Through My Window (2022) Review: A Cat and Mouse Game Gone Wild

Directed by Marçal Forés and starring Clara Galle and Julio Peña in pivotal roles, the Spanish movie Through My Window or A través de mi Ventana which is an adaptation of the 2016 Wattpad novel written by Venezuelan author Ariana Godoy.

Starring alongside Gale and Peña are Guillermo Lasheras, Eric Masip, Pilar Castro, Hugo Arbues, Lucía de la Puerta, and Natalia Azahara. The feature is directed by Marçal Forés, with Adrián Guerra and Núria Valls serving as producers.

Netflix’s Through My Window does not contain any spoilers

Through My Window is All About Love, Passion and Timing

Through My Window is a steamy romance set in a bustling and vibrant background. The film’s plot proceeds reasonably well despite its unusual setting. As Raquel’s obsession with Ares grows, so does the stakes – particularly as she discovers that he is watching everything she does online.

The two spend increasing amounts of time together as they embark on a series of increasingly dangerous endeavours. While their relationship begins as one of classic romantic tension, it gradually evolves into something darker; trust issues arise, and the boundaries between the two begin to blur.

Through My Window (2022) Review: A Cat and Mouse Game Gone Wild

Through My Window is a charming tale of opposites attracting and seduction, both physically and in the form of verbal sparring. It’s also a sort of metaphor for life itself — when we’re forced to take stock of our lives, we often find that we’re not living up to our potential. We are who we are because of the habits that have been ingrained over time, and once we shed those habits, we can become better versions of ourselves.

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The Truth of Relationships Unravelled in Through My Window

From the moment you see Clara Galle in the title role, you’ll know that this is one of those films that will continue to be great in your mind long after you’ve watched it. From her gorgeous, layered makeup to her expressive eyes, it’s easy to see why she was chosen to play Raquel. However, the entire cast does an excellent job with their roles instead of just a specific person.

The cast of characters is well-rounded, with each providing an exciting twist on their real-life counterparts. While some of the characters are more fleshed out than others, all are presented so that we get to know them first and foremost as people with distinct personalities and opinions. The relationships between each character are also thoroughly explored and add meaning to the overall narrative.

Through My Window (2022) Review: A Cat and Mouse Game Gone Wild

A good story takes on many forms, and writers need to understand how to use the medium of film to tell their story. Through My Window is a film that uses the window as its primary focus, but going off into the world beyond makes this film unique from others. The through-my-window motif used in the movie effectively makes the audience feel like they are looking through a window during this artistic piece.

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Through My Window Takes You on A Roller-Coaster Ride of Love laced with Lust      

The love that runs through both characters’ lives is lovely to witness, and it makes the film more than just a simple love story. It’s also inventive because we have an interesting window motif that acts primarily as a distraction device.

We all have those moments when we wish we could be our hero and do something to see how it turns out. Moments like that are what make movies great. And while there are plenty of films (and even books) that have been lauded for their depiction of the mundane, it is those moments of magic and wonder that take us on a journey.

Through My Window (2022) Review: A Cat and Mouse Game Gone Wild

Some movies reach a point where you start to wonder if they’re trying to tell a story at all; the plot becomes clear, the characters begin to fall into place, and you begin to feel as if you’ve seen this movie before—a sentiment I’m sure many moviegoers can relate to. But then something happens when you least expect it, which is precisely what the director achieved with Through My Window.

Several times during the film, things seem to fall apart, and in some cases, they don’t seem to make sense at all. However, each time there is a quick cut, the story switches gears like a needle on a record player, leaving you wondering what just happened and often asking yourself, “how did I get here?” These changes in direction give the film a sense of unpredictability that keeps it from becoming one long string of cliches.

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Stream It or Skip It?

Through My Window (2022) Review: A Cat and Mouse Game Gone Wild

A great conversation starter, Through My Window is a mysterious and enigmatic story about the power of one’s imagination and how it shapes their world. One of the great things about this film is that it can combine two genres — romance and mystery — into one smoothly flowing plot with a little bit of everything.

Through My Window is streaming on Netflix.

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Through My Window is a charming tale of opposites attracting and seduction, both physically and in the form of verbal sparring.


  1. I thought it was excellent! It captures that time in adolescence when you’re trying to figure out who you are in the midst of a tidal wave of insecurities. Both Raquel and Ares have fears they need to face and they both become a catalyst for the other to do so. They definitely play a lot of mind games with each other in the beginning, but both being super passionate and lusty personalities, it soon catches up to them.

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Through My Window is a charming tale of opposites attracting and seduction, both physically and in the form of verbal sparring.Through My Window (2022) Review: A Cat and Mouse Game Gone Wild