The Weekend Away Review: Bland and Predictable Murder Mystery

The Weekend Away, a Netflix film starring Leighton Meester as Beth, Christina Wolfe as Kate, Ziad Bakri as Zain, Luke Norris as Rob, is now out. Directed by Kim Farrant, the story is based on Sarah Alderson’s novel of the same name. Sarah also penned the screenplay for the film. The latest murder mystery is 1 hour 31 minutes.

The synopsis reads, “THE WEEKEND AWAY is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that follows two best friends on a vacation gone awry. When one of them goes missing, the other must prove her innocence but her efforts to get to the truth uncover painful secrets.”

Netflix’s The Weekend Away Review Contains No Spoilers

Beth travels from London to meet her best friend Kate for a fun weekend. Beth has a husband named Rob, and the couple had recently become parents to a baby girl. Kate is a single woman who got separated from her partner Jay. The girls meet after a long time and just want to have fun together. Kate rents a lavish AirBnB for herself and her best friend. She uses her ex Jay’s credit card to pay the bills, which he isn’t aware of.

On their first night out, Kate and Beth go to an expensive restaurant, eat all the good food, and get drunk. The ladies then head to a bar where they meet two strangers. These men try to hit on Kate and Beth. But Beth has no interest as she’s married. They all get super drunk, and later at night, Kate goes missing. Beth informs the cops, who believe that Beth killed her best friend. So what happened at the bar? Did Beth really kill Kate? What was her intention?

With the way it begins, the Netflix film The Weekend Away immediately captures your attention. There’s a hint of trouble in the air. Many characters in the film appear suspicious when Kate goes missing. However, a  murder mystery enthusiast will immediately figure out who the culprit is. I even anticipated the reason for all this tragedy. So adding too many killer distractions didn’t help the plot.

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The Weekend Away Still

The Netflix film featured fantastic actors but a rather bland plot. There were no twists in the plot until the last 30 minutes. There was neither any thrill nor any tension built. You just watch the film till the end to see how you’ve become good at the guessing game.

Beth is played by Leighton Meester, who gives a good performance. If it weren’t obvious who the murderer was, no one would have guessed if Beth was truly heartbroken over Kate’s death or if she was the main suspect. Kate is played by Christina Wolfe, who is stunning. I was hoping for more screen time for the actor. The rest of the actors play their parts well.

The Weekend Away Review: Final Thoughts

The Weekend Away lacks intrigue, twists, and thrills in general. There are no brain-twisting moments. It contains some stunning Croatian scenes which one can appreciate virtually. But as a murder mystery, it is dull, and it doesn’t provide even a moment of bewilderment.

The film is now streaming on Netflix.

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The Weekend Away Review: Netflix film starring Leighton Meester isn't good enough to be called a thriller.


  1. I watched this film and picked the killer and his plan from the beginning . No guessing needed as far i eas concerned you this type of story has been done so many times before and the rest of the suspects just made up the numbers. The whole plot of this fim has been done so many times the movie became dull with no surprises at all. Nothing new and harldly what you call a twist these days.

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