The Ultimatum Review: Venessa Lachey and Nick Lachey are Back with Another Dumpster Fire

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is a reality TV series starring Nick and Venessa Lachey. The series has 10 episodes, each around 35-60 minutes long. The last two episodes are supposed to air on April 13.

Netflix describes the series as:

Get hitched or call it quits? Couples put their love to the test — while shacking up with other potential matches — in a provocative reality series.

– The Ultimatum review does not contain spoilers –

Ultimatums rarely work, right? I, at least, have read enough Reddit horror stories to know not to corner people to choose between you and a breakup. Sure, sometimes you have to grow a shiny backbone but, I mean, if the relationship has gone to the “giving ultimatum” phase, then you’re in for a bumpy ride ahead.

So, we all know, after Love is Blind season 2 and Byron Baes, that trusting Netflix with its reality TV shows isn’t a good idea, right? With that in mind, is The Ultimatum entertaining, salacious and full of gossip?

The Ultimatum

The series starts with one of the partners of one of the couples saying, “I want what I want, and that’s a ring!” The fact that these people have come to this show to find out whether they can find better connections with the others who have similarly given ultimatums to their partners, makes me wonder how strong their connections with their partners are and how accommodating they are with their partners’ needs. The thought is shocking, very difficult… and a bit tacky.

Let’s be clear, some of these couples have some very serious issues. One of the couples apparently cannot make up their minds on kids where one wants kids and the other doesn’t. Mostly, one partner in all of these couples wants babies and marriage right now while the other partner is totally and grossly underprepared to take such a huge step. It’s honestly a bit shocking then, ironically, when you realise that none of these people is really ready to marry or have kids.

And, also, I must add – these contestants in The Ultimatum are so young! Of course, there’s no right age to get married. But, I mean, come on? Also, there’s also this weird thing where most of the women talk about cooking, cleaning and doing laundry for their boyfriends and so they are “getting less out of it” if they don’t get engaged. I am just confused, are the guys not doing basic household chores? Since you both share the house, the chores should be divided as well? Girl, what’s up with that?

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The Ultimatum

Again, I guess all of these are problems pertaining to individual couples but clearly, they are creating issues in the relationship in one way or the other. Marriage and babies are not band-aids to fix your relationship issues but clearly, that’s not what some of these people think. But, hey, here we are watching the dumpster fire go down.

Why do I call this a dumpster fire though? Because the way they talk about their current spouses is a little difficult to watch, plus the things that they say sometimes are just very… oof. I think I’m not going to divulge any of the conversations so that you can also get into it as blind as I did but the question is, should you watch it?

Well, if you’re someone who has enjoyed the madness of Love is Blind, and those ugly god-awful drinking glasses, then this is definitely up your alley. For example, there was a moment when one person goes totally off the rails when someone they were interested in turns them down. And that’s just after one date – it really makes you wonder what is just going on in the world. It made me question my life somewhere if I am allowed to be a little dramatic here.

I can assure you that after 8 episodes of binging, you’re going to feel some type of way. This isn’t much different from Love is Blind (I know I keep coming back to this). It’s almost the same thing, just that you get to see them while talking to them before moving in with them. Everything is accelerated and people move in at break-neck speeds. You wonder whether they realise that this is something that is happening over a few weeks so that feeling of newness and being seen is obvious because you have someone’s undivided attention right now – considering they have nothing else to do here.

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The Ultimatum

Is it cute watching these people getting to know each other and trying to find other connections, though? Not really. I cringed through the series. If I don’t believe that this is totally staged, then it just becomes more concerning the deeper you go into it to know that there are people out there like this. And no, I am not talking about not being ready to get married. That’s not the issue. It’s just who these people are and what they talk about. It’s just a bit icky sometimes.

As the show goes on, you have some moments of clarity with the contestants and then it just all comes down crashing and burning. There’s a moment where people just left, right and centre start proposing their original partners for no apparent reason. The moment that goes down, you know there’s no coming back from this. It’s almost like watching Francesca Farago walking into the After the Altar: Two Years Later and knowing that what’s about to happen after this just can’t be any good. The good thing is, it wasn’t that great, to begin with, either.

Summing up: The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum, in the end, is a tacky and problematic show where half of the people cry over why they brought their partners here when it doesn’t work their way. From a purely “gossip” point of view, it’s definitely tacky but I’d say not as crazy as Love is Blind. Personally, Love is Blind was a much more fun show. The Ultimatum, however, is a dumpster fire that is probably beyond my scale. It’s pure chaos and even though, in my mind, the show does have similarities with Love is Blind, the fact that I can’t even wrap my mind around the shit-storm honestly scares me. Funny to even think about that.

Overall, this isn’t Byron Baes and neither will it solve your relationship issues. Ultimately, it’s a reality TV show will some moments and a lot of tackiness.

The Ultimatum is streaming on Netflix.

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The Ultimatum is reality TV from hell that we love to watch if only to watch it crash and burn.

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The Ultimatum is reality TV from hell that we love to watch if only to watch it crash and burn.The Ultimatum Review: Venessa Lachey and Nick Lachey are Back with Another Dumpster Fire