Tomorrow Episode 13 Recap: Rowoon Promises to Remember

Tomorrow (내일) is a Korean drama-fantasy series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook and stars Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma. Tomorrow episode 13 is titled Spring and has a runtime of 59 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Tomorrow Episode 13 recap contains major spoilers –
– TW: Rape | Extreme Violence –

After a confusing moment unable to access his own files, Jung-gil meets a new member of the Escort Team whom he had once taken to the afterlife. He tells Bo-yun that he remembers her and although her appearance has changed, he has memories from when he first met her. It’s a sweet moment when she fangirls over him and after she leaves, telling him that she looks up to him, he smiles satisfactorily. Meanwhile, Ryeon decides to see Yoo Bok-hui, someone who has been under the RM Team’s eye for a while. They have to work closely with the Escort Team in this case and Bo-yun will work with them.

tomorrow episode 13
Still From Tomorrow Episode 13

Surprisingly, the Director tells Ryeon that the case is connected to Jun-woong’s past and that no one really knows that yet. As Bo-yun meets the RM team, Jun-woong funnily starts behaving as one of the oldies in the group and welcomes her to Jumadeung, shocking Ryung-gu with his casual attitude. As they start working, they learn that they have to save Bok-hui while Bo-yun will escort someone called Jeong-mun, who desperately wants to see Bok-hui before she passes.

The team goes to meet Bok-hui, who is cleaning a statue on the road. It reminds her of her friend Yun-i, who was forced to become a comfort woman for the Japanese army. Thus, in memory of her friend, she takes care of the statue as a way of coping with her loss. Surprisingly, Bok-hui realises that the people in front of her are Reapers and asks them why they are there. Ryeon assures her that they are not there to take her with them but to stop her from ending her life.

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tomorrow episode 13
Still From Tomorrow Episode 13

The two Reapers implore Bok-hui to meet Jeong-mun since they both know Yun-i. Meanwhile, Bo-yun tells Jun-woong the story of how she first met Jung-gil during the war when he saved them from being taken to the Japanese afterworld (because that’s surely a thing). Bo-yun seems to be in awe of Jung-gil and I guess that’s a given, considering that he saved her from having a horrible fate even after death.

Meanwhile, Bok-hui meets Jeong-mun and the former decides to unload her guilty conscience on Jeong-mun. In return, Jeong-mun, too, tells her about Yun-i and their lives in the Japanese military camps. It’s a story of heartbreak, perseverance and hope but one that you leave you feeling a little hollow on the inside.

I don’t think I can repeat the story because it would absolutely break my heart once again. But it is absolutely devastating to think that the world is going through a war as we speak and this is the reality for so many women. I cannot believe the heartbreak, suffering and fear that one has to carry with them.

tomorrow episode 13

Anyway, after the story is over, Bok-hui comes out of the room and comes face to face with Yun-i, who is now Reaper Bo-yun. As the two friends embrace, the latter asks her childhood friend to stay alive and well just how she has till now because that’s all she asks of her. Plus, she also assures her that she has done nothing wrong, so there’s nothing to apologise for.

As the time then comes for Jeong-mun to pass on to the afterlife, Jun-woong takes the mantle of telling her. However, after initially declining to give up this early, Jeong-mun is shocked to see that she knows Jun-woong from the past during her time in the Japanese camps. Turns out he was a soldier who saved the girls when they were caught by the Japanese while running away. Jun-woong says that he doesn’t remember his own past but he promises to not let anyone forget what happened to them.

tomorrow episode 13
Still From Tomorrow Episode 13

After many tears, Jeong-mun comes face to face with Yun-i, who also tells her to let go and that she will always be there for all of them since they were and are in this together. Promising to meet Bok-hui smiling the next time, Bo-yun holds Jeong-mun and goes on to the afterlife. Afterwards, Jun-woong goes to the Monument of Peace and keeps a sunflower, promising the statue that he will always remember.

In the epilogue, Jeong-mun tells the Director that she is not afraid of what people say, as long as more people remember the truth and don’t let anyone distort it. The director tells her that she has given Bo-yun a special leave today so that she and her friends can all visit their hometown. In the last scene, a now younger Jeong-mun goes off with her friends to their hometown to paint their nails with balsam leaves, something that they had promised to do in the military camps.

Final Thoughts: Tomorrow Episode 13

This episode reminds me of the amazing A Soul Becomes a Star, episode 6 of the series. That one was one of my favourites and this one too, talking about the perils of war and the different ways it takes lives, totally crushed my heart. Handled with care and a lot of heart and warmth, the episode does a fantastic job bringing the point home – how war doesn’t just mean soldiers and their death. There are other ways that war affects people, ways that anyone hardly ever talks about and chooses to rather forget.

The episode broke my heart if nothing then for the fantastic acting from the young actors who portray Jeong-mun and Yun-i. You could feel their pain through the screen as if it’s real footage that you’re watching although I am pained to think that in reality, women in such a situation might have suffered a worse fate. Although you cannot go back in time to help them get out of such a situation, the least you can do is remember them and what they went through.

tomorrow episode 13
Still From Tomorrow Episode 13

Also, a quick mention – I am disgusted to think that we, in the 21st century, are in the middle of a war and am constantly heartbroken to think about what the people are going through right now and can only hope that no one is going through something similar.

But, I digress.

Tomorrow episode 13 does not showcase any further backstory of the characters, except a short clip of Jun-woong. At one point before the revelation, I almost thought that he was a Japanese soldier. They got me in the first half there. But, of course, he was a good guy. Not much of an arc for him, but at least we learn some of his past, even if it’s just a sliver.

Either way, this episode warmed me and totally broke me. It’s a topic worth discussing, understanding and empathising with.

Tomorrow is streaming on Netflix.

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Tomorrow Episode 13 Recap: Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon Promise to Remember the victims.

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