Tomorrow Episode 12 Recap: Yun Ji-on Gets a Fitting Story End

Tomorrow (내일) is a Korean drama-fantasy series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook and stars Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma. Tomorrow episode 12 is titled West Sky 2 and has a runtime of 59 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Tomorrow Episode 12 recap contains major spoilers –
– TW: Suicide, infant death, slight violence –

Life in a new department seems quite new and boring for Ryung-gu, who is in the sales team and teasing the new guy. Well… Not so new then. Meanwhile, Jun-woong seems to be missing Ryung-gu, in spite of saying that he is thankful for not having to live with his nagging. While out on a grocery run, Jun-woong is shocked to get a notification on his phone – Yu-hwa is on suicide watch. He is shocked and cannot believe what he’s seeing.

Coming back to the office, he immediately discusses what to do with Ryeon and wonders whether they should tell Ryung-gu, since, well, she’s still sort of his mother. However, Ryeon isn’t for that at all. According to her, Ryung-gu left reassured that she’d be all right so it’s better that he doesn’t get to know. And anyway, she really isn’t his mother. Meanwhile, we see Yu-hwa, a shell of her former self. Things between her and her husband also look a bit shaky and she hallucinates about her baby, whom, we know now, isn’t alive. However, that hallucination results in the RM Team to get incorrect results, confusing Jun-woong and Ryeon.

tomorrow episode 12
Still from Tomorrow Episode 12

Jun-woong goes to Ryung-gu for help later, but stops himself from coming clean just in the nick of time. The next day, Jun-woong and Ryeon follow Yu-hwa around and get to know from the manager that she lost her baby. Things at the store don’t look too great for Yu-hwa as she is constantly reminded of her baby by her own body and the people around her. As an audience, you can’t help but feel just heartbroken for her. However, what takes the cake of heartbreak is when we learn how she lost her baby. Retail work is absolutely gruesome.

While Yu-hwa, however, is having a hard in the bathroom stall, there is a hilarious moment when the same harassing customer comes to charge at her but the Director, of all people, pulls her by the hair and, essentially, tells her to f-off. She then buys all the children’s shoes in the store and asks Jun-woong to deliver them anonymously to an orphanage. After their shift is over, the team drops Yu-hwa off at home after she collapses on the ground. Once at her house, they are shocked to notice that her Negative Energy has gone down quite a lot again.

tomorrow episode 12
Still from Tomorrow Episode 12

Confused, they check out what’s going on and find her sleeping. They deduce that it must be something about her dreams that is making her levels fluctuate and she goes off to take a dive into Yu-hwa’s dreams. Once inside, she finds Yu-hwa dreaming about her baby, feeding him, and taking care of him. When Ryeon tries to knock some sense into her, she tries to run away from her and is unable to face the reality. As Jun-woong tries to wake her up, he finds out that Yu-hwa has taken a bunch of sleeping pills. He calls emergency services and then informs Ryung-gu who rushes to save her mother.

He, too, jumps into Yu-hwa’s dream and tells Ryeon to leave it up to him to help her. In between that discussion, she also tries to convince Yu-hwa, who keeps denying that this is a dream. However, when Ryeon tells Ryung-gu that if Yu-hwa doesn’t wake up, she will never be able to see her Honeybee ever again, the bereaved mother is shocked and asks whether this is truly a dream. As Jun-woong tries to save Yu-hwa’s physical body, Ryung-gu tries to convince her to let Honeybee go in her dreams. As she wakes up, the team, too, is thankful for a job well done.

The next day, Yu-hwa and her husband have an honest conversation with each other and the two seemingly make up and promise to be there for each other. Remembering Ryung-gu’s words, she writes a message on the beach for her child and afterwards, meets Ryung-gu who asks for her permission to be selfish for more time. He reminds her of her past life and tells her that he’s her son. He tells her sobbing that he wishes that he could take back everything that he had said when he was young and apologises to her. She also apologises for leaving him alone to grow up and they both hug and sob into each other’s arms.

tomorrow episode 12
Still from Tomorrow Episode 12

He also assures her that she will meet Honeybee soon again and that he will always be there to protect her. She implores him to stop being a Grim Reaper and live his life, but he tells her that there are more reasons why he wants to keep doing what he’s doing. He then walks away, wiping her memory of this conversation.

Later on, the three of them have drinks together and have a very light-hearted and heartwarming conversation. It’s amazing to watch how much Jun-woong has integrated himself into the RM team; his camaraderie with Ryeon as they both tease Ryung-gu for coming back to the RM team is quite sweet and a welcome break from all the heartbreak.

As Ryeon meets the Director the next day, the latter informs her that the RM team needs to keep an eye on a mother who just lost her child. Although the Director will swoop in from time to time, they will still need to keep her under a keen eye. She then goes out with Jung-gil after saying that wounds like the mother’s will take more than one reincarnation to heal. He is intrigued to learn whether that statement has anything to do with his past and wants to know exactly what happened to him in the past. Unfortunately, the Director asks him to figure it out himself.

tomorrow episode 12
Still from Tomorrow Episode 12

He goes off to read the book on his life but is a bit confused to learn that the life previous to the previous one is locked by the Director and the only other person whose file is also locked is Ryeon’s. As Jung-gil keeps thinking of everything that the Director has told him, and realises that his life is somehow connected to Ryeon’s and that the latter is lying about it.

 In the epilogue, the Director reads Yu-hwa’s letter to her Honeybee and then tells the little girl that it’s time to go to her mother.

Final Thoughts: Tomorrow Episode 12

A good end to Ryung-gu’s story and Tomorrow leaves four whole episodes for Ryeon’s backstory that it has been teasing us with and a hopefully positive resolution to everything.

I really resonated with this episode. I think people don’t give enough empathy to those who lose their children. It’s such a hard concept – I can’t even begin to wonder how hopeless and empty it might feel. The series brings that hopelessness to light while talking about how children feel when they see their parents going through pain. It’s balanced from both sides and I think one of the best moments from the show till now is the conversation between Ryung-gu and Yu-hwa. It’s warm and affectionate and with so much heart in it.

tomorrow episode 12
Still from Tomorrow Episode 12

On the other hand, it’s also heartwarming to watch Jun-woong becoming such a lovely part of the team. It’s weird to think that he wasn’t a part of their lives at one point because I can’t imagine this case to have gone as smoothly as it did if it wasn’t for Jun-woong. He made the right call at the right time.

I think my only quip is it the series just doesn’t discuss even one bit about Yu-hwa’s husband. Like, he lost a child too and we simple know nothing about what he feels and how he’s holding up. It’s almost as if he’s a robot out to fill a role. Fathers are just as heartbroken about losing their kids, guys. It’s time that we showcased that too!

This episode, again, feels relatively exposition-y and although Yu-hwa is a different person altogether in the present, it feels like it’s there only for Ryung-gu to be more humanised. Because otherwise, he was just that boring employee that hates everyone around him for no reason whatsoever. But I will be remiss if I didn’t mention it here – the thought that Jumadeung has a sales team is absolutely hilarious to me.

Tomorrow is streaming on Netflix.

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Tomorrow Episode 12 is a sweet episode but still pretty exposition-y!

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Tomorrow Episode 12 is a sweet episode but still pretty exposition-y!Tomorrow Episode 12 Recap: Yun Ji-on Gets a Fitting Story End