Tomorrow Episode 14 Recap: Ryeon’s Past That We Wanted But Were Not Ready For

Tomorrow (내일) is a Korean drama-fantasy series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook and stars Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma. Tomorrow episode 14 is titled Wind Flower and has a runtime of 63 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Tomorrow Episode 14 recap contains major spoilers –
– TW: Violence –

Tomorrow episode 14 starts with Ryeon telling Jun-woong off for trying to have a drink together. She’s clearly not in the mood and him trying to be overtly friendly makes her lash out. As she passes out after drinking too much, Jun-woong comes back again to help her home and sees the red thread on her arm, symbolizing the fact that she took her life when she was alive. The next day, Ryeon goes off to meet a friend and refuses to engage with Jun-woong. When he later checks out her profile, her Negative Energy is at 100% which concerns him quite a bit.

tomorrow episode 14
Still From Tomorrow Episode 14

He shares his concern with Ryung-gu, who tells him that it’s probably her day off which means that today is the day she died. Reapers only get that day off so obviously she’s in a foul mood – not many people have a great death. Meanwhile, Ryeon recognizes her friend from her past life on a billboard and is happy to see that she has made it well in her life.

Jun-woong goes to meet the Director in a desperate attempt to help Ryeon. The Director reminds him that shouldering others’ pain is not an easy feat and since Ryeon knows this, she doesn’t want to say anything. However, Jun-woong directly asks her whether Ryeon killed herself and whether she is connected to Jung-gil in some way. The Director is taken aback after knowing the kind of questions he’s asking and asks him what is Ryeon to him. He truthfully tells her although she was cold at first, he admires her and wants to help her in any way possible. His answer impresses the Director and she agrees to tell him about her past.

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About 400 years ago, Ryeon was quite the adventurous girl who would sneak away in order to hunt. On one such expedition, she meets the arrogant Jung-gil and saves some villagers from having their heads cut off by him. She’s kind-hearted and the villagers seem to like her sweetness. Later on, when Jung-gil gets bit by a snake, she takes him to the villagers and saves him from death’s door. After an arduous few days, Jung-gil is all better and finds a new lease on life thanks to Ryeon’s firm ideals.

Meanwhile, Ryeon has other problems to handle – after her marriage is fixed to an unknown man, she tells her father that she refuses to marry someone whom she doesn’t know and then goes off to tell the guy off as well. However, she is pleasantly surprised to learn that she is supposed to marry Jung-gil and, of course, there’s no problem with marrying him. After some cute courting and love blossoming between the two, Ryeon and Jung-gil get married.

However, after spending a great number of years together, their marital bliss comes to an end when the Barbarians invade their country. As Jung-gil goes off to fight, Ryeon defends her home from the barbarians but is caught in the end. I must comment here that she looks absolutely amazing saving people by using her mad archery skills. Meanwhile, Jung-gil comes back from war to find everything destroyed. His mother is safe but is heartbroken to find his wife missing and goes off to find her.

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Tomorrow Episode 14 Recap: Ryeon's Past That We Wanted But Were Not Ready For
Still From Tomorrow Episode 14

Meanwhile, Ryeon is no ordinary woman and poisons the barbarians that night and runs off with the other women to safety, narrowly missing her husband. However, they all do come back safe eventually but keeping it true to the last episode, they are shunned by their own village. Even a year after that, people look down on them – as Ryeon puts it, their crime was to return alive. Jung-gil’s mother isn’t too happy about her daughter-in-law either and wants him to marry someone else.

Jung-gil, however, is a true gentleman and protects his wife’s honour at every turn. However, he is no match for his own mother’s poison, who tells Ryeon that her virtue is not worth more than the family’s honour and asks her to end her life. Tragically, when the villagers kill Gop-dan, Ryeon finally breaks and decides to end her misery. However, Jung-gil is having none of it and tells her never to do something like that again.

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tomorrow episode 14
Still From Tomorrow Episode 14

Unfortunately, Jung-gil murdering villagers who continue to spout nonsense about his wife makes Ryeon realise that her husband is changing for the worse and that night, she ends her life with the belief that she has nothing to be ashamed of and that she has done nothing wrong. As Ryeon’s body is being taken away, Jung-gil breaks down holding his wife for the last time and lamenting his inability to protect her.

Final Thoughts: Tomorrow Episode 14

You know, I have been waiting to watch this backstory for some time. But now that I know what Ryeon’s past was like, I realise that I was not ready for it and I am unsure whether Jun-woong will come out of it in one piece either.

On par with the last episode, Tomorrow episode 14 continues to show us the absolute injustice women face in society. If you thought living in the 21st century would be better for us, unfortunately, it is not. The kind, fierce and admirable Ryeon’s downfall thanks to society and her own family is unfair and thus, unbearable. Tomorrow episode 13 makes so much more sense right now!

tomorrow episode 14
Still From Tomorrow Episode 14

On top of that, Jung-gil’s character is just so great as well. He isn’t a man of many words, but he’s sweet as heck and will resort to murder to protect his wife. Probably not the ideal outcome, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed. It’s a far cry from the unfeeling alien that he has become now, which is a shame considering how adorable and empathetic he was in his past life.

Considering how much they loved each other, it’s also shocking that Ryeon remembers everything and is still able to work with Jung-gil every day. It further proves that she’s a woman with a lot of conviction and morals. Her character just keeps getting better and right now, I have nothing but admiration and sympathy for her.

But the real question is – what’s going to happen now? How will Jung-gil react when he gets to know, because let’s be real, he will obviously get to know. I really hope there’s going to be a happy ending for them. After today’s episode, they deserve it very badly.

Tomorrow is streaming on Netflix.

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Tomorrow episode 14 gives us a very in-depth taste of Ryeon's life, but were we ready for it?


  1. I thought Ryeon didnt rememver anything since some of her past was locked? Still Can’t wait to find out what the Director meant to save what she wanted to save before. Is it their marriage? hmm.

    • I think Ryeon remembers, though. The way she behaves around Jung-gil and the way she felt when she saw Chun-hee – she remembers.

  2. They have such good chemistry, and he just showed what a wonderful and loving husband he was. I never ugly cried so bad in any kdrama.

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Tomorrow episode 14 gives us a very in-depth taste of Ryeon's life, but were we ready for it?Tomorrow Episode 14 Recap: Ryeon's Past That We Wanted But Were Not Ready For