remarks that he hasn’t been picking his nose after meeting his mother. His face is absolutely adorable when he realises that.

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On the other hand, Jung-gil gets to know from two of the other team leads that Ryeon had killed herself. It comes as a shock for him and angry, he immediately goes to the Director for some answers. Although the Director refuses to give straight answers at first, when Jung-gil mentions removing the lock on the Book of the Deceased, she tells him that he had once made her promise to not let him see his past – a Reaper’s Vow. More information for Jung-gil to process that he wasn’t aware of sends him into a rage and he starts beating people up in order to know the truth.

Meanwhile, Cho-hui’s life turns upside down when more rumour is posted about her online and her concert gets cancelled. As her Negative Energy increases, the three Grim Reapers gear into work to find Cho-hui, who has taken off into the night. After they split up, Ryeon finds her on the verge of walking into oncoming traffic and saves her in the nick of time. For some reason, Jung-gil gets there and starts berating her for killing herself. When he mentions that she should let Cho-hui die, she refuses and Jung-gil brings up the Reaper’s Vow – yes, he wants to implement that right now.

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tomorrow episode 15
Still From Tomorrow Episode 15

He unfreezes time and lets Cho-hui get hit by the car. This, apparently, is some sort of way to make a point and he disappears after leaving Ryeon to sob on the road and Cho-hui to bleed to death. After he leaves, Jun-woong consoles Ryeon while Ryung-gu calls an ambulance to save Cho-hui. Ryeon goes around exacting revenge on everyone who spread rumours against and left hateful comments for Cho-hui. I mean, she burns this one guy with her powers – totally badass.

However, it’s not going to go down well at Jumadeung because, obviously, this is against the rules. Things have gone out of hand by a lot and Jun-woong rushes to find Ryeon and stop her after Ryung-gu tells him that he couldn’t do it. On the other hand, the Director is having a very hard time herself after the Board sends Dae-un for a visit, who proposes to take Ryeon back to Hell.

Final Thoughts: Tomorrow Episode 15

tomorrow episode 15
Still From Tomorrow Episode 15

This is a really nice episode and I only say this because we are going to watch Jung-gil and Ryeon invariably ending up with each other in the next episode! Jokes aside, I think the series is nicely keeping all of its cards to its chest and opening up to give us just a little bit of information to send us in deeper thought! Although my mind was elsewhere this episode thanks to Jung-gil throwing a tantrum and almost learning everything, I think Cho-hui’s plot is really important.

The life of idol stars is not easy and we all know that. The amount of love and hate that they get can wear anyone down, especially when you’re a one-man show. The storyline is done well, and I wonder whether Jun-woong is falling for Cho-hui? Either way, the star of the show is Jung-gil and I just want to know how he will react to finally learning the truth.

With the way it is going, I have a feeling that the Devil will be the bearer of bad news this time around as well. I am glad that they remembered about the Reaper’s Vow, I almost thought that they were never going to talk about it again. Plus, the fact that the Reapers are facing some sort of consequence for breaking laws repeatedly makes me think that balance has been restored in the celestial world.

Tomorrow is streaming on Netflix.

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Does Jung-gil realise his connection with Ryeon in Tomorrow episode 15?

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Tomorrow Episode 15 Recap: Jung-gil Exacts His Reaper's VowDoes Jung-gil realise his connection with Ryeon in Tomorrow episode 15?