The White Lotus Episode 4 Recap: Recentering and Getting Caught Naked!

The White Lotus Episode 4, called Recentering (57 minutes), is now out on Disney+. Directed by Mike White, the HBO series stars Murray Bartlet, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Fred Hechinger, Jake Lacy, Brittany O’Grady, Natasha Rothwell, Sydney Sweeney, Steve Zahn, Molly Shanon, Lukas Gage, Jon Gries, and Kekoa Scott Kekumano.

The plot reads, ‘Rachel floats a career change to Shane. Belinda starts to take Tanya’s proposition seriously. Armond’s renewed sobriety is put to the test.’

– The White Lotus Episode 4 Recap contains spoilers –

The White Lotus Episode 4 Recentering opens with Paula and her boyfriend Kai enjoying some romantic moments by the sea. We find out that Paula keeps her new romance secret from BFF Olivia because she’s known for stealing her guys in the past. Paula says, “If I have something of my own, she wants it.” Kai reveals that the hotel land belonged to his family, but the white people stole it from them. Now, he’s working for them as one of their staff members.

Armond confesses to Belinda about taking Xanax and other meds as he lost control. Armond also tells her how Mark asked him to f*ck him in the ass, and if he keeps taking the meds, he might actually consider it. Mark has no idea about anything (making Rachel uncomfortable, flirting with Armond and other girls) he did a day before as he was drunk. At breakfast, Olivia assures Paula that she’s changed and not a boyfriend stealer anymore. She hopes that her BFF will talk about her relationship with Kai, but Paula reveals nothing.

Still from The White Lotus Episide 4
The White Lotus Episode 4 Recap: Recentering still

At the breakfast table, Rachel informs Shane that she keeps journalism on the back burner for a while and wants to do charity, non-profit work. When the Mossbacher family arrives, Rachel calls them weird, but Shane says Tanya is weird. Belinda asks Paula and Olivia if they got their bag which she had handed to Dillon. The girls again ask Armond about their bag.

Armond has no choice but to return the bag, so when he’s walking from their table to his office, Shane calls him. Armond ignores Shane and heads straight to the office. Armond returns the bag to the girls but takes away some meds for himself. Shane confronts The White Lotus hotel manager for ruining his romantic evening with Rachel and ignoring him. The manager promises he’ll make it up to him with a big gesture in the evening. Shane tells him he wants to speak to the boss and asks for the owner’s number.

In the latest episode, we find out that Mark and Nicole’s son Quinn might be gay. Nicole tells Olivia and Paula to involve Quinn in their activities at the pool as it’s a hard time for ‘straight, white men’. Both the girls dismiss her claim and realise that some of the meds are missing. When they ask Armond about it, he says they can write down whatever’s missing, and the staff will find it. But that’s a lot to do, so the girls ignore him.

Still 2 from The White Lotus Episode 4
The White Lotus Episode 4 Recap: Recentering still 2

Armond invites Shane’s mother Kitty (Molly Shanon) as a surprise for the couple. Shane is happy, but Rachel doesn’t seem much pleased with her presence. Belinda is serious about starting her spa business and informs Tanya about the same. Tanya tells Belinda that she’ll discuss the business idea with her at the dinner. However, Tanya meets a new guest named Greg, who asks her out for the date. Tanya cancels her dinner plans with Belinda and to go out with Greg.

The dinner scene in The White Lotus Episode 4 Recentering interestingly changes the narrative. Armond sets up a Hawaiin performance for the guests and gets a bit touchy towards Mark. Quinn notices it and tells his dad that the manager was flirting with him. The Mossbacher family starts debating how straight white men are ignored in society and have to prove they’re not racist. Olivia tells her parents that such movements are important as everything cannot be ‘recentered’ around them (white people). Quinn gets annoyed by the discussion and says, how does it matter as people still behave the way they want to; many still pollute the ocean by throwing the garbage.

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Shane tells his mother Kitty about Rachel’s plans to take a break from journalism and get involved in charity work. Kitty tells Rachel to work for her as doing jobs is not going to pay enough. Rachel tells them she wants to take up the work as she wants to do something meaningful. But the mother-son duo annoys the hell out of her by making it all about money, mainly Kitty. Greg tells Tanya that he is a part of the BLM movement. She thinks it means Black Lives Matter, but he corrects her and says he’s a part of the Bureau of Land Management.

There is nudity in The White Lotus Episode 4. A lot happens in the dramatic climax. Tanya and Greg have sex, and it looks like she forgets about Belinda. Paula storms out of the dining table to see Kai perform for the guests. In her absence, Olivia walks to Kai and strikes a conversation. Shane and Rachel argue about his mother’s reaction to her work matter. Shane tries to call the hotel owner with Armond’s given number, only to realise it’s a fake one. He walks out of the room to confront Armond in the middle of the argument, which angers Rachel.

Still 3 from The White Lotus Episode 4
The White Lotus Episode 4 Recap: Recentering still 3

Armond tells his staff boy Dillon that he’s high and wants to have sex with him. They both get high on drugs, get naked and plan to get in action. Shane tells Belinda he wants to talk to Armond. When Belinda opens the office door, she and Shane are shocked to see Armond giving Dillon a r*m job. Hell has come crashing down for Armond, and Shane is now a happy devil as he says to himself, “Dude’s going down.”

The White Episode 4 Recap: Is it worth watching?

To begin with, today’s episode was well-written, and the background music added appeal and lewdness as needed. We also get to figure out who might end up being dead in the coming episodes. Rachel now has a motive to kill Kitty because of how obnoxious she is. Olivia tried to hit on Kai, and we don’t know how Paula will react when she finds out. Quinn might be gay, and his homophobic father may have difficulty digesting the truth if he finds out. It’s either one of them or none of them.

The White Lotus Episode 4 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The White Lotus Episode 4 Recap: Titled Recentering, Shane & Rachel get a surprise visit from someone. We find out why Paula is hiding her boyfriend from Olivia.

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