The White Lotus Episode 5 Recap: Ugh, The Lotus-Eaters!

The White Lotus Episode 5 ‘The Lotus-Eaters’ is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Directed by Mike White, the 1-hour episode stars Murray Bartlet, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Fred Hechinger, Jake Lacy, Brittany O’Grady, Natasha Rothwell, Sydney Sweeney, Steve Zahn, Molly Shanon, Lukas Gage, Jon Gries, Molly Shanon and Kekoa Scott Kekumano.

The description for The Lotus-Eaters reads – Feeling sidelined, Rachel begins to rethink her marriage. Armond attempts damage control. Paula becomes disillusioned with the Mossbachers.

– The White Lotus Episode 5 Recap Contains Spoilers –

The Lotus-Eaters begin with Paula-Kai and Tanya-Greg sharing a good time. Kai gifts a necklace to Paula and asks her to be with him forever. But Paula tells him that she has to leave soon as she has college and her whole life ahead of her. Armond is in panic mode, and Shane saw him getting some of Dillon’s a** at the end of Episode 4.

It’s a new day at The White Lotus hotel that begins with drama. Mark and Nicole argue as the former told their son Quinn about his infidelity. Paula tells Olivia to keep the necklace in the safe and lies that her grandmother gave it. She hears the safe’s passcode and tells Kai that they all are going scuba diving and he can steal the money and live a better life.

Armond tries to cover up at the breakfast table and finally offers Shane and Rachel the Pineapple Suit. Shane doesn’t say anything but only has an evil smile as he looks at Armond. Tanya whines in front of Belinda again about how she’s afraid of letting Greg get to the ‘core of onion’ (her body) as she’s insecure he might get repulsed. Belinda consoles her nicely and also gives the business papers to Tanya. If you remember, Tanya suggested to Belinda that she should start her own spa business. Yet again, the white, wealthy lady is drowned in self-pity to pay attention to anything else.

There are two big twists in The White Lotus Episode 5, The Lotus-Eaters. When the Mossbachers and Paula get into the boat for scuba-diving, Mark and Nicole fight. They leave the boat and decide to head back to the room. Kai is stealing their belongings in their room, and while escaping, he hits Mark in the face. When the kids return, the cops are inspecting the room for fingerprints or any proof. Paula is distraught as her planning landed Kai in trouble.

At the swimming pool, Shane’s mother, Kitty, tells Rachel how she keeps her son happy. Kitty also tells Rachel that she’s lucky to have made her place in his life after many girls failed to do so. A confused Rachel asks Kitty if she’s calling her a trophy wife, to which her mother-in-law responds, ‘What’s so wrong about that?’ Rachel’s expressions tell us that she’s regretting marrying Shane and getting into a rich family.

It’s nighttime, and Belinda and Tanya are having dinner. Tanya says she was too distracted to read Belinda’s business proposal. Tanya also leaves the resort’s spa manager in the middle of their dinner when she gets a text from Greg. The Mossbachers have dinner, and Armond apologises to them for the robbery incident. The manager informs them that their stay is comped by the hotel.

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The White Lotus Episode 5 Still
The White Lotus Episode 5 Recap: Still from the series

The White Lotus Episode 5 ends with Tanya pushing Greg away and telling him that she’s difficult and insecure. Greg says, ‘I still wanna f*ck you,’ and they get into action. Kitty’s stay ends at the hotel, who tells Rachel while leaving to be ‘happy’. In their room, Rachel says to herself, ‘I’ve made a terrible mistake’, hinting at her decision of marrying Shane. Olivia raises suspicion towards Paula and says that isn’t it weird how her necklace got stolen an hour after she asked her to keep it in the safe.

Armond and Belinda sit together at the dinner table as they discuss The White Lotus guests. He expresses his disgust towards the Lotus-Eaters and says, ‘Sometimes just watching them eat every night makes me want to gouge my eyes out’.

The White Lotus Episode 5 Recap: Is it worth watching?

The latest episode is making me doubt if someone actually got murdered in the series or not. Did Shane lie to the couple out of frustration because Rachel decides to leave him? Whatever it is, the drama has gotten exciting. Also, how stupid of Paula to put Kai in trouble when she could’ve walked out of the boat too by giving some excuse, as she did at the dinner table once! The last episode is releasing next week, and I can’t wait to see how the wealthy people’s drama ends.

The White Lotus Episode 5 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The White Lotus Episode 5 Recap: Paula lands Kai in trouble while trying to help him. Rachel is regretting getting married to the wealthy guy, Shane.


  1. I think someone dies, but it will be interesting to see how everything is wrapped up in only one more episode. A few minutes into the premiere, Shane tells the couple at the airport to leave him alone (he’s actually much meaner). Then he walks over to the windows and sees a box marked ‘Human Remains’ being loaded onto the plane’s storage. I think it’s too big of a box to just be Tanya’s mother’s remains. I definitely think that Rachel leaves Shane, and I hope it isn’t that he goes into a fit of rage and kills her. On the other hand, he doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would take rejection too well. I also think someone dying at the resort would play into the whole colonization of Hawaii theme, like the islands are just a playground to all of the wealthy white people who visit them. It seems believable that someone would die, only for nothing to be done about it (white privilege), which makes me worry for the POC on the show.

    • If someone dies and *if* the killer gets away with it, it’s going to be disappointing but probably not shocking because of how the show has been so far. These guests are all weird. Let’s see what happens in the last episode.

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The White Lotus Episode 5 Recap: Ugh, The Lotus-Eaters!The White Lotus Episode 5 Recap: Paula lands Kai in trouble while trying to help him. Rachel is regretting getting married to the wealthy guy, Shane.