The White Lotus Episode 2 Recap: New Day, New Drama

The White Lotus Episode 2, New Day, is now out. Directed and written by Mike White, the 55-minute episode stars Murray Barlett, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Fred Hechinger, Jake Lacy, Brittany O’Grady, Natasha Rothwell, Sydney Sweeney and Steve Zahn.

For Indians, the episodes of the HBO Original series is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The White Lotus Episode 2 Recap for New Day contains spoilers. The plot for the new episode reads, ‘A cautiously optimistic Belinda walks a fine line with Tanya, while Armond brainstorms ways to deal with Shane.’

New Day starts with a new day for the wealthy guests of the White Lotus hotel. Olivia and Paula have a chill time smoking up and doing drugs in their room. Mark and Nicole are relieved as he doesn’t have testicular cancer. The morning starts with Rachel informing Shane that she has got a new freelance story to cover. He tells his wife that she doesn’t have to do such small work now, especially during their honeymoon as she’s married to a rich family. She is not pleased with his response.

The White Lotus Episode 2 Recap: Still 1
The White Lotus Episode 2 Recap: Still from the series

It looks like Shane is not ready to let go of the Pineapple Suite. After the breakfast, he shows The White Lotus hotel’s managed Armond the email in which Shane’s mom booked the lavish honeymoon suite for the couple. Armond informs that his mom is paying for the room they’re currently living in, but he can help him enjoy other things. Shane is not pleased, and yet again, he fails to convince Armond to give him the Pineapple Suite. All this while, Tanya gets another weird massage for Belinda. Armond is stressed about his pregnant trainee in the hospital and tells Belinda he wants to drink. Belinda reminds him how he’s been sober for five years.

The White Episode 2’s next scene is by the poolside. Rachel tries to convince Shane that her work is important, but he’s not really pleased. Nicole arrives there with her laptop in her hand and sits by the table. Rachel finally gets an opportunity to tell Nicole that she’s a fan and also discusses her career crisis and Shane’s point of view towards her career.

Nicole tells Rachel that power is independence and she shouldn’t let her power go. The writer-journalist informs Nicole that she once wrote an article on her. To her astonishment, Nicole says that it was a terrible article and didn’t show her in a positive limelight. Their interaction will remind you of the expression – Never meet your heroes.

During the afternoon at White Lotus, people are chilling either in their rooms, at the pool or by the sea. Olivia and Paula are doing drugs at the seashore. Tanya joins them, and she tells them the sad story of her mother’s demise. Somehow, they try to get her away and leave the spot and their drugs on the chair. When they return, all their stuff is gone. Both the girls are worried as drugs were the only fun they were having during the Hawaiin holiday.

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The last 15 minutes of The White Lotus Episode 2 is the dinner scene. Rachel tells Shane that she is taking up the writing project, and they both have an argument. Paula and Olivia are distracted as they’re worried about the drugs. Nicole tells her family how Rachel is her fan, but she’s a terrible journalist. Rachel tells Shane that Nicole and her daughter Paula are b*tches. Tanya and Belinda dine together and have a deep conversation about rich people. Tanya tells her that she has seen many rich, white f*cked up people.

Paula excuses herself from the dining tables and spends some time with one of the male staff from the hotel. Olivia also leaves and asks Armond if there’s a Lost and Found department. She spots Paula and the guy together.

The White Lotus Episode 2 Recap: Still 2
The White Lotus Episode 2: Still from the episode

At the end of the episode, Mark finds out that his father didn’t die of cancer but AIDS. Shane tries to be supportive of Rachel. Olivia asks Paula about the guy, but she gives a vague answer again. Armond, the hotel’s manager, has the drugs that belong to the girls. It looks like he’s stressed and might get addicted again. Paula’s brother Quinn goes to the beach to sleep and is mesmerised to see the beautiful seaside dawn.

The White Lotus Episode 2 Recap: Is it worth watching?

In the latest episode, our guests have finally spoken to each other. There’s friction between characters, and Armond is also on the verge of losing his sanity. The show is picking up quite well and building the curiosity of the murder mystery.

The White Lotus Episode 2 New Day is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The White Lotus Episode 2 Recap: It's a new day and the guests at the hotel are getting to know each other. It gives us a glimpse of the upcoming drama in the series.

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The White Lotus Episode 2 Recap: New Day, New DramaThe White Lotus Episode 2 Recap: It's a new day and the guests at the hotel are getting to know each other. It gives us a glimpse of the upcoming drama in the series.